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Announcements: If you're happy, but your sad clap your hands! *clap clap* So this is just a little thank you quiz. And I'm honest to God terribly sorry if I forgot you!

Announcements: If you're happy, but your sad clap your hands! *clap clap* So this is just a little thank you quiz. And I'm honest to God terribly sorry if I forgot you! I really am. :'(

Created by: Dannica

  1. If you haven't already heard or read, I have finished my third completed series. Well, fifth, if you count each part of the trilogy one series (x. But anywho, I'm very sad about it because I've grown attached to many of the characters, and it's really a bummer that it's going to end. Nonetheless, I couldn't have continued without the amazing people out there who have supported me not only in Beautiful Secrets, Lies, and Endings, but in also my others.
  2. Here are a list of people that have taken my series: Teresa22, _ViolaLover_, Puffball, Fiery_Soul, xxblutixx, Cometlight, angelic4, singin234, EPicz, Chocolatebreeze, elf_maiden, aina_msia, ayamesho, mcqueen, x_rosebud_x, lovelifelive, RoCkItOut, stained, chocolate rain, luv98, WeWereInfinite, RainingBubbles, The Popolisk, 33iZZy18, Weird_Lulu, LipsForKissing, prep24, Twisted_Roots, xXDark_AngelXx, ILuvHolister, RayRay, RoseKat, Bluebird, Hungergamesluver, Freeze, KaliaRox, I_am_awesome, BlueMoon23, AliZoey, liljanie, and GinnyGirl!
  3. And I'm very, very sorry if I excluded you out, those are just the people that took Beautiful Endings. I was too lazy to go through everybody else, lol. But I'm happy to secure that I see you. I just went back and read through all my comments through all my series, and I see you and I appreciate you and I love you. And I also appreciate you guys who read my series but don't have an account. Yeah, I see you, too. lol. And those ones who don't comment, but read them anyways. c: And if you've ever asked me to read your series quiz, fear not, because I have c: Now I would like to personally thank a few of you who have commented and read my quizzes on a regular basis~
  4. First off, Teresa22. Thank you for all your comments, and I'm glad that I could be able to brighten your mood up with that question with the whole "there's always something to live for" :D Your comments make me want to keep writing parts with Alex, to be totally honest with you, and I'll be sure to include Rave in my next series, just for you! And you better hurry it up with your series, girly, because I'm really getting on edge!
  5. Next up is Puffball. You are...pretty crazy. ^-^ Your comments are so random and sometimes I have no idea what you're talking about, but they make me smile. Baby Puffball is sure to get a spot in my next series, if you're interested :3 Oh! And thanks for including me in one of your series! The one with the animals or something...lol I can't remember, sorry! xP But yeah, thanks for taking this series. It means a whole lot.
  6. _ViolaLover_, do you know how many threats you've given me over Alex? LOL, a LOT. Like that riot you planned if I didn't get that one part out. What did I remember you saying again? I don't know, something about pitchforks and fire...? Haha, I'm sorry my quizzes distract you from your homework, but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. You, my friend, are one hardcore Alex lover, and I'm seriously really psyched for you to meet the new guy in my series! I bet you'll be falling ALL over him x)
  7. Fiery_Soul, your comments seriously make me keep going along with writing these. You've commented on I think all of them, and I'm so thankful to have such a supporter like yourself! And your series is pretty amazing too, so don't you go saying that I'm a better writer than you, because we all know it's not true -___-. I'm really looking forward to the whole mash-up idea, even if we're not partners for it; I'm happy to see what you and your partner has in storee!
  8. Now to the miss angelic4, the crazed Christosaur, hearing her roar like a tyrannosaur. omfg guys i'm a rapper. young mula, baby $$ LOL. But legit you are so dedicated to Christofer sometimes it scares me. I must admit, there aren't many Christosaurs out there, but you, my friend, is a one girl show! Well I hope you enjoyed Christofer's ending as much as I liked writing it, I tried making you proud :P
  9. xxblutixx, I love your comments because they're long! lol, I just love seeing your username in my comments box c: Your series is soo good, you're very thoughtful, and I'm so happy that we can be able to communicate more via email and stuff :P You are very wonderful, and full of kind words, and I love you ok.
  10. singin234: STOP CALLING ME AMAZING, YOU'RE AMAZING OKAY. YOU WIN ALL THE AWARDS. lol, your comments make me smile a lot. c: I'm never really told I'm amazing a lot, and you kind of make up for it! So if you really look at it, you're the amazing one!
  11. liljanie! You're so late! lol just kidding, but even if you're a little late in coming into the series, I still love you and your comments :')
  12. And for the rest of you out there that have commented, thank you so very much! I really don't think you guys realize how much I love writing. And I know it's a quiz site and stuff, but the community is just so nice, and I couldn't bear to leave you guys behind! So thank all of you. Really. Writing is my passion. I feel like it's the only way I can express myself and I feel like it's the only thing I'm actually good at, you know? And so hearing all the positive comments and feedback you guys have given me just really brings me into a good, and I love each and every one of you equally. You're all lovely and you're all gorgeous and I'm glad that it's you guys I get to share my stories with xx
  13. As for my new series! I might make another trilogy again, because I have these super amazing names for them, but the first one will officially be called Confinement. I've already started writing the prologue, so expect that to come out very soon!

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