Confinement Part 24

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Created by: Dannica

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  1. Flame was staring back and forth, from Web to me, a clear look of confusion on his face. I was about to say that it wasn't what it looked like, but then I looked down, and judging from the towel wrapped around my naked body, I knew it would only enrage him. I could tell that Web was trying to hold back a laugh. "So, Flame. Did you bring me anything to eat?" Flame raked a hand through his hair calmly, even though his eyes were of stone. "No, I didn't. But I can leave if you want and get you two food, since it's obvious that you guys were in the middle of something." Web flipped a page in his magazine. "Okay. Um, I'll get a BLT, if there's any left. Skip the avocado, though. Those foreign-shaped b**tards." I sighed deeply, giving Web a look of sheer distaste. He shrugged. "Don't blame me. If Flame's going to pay then"”" "He's kidding," I snapped, clutching at the towel that was the only thing on my body. I looked at Flame, and my heart started aching. "Let me explain. Please, just let me." I looked down at myself embarrassingly. "Just let me dress first, okay?"
  2. I ran to the bathroom like a pregnant woman would to her husband when her water just broke. I dropped the towel and threw on my clothes faster than I did when I was late this morning, and went back out, not even bothering to comb my hair. Flame was sitting on his bed now, his head bowed between his legs, his arms cradling it like he had a massive headache. I knew he heard me come back into the room, but he didn't acknowledge it. Web was still reading his magazine as if a soap opera didn't unfold before his eyes moments ago. I rolled my eyes, frustrated, and strode over to his side of the room, ripping the magazine from his hands. He didn't even flinch; he just looked at me with those blue eyes of his that reminded me some reason of polar ice caps. "Yes?" I threw the magazine on the floor. "Web! Can I talk to you in private, please?" He looked around the room, his eyes landing on Flame until going back to me. "I would have thought we had enough privacy together already today." He was definitely enjoying the drama. I hit him on the arm, hard, and with a pleading face and matching voice said, "Please." Web smirked at me, like this was all just fun and games. He got up from the bed and pulled at my arm gently to the corner of his side of the room. Then, with a low voice he said into my ear, "You've proved yourself worthy of me today. So good job, you've made the cut." I was going to say something unpleasant to him, but he beat me to it. "Let me handle it. It's apparent he doesn't like you at the moment." I pulled away and hissed quietly, "And what makes you think he'll listen to you? You're his roommate for Christ's sake!" "And you were the girl that hooked up with his roommate even though you could have said no." "We didn't hook-up. We made out." "Exactly. No harm done." We had a small staring match, his eyes amused. After a minute I dropped my gaze and murmured, "Fine." I started to move away from the corner, but then Web came and pulled me back in with a crooked smile. "Don't forget tonight."
  3. After _____ left, Web slowly took a seat at the edge of his bed, facing Flame. "You alright? You look like you need to go to the urgent care." Flame remained still. "Sorry, you're supposed to say, 'Of course I'm alright. And urgent care would be lucky to have such a good looking patient like me'." Nothing. Web sighed, getting impatient. "Look, bro, what do you want me to say?" Flame finally lifted his head, after minutes of silence. "Get me some Advil or something first, you inadequate waste." Web grinned. "Yes, master." He got up and went to the cabinet above the mini fridge, and got out two pills. He then filled up a glass of water and gave both of them to Flame, taking his place back on the bed. Web watched Flame swallow the pills in one smooth motion and gulp down all the water. "Alright now?" Flame was able to hold his head up without the support of his hands. And although he looked pale he still replied. "As always." It was quiet once more, and Web couldn't help but smirk, remembering how she walked out of the bathroom just like he did: naked, nothing on, and extremely hot. "Glad you think it's funny." It was strange to Web seeing Flame so serious. He wasn't this solemn since the rumors started. And that was so long ago. "We didn't do anything." Flame looked at him with that knowing expression he gave whenever Web lied about skipping class. "Okay, we made out." Flame started to sigh, but then Web said, "In my defense"”you knowing me better than anybody"”making out is technically nothing compared to everything else you caught me doing with a girl."
