Confinement Part 9

Announcements: Guys you know how when I promised to make those of you that wanted to be a character in one of my stories? Well I'm starting that again! And this time it's Bluebird, even though she's been incognito, lol.

And please, please, PLEASE, answer the Question of the Day in the results because I really need to know your opinion and what you think because I think more than two guys as an option would be kind of overwhelming, so that's why I never really made Sam or Nick as an option but tell me what you think!

Created by: Dannica

  1. Chunks of the drink dripped off me, staining the carpet. When the slushie hit me, I felt my body repulse as the coldness was too overwhelming. Some got in my shirt, and almost all of it was drenched into my hair, making it feel sticky along with my skin. I heard girl's laughter coming from everywhere. I wiped my eyes from the red and saw that standing right in front of me, cup dangling in hand, was one of the girls that I saw at the cafe wearing a delusional smirk on her face. "Sorry." she said with a flip of her golden locks. "I was going to throw my slushie away but you kinda got in the way." My hands clenched at my sides, trying to refrain from punching her in the face. She laughed and threw the cup at my feet. "How does it feel? You know, to be the stereotypical new girl with her own room and to have Flame buzz around you like a wasp? I bet you love it, right? All the attent"”" "Lay off, Megan."
  2. Suddenly the room grew quiet and all eyes turned to the girl at the back of the room. She made her way forward and stood by me. Blondie"”which I guess was Megan"”clapped her hands together. "Lookie here: A new girl defending a new girl. How shocking." Then with a turn, Megan left the Lobby and went out into the quad. The crowd that came to spectate the scene started dispersing from one another, disinterested. The girl looked at me with a certain sympathy in her brown eyes. "Sorry about her. You could have had it worst, though. Believe me, I was the new girl before you came." ~ The girl, Lauren (Bluebird), insisted me to go to her dorm so she could help me clean up. "Is this some sort of initiation?" I asked from the bathroom shower, hoping I was loud enough that she could hear me. "I guess you could call it that. All I know is that once it's over and you get over your public humiliation they stop giving you dirty stares and will actually act decent. Megan launched ranch covered lettuce heads at me. It hurt a lot, and I smelt like salad for like, a month."
  3. I turned the water off and grabbed the towel she provided for me. "Why Megan? Is she a somebody around here?" I heard a laugh from the other side. "Her individually? Not really. People are only intimidated by her because she's best friends with Brittany, who actually isn't that bad." I dried myself off and started changing into my clothes that she lent me while mine was in the wash. After combing my hair I went out and sat on her couch. "Um, thank you." Lauren swung her dark hair over her shoulder. "No problem. I'd hate to leave you there in a puddle of slush." I laughed, and then shivered, remembering the feeling I got when it hit me in the face. "So what's your dorm number?" she asked, changing the subject. "Uh, Room 215." "You room alone?" I nodded. "Lucky. If you haven't noticed, I have a room mate. And she's seriously one of the dumbest girls I've ever met. And I'm not even trying to be mean or anything because she's really sweet but it's the truth. Lauren looked out the window and yelled at some kids to be quiet. Touchy. "What did Megan mean when she said that Flame was swarming around me like a bee, or whatever?" Lauren flopped down on her bed on her back and covered her eyes. "The girls here would literally kill to have Flame talk to them. You being here for only two days and him already showing you your classes and putting his charm on you on extra high pisses some people off."
  4. I rolled my eyes. "But he's a jerk!" Lauren grinned. "A hot one. And from my time here I've heard he's actually really sweet and intellectual." I burst out laughing. "Really? I'd pay for proof of that." Lauren sat up, the gold in her eyes sparkling like little lights. "We should go to the Town Square. I'd love to show you around to where all the kinky places are." I threw a pillow at her, which she caught. "What kind of person do you think I am?" She threw the pillow back and it hit me on the arm. "A fun one. Come on, nothing like dressing up like a slut and being adventurous," she said with amusement. "No thanks, I think I'll pass. Maybe some other day. We can dress up as slutty Alice in Wonderland characters." Lauren flashed her teeth at me. "See? I knew you were a keeper. So no? Okay then, get out so I can change, because I'm going out tonight." I got up from the couch. "Pushy." She walked into the bathroom and turned the water on. She poked her head out and said, "Rex Hall changes you, my friend. I'll give you your laundry when it's done probably tomorrow, yeah?" I opened the door and turned my head to give her a nod. "Thanks again." She closed the bathroom door and called out, "Us newbies gotta stick together, right?" And right she was.
