Confinement Part 27

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Thank you everybody for choosing to read my series Confinement, it means so much. I know I take really long to get these out, but know that I shall never abandon you guys! I love you all, and nothing could equate to that, and what I feel whenever I write. Thank you, and I hope you like it!

Created by: Dannica
  1. "That was a great argument in the club tonight, wasn't it?" He paused, allowing the sound of lightning to cackle. "I'm still kind of surprised myself that my boy Web snagged such a fine looking lady." Aspen came closer, and even with all the wind blowing, his Axe spray still cut through to my nostrils, forcing me to smell it. "Since you're here I'm assuming you like the bad boys, right?" I couldn't move, for some reason. But I knew I was scared. "Just let me get her home," Web slurred, his body almost ready to slump to the ground out of tiredness and the alcohol in his system. Aspen shook his head. "I want to talk to y'all though. I haven't talked to you in a whole while, Web. And your little friend here looks so entertaining to...speak to." He curled his lips into a snarl. I almost squealed. Suddenly Web let go of my arm and pushed Aspen a whole foot back with his arm. "Do not touch her."
  2. Although his words sounded mumbled, he sure proved he wasn't too drunk to stay balanced on his own two feet. Aspen just chuckled. "I think we all know you're in no shape right now to fight all of us." Web stared him down with stone eyes, but did not object. "Where's your friend? The pretty boy that came here once and stopped the last fight?" I wanted Web to act how he did in the club with the two boys"”how he looked so sure of himself and confident, like he did all he time. But when I studied his face it didn't seem like it was going in that direction. He actually looked kind of...threatened. "You remember that, boys? When Web's friend tagged along and it was raining like tonight and"”" "Stop." Web's voice was tense, and his body looked rigid. I knew Aspen was talking about Flame. But now it got me wondering about what happened that night, and why Web seemed so guarded by it. Loud drums of thunder filled the black sky. I heard Web sigh. "It's late. It's raining. I have a headache, mostly from you talking. Let's call it a night." Aspen sneered. "But the fun was just about to start."
  3. Web took my arm again and took a step to start walking away, but the other boys that I forgot were even there started crowding us. "The fun can wait," he said, looking around at our surroundings, possibly trying to conjure up a plan. Suddenly Aspen looked bigger, as a shrill scream of wind stirred above us. He took a step closer. "Or it can just start now." Then out of nowhere I felt Web's arm unhook from mine and push me out of the way just as Aspen came forward swinging his fist. I couldn't see if Web missed it or not, but from the sound of Aspen's frustrated grunt I'm pretty sure he did. Web didn't shove me hard enough for me to lose balance, however I wish he had so that I could have missed a couple more seconds of the gruesomeness that was taking place of the reality that Web was overwhelmingly outnumbered. But it was then that I realized that the other boys weren't jumping in on the fight, but more of squeezing into a circle to make a ring around Web and Aspen so that they couldn't escape. The rain beat down on my head, and it was if I could only hear static noise.
  4. I don't know why I didn't do anything immediately. It was as if my feet were cemented into the ground. All my thoughts were blurry and I felt like a cat was scratching at my throat. I knew that I could just run away"”run and bring myself to safety from these ignorant people. But I also knew that I couldn't leave Web here. Not like this. A sudden determination poured itself down on me, such like the rain, and without further hesitation, I threw myself at the ring of boys surrounding the fight, clawing and tearing at any skin and hair my hands could land on. Then suddenly I felt arms roughly grab my waist and pull me away. I tried screaming, but then another boy with blonde hair put a hand over my mouth. He wore a toothy smile, and licked his lips. "Do you think Aspen will mind if we take first peek, Austin?" The boy that was holding me"”Austin"”laughed. "I don't think so. Besides, he's too busy beating up her boyfriend."
  5. I felt cold and clammy hands crawling slowly up my stomach, under my shirt, as beats of laughter thundered through my ears. The only thing that kept me from Austin's hands traveling more to where they desired, was my kicking and squirming of my body"”which was then starting to get tired. Suddenly I heard a sharp crack, and a thud. I tried freeing myself from the hold of Austin's strong hands, and the other boy that had now started to try and restrain me. "Web?!" I called out as loud as I could, but the echoes of thunder drowned my voice until it blended into the strong gusts of the wind. "Web!" I fought and fought and fought, until I felt as if I could not fight any longer. Then suddenly the ring of boys broke apart. I blinked the rain from my eyes, as my vision was very blurry. Then I saw Aspen. He was walking towards me. There was a bloody Web on the ground.