  4. Flame looked away with a sour face. "I didn't need to be reminded of those moments, thank you very much." "Well, it's true." Flame ran a hand through his hair. "How did you guys even end up here? Did you make her skip class too?" Web pondered in his mind. Well...I did kind of drag her underground or else I wouldn't tell her about what happened... He shrugged it off. "I didn't make her, she kind of wanted to." Flame bit down on his lower lip, something they both had in common doing, along with the rubbing necks thing, which was weird. Great minds think alike. Although mine is obviously greater. "You took her to Clem's?" Web cocked his head to one side. "How'd you know?" Flame then grinned. "Dude, you take every girl out there. And her breath smelled like alcohol." "She only had one drink. She was kind of an alcohol-virgin, but she wanted to try it out. Then afterwards she didn't wanna go back to class so we went here, and then she started making out with me." "She made out with you?" "Yeah, she made the first move. But then again, she was a little tipsy." Flame nodded a little. "And you kissed her back?" "Duh." "After I kissed her," Web heard him murmur. He pretended not to catch it. It was quiet again, and Flame didn't look him in the eye. "It's not like I'm going to commit to her." Flame sighed. "Yeah, but have you ever considered that I might have?" "Then I'm sorry." Flame smiled slightly, because he knew more than anybody that Web never apologized. "Alright. Just don't let it happen again. Then I'll get pissed." Web nodded. Then he crinkled his brow. "Can that start tomorrow? Because I'm going out with her tonight."
  5. I had gone back to my room. Honestly, there was no point in trying to go back to class and prove myself any longer considering that it was already fourth period and I would have to explain why I missed my first three periods in the first place. I was really shook up. The way Flame hadn't looked at me was what set it off. I can't believe I had made out with Web. And I was the one who made the first move, too. God, I was stupid. Cheers to another midlife crisis, I said to myself as I scooped up Comet from the ground and drank the last of my hot chocolate that I had made minutes earlier. Hopefully allowing Web to talk to Flame was to my benefit, because I certainty did not want to wake up tomorrow and have him even think of me worst, considering the whole Brittany thing that happened this morning, in which I chose to turn my back to. Life was just not working out right now. "It's raining." I jumped, startled by the voice behind me. Comet pranced out of my hands and landed on the couch, where Rave was sitting. I watched as my cat licked his hand. Amazing. "Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe you should be the new weather man on the news." Rave nodded his head as if he was truly considering it. "You're a bit grouchy today." When I didn't respond he went on. "You shouldn't have skipped class." I sighed. "Maybe you should have stopped me, then." He did his laugh. "Nah. You needed that. Even if it was with that Web guy, which I highly disapprove of, if you were wondering. I much prefer Flame, shockingly. You know, even though you were making out with his roommate."
  6. I turned to him with my mouth open in horror. "Were you watching?" Rave started laughing. "What do you think of me? Of course not. It seems as if I can read your mind now." I scratched at my head. "Couldn't you always do that?" He started petting Comet on the head, and the cat purred softly. "I could feel what you were feeling sometimes. Vaguely. But I couldn't read your mind openly, because in order for me to do that, you had to open it up for me. And it looks like you did. So thanks." Well there went my privacy. "And I also don't want you going out with Web tonight. I mean, you're kidding, right?" I sat down on my bed, flustered and now confused. "It was wrong for me to make a move on him...But I really do need a night off." "But with him? How do you think Flame will feel?" "I don't think Flame even cares anymore. He looked really pissed." Rave furrowed his brow. "I'm pretty sure anyone would be pissed if they caught their roommate making out with the girl they just kissed last night." I got back up, and started pacing back and forth. "Why do you care anyways if I go out with Web?" Rave gave me a look. "One: Because I'm your Savior and I'm supposed to guard your life with mine. And two: Web is dangerous. He's reckless, and he doesn't think before he acts. Do you really want to be with somebody like that?" "If it takes my mind off things." Rave raised one eyebrow. "You're lying." "Get out of my head." "Sorry, I already signed the lease." "When did you become sarcastic?" Rave got up from the couch. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me." I felt like he was staring into my soul. I wanted to tell him that maybe, possibly I could just be with him. That if Web was so bad and Flame hated me then I could be with him. Was that allowed? "Do what you want tonight. Just don't do anything you don't want to do." I crossed my arms. "What, you're not going to be there?" Rave flexed his jaw. "I have to do something tonight." "I thought you were my Savior and had to guard my life with yours." "Doesn't necessarily mean 24/7." There was a pause, and the only sound was literally my old-fashioned clock ticking right above my desk that Dad got me when we went to Hawaii. "You're really not going to be there?" "If you're scared then don't go." "I'm not scared. I just thought..." Rave crossed over to me and put his hands on my shoulders. "You'll be fine. You don't need me." I valued his hands on me so much. It felt so reassuring and his words caressed me like a mother would her newborn baby. "Can I at least know where you're going? So that I have some sense of security?" Rave smirked. "Out. You don't need to know." Then he Shimmered out of the room, the hands on my shoulders faded away as they went cold. "You'll be fine. You don't need me." I sank down against the wall. Rave lied. Because I did need him. More than we both even knew.
