Confinement Part 26

Announcements: Yay I'm back in the states! Here is your Part 26 as promised as soon as I came back. I hope you enjoy it! These few parts are still a bit mysterious and has action in it...

...but fret not, for I have tons of surprises and romance ready to be typed down for your satisfaction! So hopefully you'll settle with this part, because I promise you there is much more to come!

Created by: Dannica
  1. Flame stood at the door waiting. He had knocked on Tallon's door twice, and figured that was enough. He didn't need to ask anybody for his room number"”which was a bit depressing. Because of all the rumors most people already knew where he lived at school. And that he lived alone. And that he almost never went out to attend classes and eat. Flame heard a few shuffles from the other side of the door, and he started getting anxious. What would he say? Tallon? Yeah, I found you all beat up inside a trash can with a weird mark on your feet, then you disappeared. Can I come inside, it's a bit chilly out? Probably not the best approach. Suddenly the door flew open, and Flame jumped back involuntarily. Tallon stood there in the doorway, looking like his skeleton-like self. Normal. No bruises, no cuts, no black eyes, no harm to be seen. And he was wearing socks. Flame collected himself quickly, and raked a hand through his hair. "Hey." Tallon nodded in response. Flame bit into his lip, but refused to back down from lack of hospitality. "Can we talk?" Tallon's hand never left the doorknob, and judging from his white knuckles, he was holding on rather tight. "We are talking." "Inside." "We are inside." Flame fought the instinct to just barge in, since that came natural for him, considering that nobody has ever turned him down before. But he just sighed, and put on his best smile. "Inside your room. And don't tell me that you're inside your room because I specifically said can we talk, and as in "˜we' I mean you and me, not the oui, meaning "˜yes' in French." There was a grim smile on Tallon's face. "Obviously."
  2. Flame waited for him to elaborate, but it never came. He knew Tallon was about to shut the door in his face, and Flame needed a new strategy. Just in time, he held the door from closing with his hand. "I know how to stop the rumors." Something in Tallon's eyes flicked, but it was gone so soon that Flame couldn't decipher what it was. "I stopped them myself when people started talking about me. I can help you." Tallon started tapping his finger impatiently on the doorknob, the brass clinking every time his finger hit against it. Then, with a stony look and an awkward step, Tallon side-stepped to his right, and motioned Flame to go inside.
  3. Rave and Penelope Basil had gone through every cave, tunnel, nook, and corner that was to be explained in the little "tour". Yet nothing stuck out to Rave, when it came to any importance to him. Although the caves held magnificent jewels, and the tunnels held World War I relics and intriguing animals, nothing was the answer as to why he wanted to come here. "Is this place really called Ardones or was that a joke?" he asked her as they still walked arm in arm (since she absolutely did not want to let go) out the cave, where little raindrops splattered into the dirt. "Of course it is. This is my kingdom." Rave squirmed. His arm was getting tired. "It's not really a kingdom if you're the only one that lives here." She grinned a ghostly grin. "Are you implying that you would like to join me? Because we can arrange that." Rave couldn't help but laugh, but not in a bad way. He actually liked talking to Penelope. "Although it would be such an honor, I have already solidified my loyalty to another." The rain hit Rave and Penelope hard, soaking them in milliseconds. Yet Penelope did not quicken her pace, nor did she even look like she cared that it was pouring down on her hair, and ruining her dress. "Ah, so you have a girlfriend?" With his free arm, Rave pushed his sopping hair away from his forehead. "She's not my girlfriend." Suddenly, Penelope giggled. "But you want her to be." Rave kept his gaze onward. "I'm her Savior, she's my Purpose. That's all there is." Penelope tightened her grip on his arm. "That's all that's allowed. Learn the difference." "Are you saying you want us to be together? After all the flirting you've been doing?" "Are you saying you don't? Because I am glad to fill her spot." "She has a boyfriend." "Bummer for her because you're absolutely scrumptious."
