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  • Jeez. What is wrong with that girl? Is she insane or something? Just because you cheated on a test? Bloody hell. My advice would be that you should move to a different school. But one question, did your school actually DO anything about it?

  • @Vincent, If This Is True, I Think You Should Confess Once More. If The School Does Nothing About It, They Obviously Don't Care. Try To Get A Transfer To A Different School Nearby, One That DOES Care. Hope This Helped !!(;

  • @IcyDesignns i am actually working on a transfer.

    @miumi utheemu no, the didn't do ANYTHING about it. They had a brief talk with Marie and me but the always believed Marie. I hate her! >8D

  • i am so sorry. you NEED to tell someone you trust. they are not going to let her hurt you anymore. you have to say that enough is enough. and if she doesnt stop, you should transfer schools. you have to get away from her so you can be happy. she is a b**ch.


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