  5. I was back in my dorm, now actually thankful for the slushie bath since it was blazing hot since I forgot to open my window. I turned the AC to high and carried Comet into my arms. He licked my shoulder and nuzzled my neck with his furry little head. I smiled to myself. "Guess what, Com? So I saw the newspaper Newspaper Guy was reading and then I got slushied like those people in Glee and then I think I made a new friend. Exciting, right? Scratching out the whole dead guy in the hospital. I got a meow in reply. I put him down and checked the time. It was nearly six thirty. I turned on my music and then took a seat at my study table, looking over the text books and what I'd be learning this year. I was halfway through my chemistry book's index when I heard two knocks on my door. I scoot my chair out and walked over to the door, putting my hand on the knob. If it was another slushie I swear I was going to snipe some b**ches. I pulled the door open, ready to start something, when I met face to face with Flame. I cursed under my breath and stepped back. He grinned. "Hey there, green bean." I stared at him, still trying to comprehend that he as there. "I know, I know, I look utterly fanciful today, no need to tell me."
  6. I snapped out of it and poked my head out the door, looking left and right for any unwanted viewers. "What are you doing here?" Flame dug his hands into his front pockets and shrugged. "Here for my favor that you solemnly agreed on. I was actually thinking about throwing rocks at your window but I figured it too early in our relationship." "We don't have a relationship." He ran a hand through his hair. "Yet." He balanced on the soles of his feet, rocking back and forth. "So, are you going to invite me in?" I looked back at my dorm, cluttered and messy. But on the other hand, why did I care? I stepped aside and let him in, shutting the door. "Nice cat." "Thanks." He took a seat on my couch, where Rave sat just hours before. He looked at me with those green eyes of his, like a field with tall grasses that I wanted to lay in for all eternity. "What?" He shrugged. I sighed, agitated, and continued on reading my index. From my side view I saw him still looking at me. I felt my face flush, and I hoped it wasn't too noticeable. I took a chance and looked up from the book and peeked a small glance at him. When we locked eyes he averted his away with a smirk. I chewed on my lip, getting to the end of the index and not even remembering one subject on it. "Flame." He faced me. "Can you just get on with the favor?" Flame got up from the couch and made his way to the study table, looking down on me with a gleam of entertainment. "Finally. Okay, let's go."
  7. I looked up at him with my eyebrows raised. "Go where?" He sighed. "Does it matter? I'm going." He went behind my chair and put his hands on either side. He pulled on it so I could get out easier. "You might wanna bring a jacket or something, though. It might be a little cold." I grabbed a sweater from my closet and hung it limply on my arm. Flame opened the door and let me go out first. Classy b*st*rd. On the fifth step down from the Lobby I hesitated. "What's wrong?" he asked. I heard Megan's voice from all the rest, her nasally laugh filling my ears. I felt Flame's hand on my elbow. I shook it off. "It's nothing." "Is it Megan? I hear she's known for doing s**t to the newbies." When I didn't respond I knew that the answer was obvious. Flame stepped in front of me, so that I was on the fifth step from the bottom and he was on the fourth. He took my hand in his, our fingers intertwining. Before I could separate my hand from his soft grasp of heaven he put a finger to his lips to shush me. Then with a heart-melting smile he said, "Let's give her a good show."
  8. That's it for this part! I know I'm really short omg but I swear this only happens once in a while. The next part has the rest of you and Flame in it and then yeah, I hope you liked this part though!
  9. So rate if you want to, and if you read those two little paragraphs before the actual quiz thank you!
  10. AND COMMENT! I seriously love you guys' comments aw they're so sweet, and I'm always open to constructive criticism and suggestions, and don't be afraid to ask me to take your quiz or something like that because I always will!

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