  7. Flame was on his way to Rex Hall. The lunch bell hand rung minutes ago, and he had no intention of going back to class anymore. There were no counselors in sight, so it made for a clear path. He cut around the back of the buildings, just in case, and he could see the big Rex Hall monument outside the building of Rex Withers"”the best friend of James Dawn himself"”in the distance vaguely. Flame continued on, wanting to see her, yet not knowing what to do when he finally did. He was still a little bit mad. Not necessarily at her, but at what happened. He didn't really know what to think of it, and maybe that was why he wanted so badly to speak to her. Then there was a noise. Flame turned around. It sounded like a clang from the metal trash bins. Flame wanted to shrug it off, but then he heard the same noise, coming from his left. So he went over there, unsure to what he would find. And a boy that was crumpled up into a ball inside definitely wasn't what he expected. "Tallon?" Flame asked, peering deeper into the trash bin. He swore under his breath, and reached inside, pulling with all his strength to get him out. Flame heard rumors about Tallon. A lot of rumors, actually. Rumors about him torturing animals and harassing people and killing stray dogs. But Flame never listened to them, nor did he believe them. Because he knew what it felt like; to have people talk about you constantly, knowing what they were saying and not having anybody there to watch his back. He knew about all of it. And he most certainly did not want to go back. Tallon's nose was bleeding, and he had a black eye and bruises and cuts all around his arms and face. Flame laid him on the ground, thinking that somebody must have beaten him up and shoved him in the trash. He was still a bit unconscious, so Flame couldn't ask what happened. So instead, he decided to check out the damage aside from the obvious. It seemed that there was no blood"”thankfully"”but there was indeed a huge lump on his head, probably from when he was put into the trash. Tallon twitched, his leg almost kicking Flame. Don't aim for my face it's going to be on the cover of Rolling Stones one day. Flame realized that Tallon was also missing his right shoe. And sock. Puzzled at this, Flame lifted up Tallon's foot, by his pant cuff. Embedded on the sole of the foot was what looked like a tattoo of a lopsided circle, with two crosses on it; one was upside down. Flame set the leg down, and scratched at his head. Growing up in a religious family, he knew that an upside down cross meant something like anti-Christ, devil worship type stuff. Flame got up from the ground, ready to get one of the counselors. He turned his back to Tallon, and took a few steps forward. But then he heard a mumble. He turned back around. Tallon was gone.
  8. There was a knock on the door. I jumped off my bad almost too anxiously, knowing for certain who it was. I calmed myself down, taking quick breaths as my hand slid down to the doorknob and turned. As predicted, Flame was leaning against the door frame. The door frame where we shared our first kiss together. "Hey," I said immediately, my hands suddenly feeling cold and clammy. "We should talk." I guess introductions were out. I nodded at him, not knowing what to do, or where his mind was. "I'm guessing you wouldn't want to talk out in the public like this." I stared at him, because he looked different. His skin was paler, his hair was disheveled, and he looked as if he'd just seen a ghost. Then, realizing that he was looking right back at me with a weird expression on his face, I caught what he said and stepped aside so he could go in. I held my breath as he passed by me. He stood there in the middle of the room, not wanting to take a seat as if this was an alien place to him. I shut the door and turned to face him, pulling my sleeves down over my hands. It was painfully silent, and my stupid clock was ticking louder than ever. "I'm sorry." Flame finally looked at me, his eyes big and mossy. "Web told me about what happened." "It was my first drink. Everything was blurry. I wasn't myself." Flame dug his hands into his pockets. "I understand. It's alright, it's whatever now. I came here to