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    I entered the contests, but it sucked so I'll redo it:

    It's like a fraternity party at a dance club that's mostly under aged drinking and simple snacks. There's strobe lights, dance floor, and it's pretty packed. "We" don't know anyone there so "we" have to rely on Web, who knows everyone. So with that scene you can do whatever you want. It's just a club with a college fraternity party like atmosphere.

  • You know, I actually like Web, because he's not afraid to be blunt and hurt my feelings, which is kind of cool because in a lot of stories the guys in the books always like worship the girl lol and Tallon! I almost forgot he was in this series haha he is definitely mysterious ;) and ugh Brittany has ruined my life and now flame probably won't talk to me WAIT but I like how Web doesn't even care!!! AWWW I JUST REALIZED THAT

  • Those 4 evil people sound cool, well Carnation because she's smart and knows Sebastian and Razor because she has purple hair c:

    asdfghjkl; Rave is just too adorable *silent squeal* no, I can't D: I can't choose him. I can't choose anyone. I just can't decide XD Web and Tallon reappear :D hm, mysterious... I want to know more about Tallon :o "You're next?" For once I hope it's just a stupid school prank by Brittany and not something else >.>

    WEB-darling ;) haha, I kid, let's see how this goes... he is a bad influence XD but... if I skip it, can I spend time with him? *holding in squeal* I can't like him, no D: he's a jerk and and a flirt and less soft than Flame and more of a bad boy and I'm supposed to swear off of bad boys... and and... shoot. You never fail to pluck my heart, Dannica. You're an expert, and I don't know what I'll ever do without your writing D: I should print out copies to take with me to college to read XD

    I didn't know what to enter to your contest, but I should D: let me see if I can think something up and email you it =)

  • I agree with xxblutixx! I love carnation lol she sounds so cool :P and what is Sebastian planning this time?! -___-

    Rave is so cute because i think he tries to be distant and just wants to do his job, but he can't help but feel this connection with the main character/me. AND UGH when I said his name while I was sleeping and he felt all warm and stuff MY EMOTIONS AKNSKSJS and you, dannica, are not doing question of the day D:

    Anyways, web is so bad my goodness! But oh so hot...

    And did I already submit my thing?! Hmm...I'll email you!

  • RAVE! I'm in love with that boy! He's so adorable I JUST WANNA KISS HIM! I agree with memoirs with hI'm doing his job but feeling a connection - that's just UGH too cute! Bare sexy; I'm actually on love with him and I can't wait till rave and flame meet! But I don't want rave to step out or anything knowing he's sensitive, also web urgh such a jerk! I hate him that's it. Dannica love you! Write more!

  • Do you know my favorite flowers are carnations? It's a love thing :P I really would love to see more of her. Razor sounds sick with her purple hair.

    I think my hands just started jittering and I took about a dozen screenshots of the paragraph about Rave. Paragraphs. I wish he was spooning me or something aw dearie I think I'm stuck between 4 guys. Alex, Flame, Web and Rave. I'm not done about Alexander Hart I have his name written somewhere on a post it I swear. Rave is just so loving, so caring, so warm. He's perfect. Which is one reason I'm not raving about him like I do when I've got the hots for Flame. See what I did there. You saw what I did there right. And Rave, erasing the note to protect me from something. He's too safe for me I like bad boys and speaking of bad boys.

    The thing I love more than bad boys are bad boys who love food. WEB WAS FLIPPING GETTING A SNACK FROM THE VENDING MACHINE AT MIDNIGHT THAT'S MA BOY. He has a mind of his own and it's like he has no strings attached. He's obviously leading me to Anarchy and by lucky chance, before I read this, I said the club was located downtown that's right woot woot girl I'm good. Yeah I think I'm a bit off today it's Saturday morning.

    Okay Tallon just freaks me out talking to himself. Omfg what if he's working for the Miscreancy and all that psh he's not even an option for me sorry Tallon. I thought this was the chapter where all of them meet and all that. Where's Flame. I want him at the club so I can get all up in his face. Or what if we find him making out with some girl guise 2012 is officially here when I find him doing that.

    Okay I reread this whole thing and it's like I swallowed a pill before talking about Web you see what bad boys do to me.

  • I think I already entered lol...but k so I have worries about Tallon. I don't know if I should trust him or not...and I still doubt web! But I think it's so cute how he calls me other vegetables lol like potato skin and lettuce head :3

  • WHAT??????????????? WHY DANNICA? WHY WOULD YOU STOP IT THERE? I would probably beat the crap out of Web, just because I have anger issues, but WHAT? Life was actually good for once! Well, not GOOD, but not awful like at a mental institution. Good job Dannica!

  • I am SOOO late :P at least I found it! Two more parts to go ^.^

    Screw Brittany. I should make her life a living hell *evil laugh*

  • I just can't wait for Rave to kiss me or something ^.^ Where did Web take me? o_o And what the heck is up with Tallon? I thought he was pretty cool at first. Next part!!!

  • AHHHHHH!!!! Sorry I just had to get that off my chest, my mom would probably take me to a hospital if I did that out loud. Sorry... :)

  • can i kill brittany now plz... or better yet, i'll just let her die when death comes over... FLAME PLZ COME BACK! rave is cool, he's starting to get to flame's level for me... web and tallon, i haven't seen them much, so i'm not so sure...

  • Love it! I am so brain dead right now lol, I can't think. If I could I would say more

  • *faints*


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