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  • YES!! First comment XD. It was awesome. Try to write longer. and maybe they could go walking in the woods in the middle of the night and start telling ghost stories and then maybe one of the stories starts to happen so they freak out, or something like that. Well, anyways, it was an awesome part, keep up the good work :).

  • These girls are so fun!! Following on the ghost story idea, maybe they could meet one of the boys from the party out in the woods when they freak out or something like that? Anyway, LONGER is all I would say XD It's so hard to wait! :P

  • Hurry up and make part 12

  • >.< not the first comment

    ugh, i was gonna say ghost stories but she beat me to it... uh, on the way home from DaughterOfApollo's post. on the way home one of the girls could get lost


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