How ready are YOU for a Boyfreind or Girlfreind??

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There are many different types of Relationships wether gay or staight. Who really cares? Either way the relationship is right as long as it feels right in your heart. Lol that's so cheezy

Taking my quiz will help you discover if YOU are truly ready for a partner. So... TAKE THE QUIZ AND FIND OUT IF YOU ARE READY! ;D please just take ma quiz and stop reading this

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. What are you currently??
  2. When people stare at you and talk to their freind at the same time, what do you think?
  3. Are you looking for a certain stereo-type of guy?
  4. While you are taking this quiz, are you thinking of a certain someone? (If you are smiling its a yes ;) )
  5. When you doodle, do you put your name then a Heart underneath and someones name or a question mark?
  6. What out of the follwing do you doodle??
  7. Have you ever dreamed of doing IT? (Dont be shy to awnser, no one can see your results and neither can I-plus it has a big effect on the score)
  8. Have you ever dreamed you were in a Relationship with someone??
  9. Have you gone through puberty yet?? (once again no one can see the awnser)
  10. Would you like to be in a Relationship??

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Quiz topic: How ready am I for a Boyfreind or Girlfreind??