  4. Rave smirked. "I'm assuming not many guys come down here." Penelope stopped in her tracks, causing Rave to do so as well. "Insecure or self conscious?" Rave shrugged. "Depends on the situation." She playfully punched his arm. "Whoever that girl is has very low taste in men." There was silence after that. The two of them were standing where they first started off, only the little shack in the middle was nowhere to be seen. Rave had asked about it at some point, but the topic was quickly devoured by Penelope getting deeply invested in her first discovering that she could make her own clothes with her magic of nature, and had also explained her background of being the child of a witch and a sorcerer whom had both trained her in magic. "Then how did you end up here?" he had asked. "They were good trainers, but horrible parents. Combat should only be used on the field," she had replied. "I ran away and created this world." She then had asked why he had visited her. It was kind of embarrassing for Rave when he said he had no idea. A crack of lightning lit up the grey sky, and soon the shack was back. Penelope caught him staring. "You don't want to go in there." Rave looked at her sideways, giving her a questioning look. "It's where the bad thing lives." The way Penelope Basic looked at him reminded Rave of a small child begging her mother to buy her ice cream. "What bad thing?" Another crack of lightning. And Penelope Basil was gone.
  5. If it were possible to get wasted off of water and fruit punch, I think it happened. It was as if all the stress and worries was lifted off of my shoulders when I was in Anarchy. I didn't think about me having the Seventh Sight; I didn't think about Rave; I didn't think about the gang of boys that were upstairs, or even that guy I thought was familiar when I first came in sitting at the gambling tables. Hell, I wasn't even thinking about Flame. All I was thinking about was having fun. Fun with Web. Another song ended, and I decided to retire back to the booths. As I sat down completely exhausted, I noticed that Web followed me, with a smirk on his face. He sat down with me in the booth and nudged my arm. "Didn't I tell you we were going to have fun?" I laughed, and hastily nodded. "I admit defeat." Web took a shot off of a tray sitting on the table in front of the seats. After he gulped it down fast, he laughed. "Naturally." I bobbed my head and tapped my foot to the music, until it abruptly stopped. "It seems like it's karaoke time," Web murmured. Just after, a lady in a too-tight red dress wobbled onto the stage, and was handed a microphone by DJ Blitz. I turned away, uninterested. "So what else is there to do here?" Web rose an eyebrow naughtily. "We can always go up to the apartments." "Something that doesn't require either of us taking off any articles of clothing." "Nobody said clothing had to be taken off."
  6. I shoved him on the arm, which caused him to laugh again. "I'll be right back, I want to check something out." Web took another shot. "Do you need an escort?" I shook my head no. "Good, because I am enjoying these free shots right here." I narrowed my eyes. "Aren't you my designated driver?" He winked at me. "Let's hope you're a fast learner when it comes to motorcycles, sweet potato."
  7. Finally excusing myself from Web's presence, I made my way carefully to the back of the room, where clouds of smoke billowed from the mouths of men and women whose faces were hidden by playing cards as if they were at a masquerade. I searched thoroughly at the tables, allowing my eyes to dissect everybody who was there. For some reason, the person that I thought seemed familiar was scratching at the back of my mind the whole time, and I had the overwhelming urge to get rid of the itch. So here I was, looking. The sounds of glasses clinking together and loud voices careened off the walls and into my ears. An instrumental to a song I didn't know started playing, and the woman in the too-tight red dress started checking to see if the microphone was working properly. The multi-colored lights that were flying across the club and swimming through the floor seeped into my retina in magnificent beams as poker chips and coins were being thrown and taken at the gambling stations nears me. I sputtered out a cough as somebody who was taking a drag out of a cigarette blew the smoke in my face. I squinted my eyes as if the sun was shining in my face to try and get past the layer of blurriness that accompanied all the dramatics that Anarchy came along with. Suddenly, I heard a loud whoop from the table nearest the far left corner of the room, and people started guffawing and clapping at a man whom was sitting down gathering a castle of different colored chips. I don't really know how I knew, but I knew that he was the guy I was looking for.
