your epic story part 2

Well, here it is. Part two. I'm SOOOOO sorry it took so long to make! Because... I just had a LOT of stuff going on... anyway, it's finished. I cut it short because I wanted to get this one out here. Part three might take a while, but when it's done, I'll put it on the comments of this one.

RECAP ON THE DUDES: GRIFFIN: tall, skinny, chocolate brown hair, nice and funny. MATT: medium height, long dirt-blonde hair, green-blue eyes. Outgoing and funny. JACK: red hair, tallish, green eyes. Nice, braniac but shy. KERBEROS: strong. Crazy black hair, gray eyes. The bad guy, but crossed over to the good side. Funny and... odd.

Created by: xxGreenDayxx
  1. "WOAH!" you yell as you realize that you are invisible. Well, that's why Matt dropped you... but how THE HECK did you turn invisible?! Jack suddenly snaps his head up. "_______, I know how you did that! Your genes must be configured to..." he then babbles into a bunch of science gobbledy gook that you can't understand.
  2. "Would anyone care to explain to me WHY I'M INVISIBLE?!?" you yell. Kerberos says. "That's why Delaine wants you..." Then Griffin answers your question. "Well,_______, the reason we took you is that you belong to the same race as we do; the one that helps fight Delaine. And, in case you were wondering, we have powers, too. Everyone here does."
  3. Matt says,"Back to Kerberos!" He turns to face him. "Why are YOU here?" Kerberos answers after thinking a little bit, his gray eyes deep in thought. "I originally was here to take _______... but when I think about it, it seems that your side might actually have a better chance of winning if this comes to a fight..."
  4. "So, I've decided that I'm staying here. To help you try to train your... newcomer." Kerberos says.
  5. When he sees he look on the guys' faces, he adds,"well, if that's okay with you, of course. But, I think you would prefer me staying here, rather than me kidnapping_______ and taking her to Delaine, right?" Kerberos raises an eyebrow. Reluctantly, Matt says,"guys, he does have a point..." "Fine." Griffin says sourly. "He can stay." Jack is just glaring with hatred at Kerberos. "Jack?" you ask. "Fine." he says angrily. "But he's staying away from you," he says determinedly. He blushes. "Well, 'cause, it'd be bad if something happened to our new trainee..." he says embarrassedly.
  6. "Okay, that's great, but can someone please tell me how to get VISIBLE?!" Since Matt is closest to you, he says,"Oh, yeah, sorry." He walks over to the direction of your voice. "Uh,________? Could you pick up something visible so I can tell where you are?" "Oops, okay," you say. You find a notebook lying on the floor and pick it up. Matt seems to see you and reaches into his pocket. He takes out a little glass bottle of some liquid and walks over to you."Hold out your arm" he says. He sees the notebook your holding go up with your arm, and uncaps the bottle. He pours a little drop of it onto your arm, then you can see your hands returning.
  7. "Thanks!" you say to Matt. "But, what is it?" Jack answers. "That's a vial of reappearing liquid.I never knew what it'd be used for, but aparrently it does have a purpose!" You see yourself come back completely when Kerberos says,"Enough chit-chat. Delaine is planning an ambush and we have to get _______ trained before she does."
  8. The guys all look at Kerberos suspiciously (well, Jack seems to be in diediekill mode as he viciously glares at him). "Not so fast, we shouldn't start training until tomorrow. It's one in the morning!" Griffin says. You start to protest, but find that you are really tired. "Come on,________, I'll show you where your room is," Griffin says, walking over to you.
  9. Matt looks enviously at Griffin while Jack and Kerberos glare at each other. Before you can think about it to deeply, Griffin says,"Over here. Just up this hallway, last door to your right," he takes your hand and guides you up to your room. "In here," he says when you reach your room, gesturing to the door. The room is plain with white walls and has a little fireplace on the left side. A comfy looking dark green bed sits to the right side, next to a big bookcase and a desk (with a computer).
  10. "Well, goodnight." Griffin says. "Don't worry, we won't come bursting through your window tonight," he adds. You laugh. "Wait," you ask as he's about to leave. "What's your power?" He comes back in the room and says,"I can control gravity." "So, you can fly?" you wonder. "Not exactly. I can defy gravity, as well as control it. For example..." he says as you feel your feet lift the floor.
  11. "Uh... could you put me down?" you ask. He laughs. "Sure," he says. As you descend, you notice the objects around you are in the air, too. Finally, you're on the ground. "Thanks." "No problem- now you should be getting to bed. Goodnight," he says and hugs you. He whisks out of the door. You head to bed and realize how really tired you are. Unwillingly, you fall asleep.
  12. The next morning, you wake up and wander around until you find the kitchen. Surprisingly, you see Kerberos at the stove. Matt and Griffin are sitting at the table, and you notice an empty chair. "Where's Jack?" you ask curiously. Kerberos shrugs, and before Griffin can talk, Matt answers. "He said he was staying upstairs this morning. I think I have an idea why," he said, glancing at Kerberos with distaste.
  13. "Anyway, I'm making omelets. Want one?" Kerberos asks, raising an eyebrow. You notice he does that a lot. "Sure," you say wholeheartedly as you pull up a chair across from Griffin and Matt. A minute later, Kerberos is walking over with a plateful of omelets. They smell delicious. He serves them and sits next to you. You all eat in silence for a moment. To break the awkwardness, you speak up. "So... I think I get why I'm here now, and I know my power and Griffin's. What are your guys'?" you ask to Matt and Kerberos. "Well," Kerberos says between bites of omelet," I have a... unique power. It's useful, but takes a lot out of me." "Well, what is it?" you ask. He sighs. "Fine," he closes his eyes and appears to focus on something. He takes a deep breath. "There." You don't notice anything different, until you tun around, and she three other forms of Kerberos looking at you.
  14. "Woah! I- need to- sit down-" Kerberos pants as he collapses into his chair and morphs back into 1 person. Amused, you ask Matt, "What's your power?" "Mine? My power is defensive. I can see people's powers. Their weaknesses and their advantages. I can't exactly read minds, though." You must look confused, so he explains. "For instance, I already know what your power is- invisibility- but I can see that you're afraid of... Delaine, and... loosing someone. Want me to continue?" He's exactly right. Amazed but understanding now, you say no. You suddenly remember something you've wanted to ask: "What's Jack's power?" Matt pauses. "... You should talk to him yourself." You thank him, Griffin, and the laying down Kerberos and go to find Jack.
  15. Sorry, but you guessed it: CLIFFHANGER!
  16. So... next quiz, you're going to train. Who do you want to train with first?

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