discuss a different thing, actually." My heart sank. I knew what he was talking about. The conversation that I had hoped would be suspended until tomorrow (or if possible next year), was about to happen. Right here, right now. Flame was here. And I couldn't dare try to avoid it any longer. "I'm not schizo." A faint smile almost escaped from upon Flame's lips. "I wasn't necessarily going to accuse you of that, but thank you for clearing that up." He rubbed his neck with his hand. "But, um, Brittany is saying that you are. And that you went to a mental hospital because of hallucinations or something." I wanted to cry. Brittany read my file. I just knew it. "They diagnosed me as schizo. It's nothing. You wouldn't believe me anyways." Flame smirked. "Try me." My heart twitched. I wasn't comfortable talking about this. "Did you see things?" Flame asked, his voice low and almost seductive. I nodded. "Did they scare you?" I started fumbling with my hands. My mind was back at the time were I was at the hospital, in my favorite seat, scratching tally marks into the leather representing how many days I've been checked in there, like a prisoner. "Sometimes." I was looking down at my feet. I still couldn't force myself to look at Flame, but I heard him coming closer to me; I could smell him, like a lion hunting for a gazelle. He was an inch from me. I was staring at his shoes, too. "I believe you." I broke down. Nobody has ever said those words to be after the incident. Nobody. Not my parents, Dr. Chavez, the nurses"”not even my friends. Nobody had believed me. Nobody except Flame. I cried into my hands. And I know I probably looked lame, but after hearing so many people calling me crazy when they thought I wasn't around had me build up these emotions such like a dam against rushing water. Then I felt arms envelope me. They were strong and reassuring and they were Flame's, and that's all that mattered. His chin was atop my head, and his lips were in my hair as he kissed me and I sobbed harder. "Does this mean we're okay?" I asked to his shoulder, sniffling. Flame's body shook from his laugh. "We'll always be okay, green bean."
  9. School finally ended. Not like Web even cared. Although he was a bit disappointed that the literal reality t.v episode was over. And he didn't even get the chance to make the popcorn. Web was getting ready to go out. He had taken a cold shower and had thrown on his favorite shirt and a pair of jeans. He put in his gauges that he had gotten a week ago, and then tossed on his jacket. Looking good, he said to himself. Then he chortled. As always. He grabbed the keys to his motorcycle and exited out of Charger Hall. Flame hadn't said anything about him taking ______ out. He probably thought he was just kidding, or that she'd change her mind after he rescued her from Web's poisonous spell. But that didn't change anything. So Web made his way to Rex Hall. He went up the stairs, took lefts and rights, smiled occasionally at the not-so-worthy-of-him girls so that they had something to cling to as they continued to live their miserable lives without him, and then finally arrived at her door. He rapped on it twice. He could hear shuffles from the other side of the door, and he could hear laughs and footsteps coming closer. Then the door finally swung upon, and Web put on his dearest smile. "Ready?" Flame was next to her, his face in a state of amusement. Not the reaction he was hoping for. "Are we seriously still going to go?" Web crossed his arms smugly. "Well yeah. Just because you got what you wanted doesn't mean my night can be ruined." "You can't go by yourself?" "I'd rather not, really. And it's too late to pick up a girl now." "Can Flame come?" Web grinned. "He doesn't like going Downtown." She bit down on her lip. It was a surprise that she still actually wanted to go. Flame started putting on his jacket. "Actually, I have to do something tonight. I have to, um, visit someone." He turned to ______. "You can ahead. I trust you." She raised her eyebrow at him, shocked. Before she could protest, Web interjected. "Thanks, Flame. And believe me, I'll take good care of her." Web smiled innocently as Flame passed him. "We'll have lots of fun."
