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  • This is really good!!! I like the way it's about normal people, not too fantasy-ish, so many stories have vampires and werewolves and stuff in them and they're all kind of similar :P i like this much better :D just a suggestion, i think maybe you should have her being friends with some other girls and stuff? like not just a load of boys :P but that's just me, it's your quiz! and i like the way you put her little sister in :D Part 2 please!!!!!

  • Nice quiz. It needed to be a little longer and try to be a little more descriptive. It was also a little confusing but other than that, It is pretty good!!!

  • Hm, this was alright, but it didn't really capture my attention... however I do want to see where you take the story.

  • Very well done, 10 stars, I like Josh =)

  • The name of this is like a song! So this is high schoooool!


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