  6. Brittany flounced her way to her bed, dropping herself heavily onto her pile of pillows, deciding that she needed an early sleep. She was very satisfied with the damage she had created today. Not only did she wreck the newbie's reputation at James Dawn, but she also believed that she also wrecked Flame's"”which was gratifying. It was like killing two birds with one stone. Which she absolutely loved. Brittany had just hung up the phone with Megan, explaining that she was the mastermind behind all of this, and that's why she disappeared when the whole snake situation happened. After Brittany told the story, Megan immediately squealed into the receiver, making Brittany grin ecstatically. Now she was in bed, the day almost over. And yet she still didn't feel complete. Even after she was notified that she won class president, and even after Sean Cravens asked her to the Inaugural Dance (which wasn't even publicly announced yet), she still did not feel like she did her job. So that's why Brittany got her phone out of her pajama pants; And that's why she started typing a group message to almost everybody in her contacts"”which was basically everybody that was anybody at James Dawn; And that's why a diabolical smile was on her lips the whole time her thumbs hit a letter. Brittany proof-read her text message, the light of her phone illuminating her face in an almost eerie glow. She hit send; she put her phone away. Brittany went to sleep feeling complete.
  7. "Stop crying, I didn't kill him," Aspen said, rolling his eyes. I tried freeing myself from Austin and the other boy's clutches, but they were holding onto my wrists with an intense grip. Aspen had ordered them to stop once he saw what they were trying to do. And although I was glad for it, I wasn't particularly joyed when I thought about what Aspen would do. "I'm not crying, it's raining, you ignorant little fu**." Aspen laughed. "Whoa there. Aren't you a little firecracker?" He took a step closer. I honestly was crying a little bit. But it wasn't because I knew I was alone with Aspen and his crew. It was more so because of Web's limp body, drowning in his own mixture of water and blood. Yet I knew he wasn't dead. And I knew this because, from my peripheral vision, I could see his hand twitch once in a while. That gave me a little bit of hope. Just a tiny bit.
  8. Aspen pushed his hair out of his face, and gave me a toothy grin. "You've got nobody to save you now, deary. I hope you realize that. Even if you had a guardian angel watching over your pretty little head it wouldn't stand a chance against me and my crew. Especially for you? Lord have mercy, I am still in a state of shock that my buddy Web could charm his way into your wretched heart." He was now close enough where I could smell his cologne. It made me want to gag. He sneered. "But I think I could do the same, don't you think? Except I'm not really aiming to get into your heart, deary, if you get what I'm saying." He twirled a piece of my hair between his fingers, and whispered into my ear, "But if not I think I can give you a demonstration." I turned away, absolutely disgusted. "Go to hell." He put his hand at my waist. "I'll say hi to the Devil for ya." Then Aspen put his forehead to mine, like this was some romantic scene, and put his other hand on my cheek. I cringed hard. He chuckled under his breath, which smelled like whiskey and scotch. "I'm not gonna hurt ya." He then smirked. "But my boys might, when it's their turn."
  9. My bottom lip started to wobble, the feeling of fright coming to me all at once. Suddenly I could sense Aspen's lips coming closer to mine. I tried turning my neck, but the second I did somebody's hand grabbed the top of my head and put it back at its starting position. Almost there. His lips were almost on mine. Almost. I shut my eyes hard, and I couldn't do anything else but wait, and endure through it. I felt as if my eyelids were being hot glued shut. I waited. It never came.
  10. I found myself on the ground once more. I dared to open my eyes, but everything around me was blurry. I could hear loud screams, and wild shouts, as the rain beat down on everybody's heads. I could see red. Red everywhere. And I could hear snaps and cracks here and there, everywhere I turned. Bodies were dropping to the ground. A blanket of blackness hid their bodies as soon as I saw. Somebody was using magic. It was then when I figured out what was happening. I scanned the massive brawl unfolding before my eyes, my whole body shivering from the cold and from how scared I was. And then I saw his poisonous black hair. And I saw his stormy gray eyes. And I couldn't help my smile. Even if you had a guardian angel watching over your pretty little head it wouldn't stand a chance against me and my crew, Aspen had said. I clutched at the nape of my neck, the tears now falling freely down my face with no feelings of shame welling up inside me whatsoever. Because I did have a guardian angel. And he was here. Rave.

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