  10. Once in the parking lot of James Dawn, I was still appalled by how Flame had let me go so easily, considering all that had went down today. I mean, he didn't even protest. He didn't even try and say anything like, Web, yeah, um, this is the girl that I caught you making out with in my room. How could you possibly have the foul audacity"” That's really how I imagined him saying it; with the raised eyebrows and scoffed voice"” to still take her out? Nope. He just said he needed to see someone. Who could this someone possibly be? Even Rave, he had to go somewhere too. Like, was this the universe trying to tell me that I had to be alone with Web tonight? He put motorcycle helmet in my hands, then"”noticing the blank expression on my face"”took it back and put it on my head himself. Going back to my thoughts, he hadn't even tried to come along. He just let me slip away like water. But, I mean, I still wanted to go. I was secretly anticipating going out and seeing a darker and different side of Pennsylvania, but the fact that Flame didn't attempt to make the effort to be with me"”knowing that I was going to be alone with Web"”kinda, well, hurt. Whatever. I numbly climbed the bike behind Web, and then the roaring of the engine filled my ears, as I clung to his body in fear of falling. After cruising down the road, the cold bit into me, and caused goosebumps to sprout from my arms. The wind blew my hair all over the place, which at that moment I knew why biker chicks wore their hair down their heads in long braids. And although it was barely 3:30, the streets were packed. There were buses here and there, and I tried spotting the one that I usually took with Gus. Sooner of later I found it, identified only by the advertisement on the back. Then suddenly we zoomed in. The bike strode in between the cars, precisely following the dotted line of the road. Breezing past the traffic I could see the parking lot of the Square in the view, coming closer and closer. Then we steered abruptly, and since my initial reaction was panic I squeezed Web's body tighter than one would an orange when trying to make homemade orange juice. He turned to look at me behind his shoulder, and even though his helmet was tinted, I could just sense that he was wearing his wicked grin. Then suddenly the tone and atmosphere changed. I could no longer hear the Christmas music blasting from the shops in the Square, nor could I smell the newly baked cookies and pretzels that were sold by the vendors. That's exactly how I knew we were in Downtown. Web drove the place he had taken my earlier in the day, and then skidded to a stop in front of what looked like an abandoned building, aligning his bike with others that were parked there. I hopped off the vehicle, and immediately removed my helmet. Web followed suit, and took the headgear away from me. Downtown was even worst than I remembered. There were homeless people scattered everywhere, clambered up against the walls or huddled up with each other, trying to catch the faintest heat of a small fire that someone had made in a shopping cart. The streets were bustling such like in the Square, but these people were hard, biker, Chuck Norris-type lethal looking, and I didn't even want to look any of them in the eye. Among these people were faces that were familiar from school, and they were off to the sides probably trying to gain some booze or drugs from dealers. Web started walking ahead of me, not caring to look back. "Follow me." I had no choice. I really did not want to be alone in this place. Most of the buildings soared over my head, and were much larger than those I usually saw in the Square. Cans and busted beer bottles were thrown in the sewers, and trash overfilled in the many alleys in between the stores. We had almost reached the small restaurant where Web had taken me, when I noticed a cluster of boys that seemed to be our age hanging around. Then Web took my arm, and we both crept amongst the shadows.
  11. "Is the mighty Web afraid?" I asked him in a small whisper. He gave me a cold look, as we approached the group, staying close to the restaurant entrance. Then I heard a few hoots and whistles. "Damn, Web. Where can I find a lady like that? Better than the other ones that you take here, I'll say. You think I can have a piece once you're done for the night?" Laughter accompanied whoever had said it. I was about to look back and say something, but then Web squeezed my arm. "Don't look back." His glare told me to obey him for once. We walked until the harassing remarks and chortles of the drunken boys faded, and he let go. "Who are they?" I asked immediately. Web dug his hands in his pockets. "Drop outs, with addict parents. Not a very friendly crowd, as you can see." I hurried to catch up to his pace. "And you know them?" "They know me. Big difference." "Meaning you're a regular here?" "You could say." I looked at him with my mouth agape. But then he turned around, and we were literally face to face. "Let me give you a small lecture before we go inside, okay? There are two different types of bad influences. One example is that group of children that we just passed by. They have no lives. They get high, get drunk, and do things that they think amuses them. They have no morals, and they have no goals, and they have nothing better to do. And I'm going to tell you as a warning, one time only, to stay away from them. Never, ever, ever go with them anywhere. I've seen that particular group do things to girls that they shouldn't do. So don't you ever go off alone in this place. Better yet don't even look at them. Your eyes are better off looking at the trash can. Got it?"
  12. I nodded timidly. Did about my safety and well being? Seeing Web solemn was so foreign. When he figured I got the message he lips curved upwards and started walking again. I hurried once more. "What about the other bad influence you were talking about?" He kept his face straight ahead. "Those are the ones that you can't get enough of. It's like a drug, pulling you deeper and deeper until it's all you want to be around and inhale." I crinkled my brow. "What are you talking about?" He winked at me. "It'll happen soon enough."
  13. We were in front of a sports bar. A dingy one, at the most. And a cheap looking one. "Otto's," I murmured under my breath, then realizing just how fast the sun was retiring. I was about to take a step forward to walk in the nearly deserted place, but then Web swerved around to the side of the building. I shrugged and followed. I had learned not to question him. The air was frosty and frisky, and I couldn't help but shiver a bit. I hoped the place we were going to had the heater on. What did Web say it was? A club or something, right? We walked into the darkness of the alley, where the dark brick walls were lined with overflowing trash cans and sewage pipes that leaked out smoke. There was a door on the side far side of the building, deep in the shadows; it was so dark I had to almost squint to remind myself it was there. The door was metal, flat in the wall with a lone, yellowing light illuminating the small area in front of it. There was a window on the door"”a small one"”at the eye level of an average adult, and seemed to be one of those doors that one from the inside could slide a rectangular piece out of the way to see it was. Web knocked on the door, a metallic ringing echoing through the air. Then suddenly the door shifted, and a pair of black, beady eyes were staring at down at us. "Charles," Web said casually, like he's been here plenty of times (which he probably had). The man grunted, and focused his attention on me. "New girl, I see." His voice was deep and gruff, like he needed a good coughing. Web smirked. "You should be used to it. And she's freezing out here, so you should probably let me inside now." Just then I heard a couple of girls giggling behind us. I turned around and instantly recognized them as some girls that lived in Rex. They wore slutty clothes and cheap makeup. I heard the door unlatching, and soon it was open. It was strange because I didn't hear anything"”no music, no people, no noise. Web took my arm again and we stepped through the door.
  14. Charles was about to close it, but then a voice piped up, "Web? Mind if we tag along?" Web turned, eyeing the girl in the neon pink mini skirt. "Sorry ladies, I got a date. But I'm sure to be open tomorrow." The girl frowned, and then her friend gave her puppy dog eyes to Charles. "Let us in one time?" Charles was unfazed. "Gotta have a regular with ya." Then the door closed right in the girls' faces. Web then took me, and we turned right, where a small hatchet was, such like in the janitor's closet. He bent down and opened it, and music started blaring from whatever was down there. Smoke cascaded from the square in the floor, and I could hear people shrieking in laughter. Web squinted his eyes at me in a way that could only possibly look sexy on him, and he gestured me to go down first. I took in a deep breath, and started climbing down.
  15. Inside, dingy light from the exposed light bulbs overhead shone through the haze of tobacco (and was that weed?) smoke. There were groups of people on the dance floor, gyrating their bodies together, rocking back and forth, sweating and panting as if this was a sauna. Towards the side of the area, customers were ordering at a window leading to the kitchen of what seemed like the small sports bar I saw. A low stage filled the right side of the room where an erratic DJ Blitz switched up between dubstep, dance, rap, and rock music, which was a rather intriguing mix. Web brushed my arm with his as he moved past me, a grin on his face. His mouth moved, but I couldn't hear him over the intensive speakers that were booming out electric guitar solos and basses. Web then yelled over the music, "Well? What do you think?" I looked around more closely, and in the shadowy back of the room there seemed to be a gambling central. I saw shifty characters crouched over stacks of nicked plastic poker chips in heavy card games. One looked very familiar, although it could have been a different person, from the dim light that cast over the entire club. I got close to Web's ear. "It's pretty loud." Web gave me a look as if saying Well of course it's loud, it's a nightclub. I shrugged at it. "You want something to eat?" he asked, noticing how uncomfortable I was, shifting from foot to foot, trying to get into the rhythm. "Um, sure. Get me anything." Web then smirked. "No drinks tonight?" This remark made me smile a little bit"”the way he said it. I shook my head and gave him a shove towards the open window, that reminded me a lot of a drive-thru. "I'll be right back. Stay here."
  16. And of course I did stay. In fact, I was actually getting used to the crazy beats and the twisted singing and the strobe lights bouncing off the walls that were almost blinding. I had found an empty booth around the area where Web had left me, and decided to sit down there. I watched the people on the dance floor"”which were mostly teenagers and young adults"”as they flailed wildly around each other, enjoying one another's body heat. They looked like they were having so much fun. Suddenly the music was lowered down, and the DJ held the mic to his lips. "Looks like the gang has decided to join us tonight!" Eyes looked my direction, past my booth, and to the entrance of the club. Suddenly applause shook the floor, as hands clapped together and whistles were singing through the air. Whoever these people were, they must have been a big deal. "Let's here it for Aspen and his crew!" The applause grew louder, and then died down as the music went on full blast again, and the bodies started to penetrate themselves once more. I fidgeted in my seat, and turned back to look at what the commotion was about this Aspen guy. It wasn't that hard to spot them. They were a fair-sized, cluster of guys. In fact, they were the same guys that Web and I had passed by, and the same guys that Web had said to stay away from. Then one of them turned around, and our eyes met, and locked together. I was then very thankful that the club was dark, because the way he grinned at me made me feel a little bit sick inside.

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