  8. I made my way hesitantly to the table, and stood across from the man as he wore a sly grin. I was right"”he was certainly familiar. But what was he doing here? After the riot died down and the blackjack dealer shuffled the cards amongst the familiar man and the pissed off looking contenders, I inched my way back around the table and into the mouth of the hungry dancers that were still giving it their all. I wondered as I was slinking onward to the booths why I didn't talk to him, but I concluded in my head that it didn't seem too important that he was here. I mean, he probably needed a break too"”and a little bit of extra cash that he was definitely getting by the end of the"” "Those are our drinks!" somebody shouted loudly, considering that I could hear it over the blasting voice of a new karaoke singer. Oh great, a brawl in the club. "Are you sure? I didn't think you guys could even afford little plastic cups filled with tap water." I froze mid-step. That kind of sounded like...Crap. Suddenly a body bumped up against me, causing me to lose my footing and almost trip, but luckily I held my bearing as I heard glass shattering and rough scuffles and grunts coming from where the area where Web and I were sitting. Then my pace started quickening, until it came to the point where I was practically running people over to get to the other side of the room. As I got closer, I could hear a heated verbal battle between whom I believed was Web and two other voices.
  9. As I got near I found to be corrected, and that the two other voices were from the gang of boys that walked into the club that we first me on the streets. I didn't know what happened before I came, obviously, but two bouncers were in between Web and the two boys, trying their best to keep them away from each other. Although nobody seemed to care but me, as everybody else was doing what they were doing before. I studied Web's face, to see if maybe he actually had gotten into a fist fight with the two boys"”but he looked completely calm. Amused, even, while the other boys looks absolutely infuriated, as they started yelling at the bouncers whom were leading them towards the exit. When the boys were out of sight and the music boiled away their leering voices, I moved side-by-side with Web, and immediately asked what happened. "I guess they weren't complimentary shots after all." He eyed the small tray of puny glasses filled with alcohol in which he had already consumed half of the quantity. Then with a reckless shrug he took another drink. "We should probably get out of here. The rest of their gang will probably be coming back down to see what the commotion was all about. It's a shame I didn't get to show you the apartments. They have a rather vast variety of movies." I heard a few angry bangs then, and I looked in the direction of where they came from to see Aspen and his crew stomping down the stairs from the apartments. They didn't look too satisfied.
  10. When Web took in what I was seeing, he took hold of my arm and led me to the exit. I was a bit frightened that the boys who got kicked out were waiting for us on the curb, but the bouncer hasn't come back inside, so I assumed that the two were still someplace else where they couldn't hurt Web and me. It had started to rain again. Harder than the last time it did earlier in the day when Rave came to visit. The cold wind stung my face and the rain got in my eyes. At this moment I wished Rave came to visit. The cold wind stung my face and the rain got in my eyes. At this moment I wished Rave had come. Or Flame. Or both. Either way, I knew for sure they would have tried shielding me away from it, even though it was just rain. They were just gentlemen like that. And I mean, although Web was doing a much better job than expected, I couldn't help but imagine Rave taking my cold hand and making it warm with his as we Shimmered out, and Flame saying how romantic it was to be out in a lightning storm in that half teasing, half sarcastic voice of his. But I took Web's arm in mine anyways, hoping to forget just for a little more.
  11. I could hear the rain pattering onto the streets, making a blurry mirror wherever there was a pothole or an uneven spot on the road. I held onto Web tight for support, my head facing down to look at my feet as we walked towards his motorcycle. We were halfway there when I heard a plethora of footsteps coming from behind, getting closer and closer. I didn't need to look back, and neither did Web. "Hurry up," he said, his scotch breath brewing in the frosty air"”bittersweet. I noticed the slight wobble in his step, even on the most smoothest of sidewalk. "Web, you're drunk." He put a hand up. "I'm not drunk. Believe me, I wouldn't be walking and making complete sentences like this if I were drunk." My grip on his arm tightened again, then loosened up. "You still can't drive like this. Even if it was just a little bit it could still be enough to"”" Thunder boomed above us, and soon I heard clapping from the front. I turned my head away from Web, and to my discomfort and what could have been the worst case scenario that could have happened tonight, I almost let out a scream. Because standing there, his whole gang surrounding us like a pack of lions, stood Aspen. And I knew this time he wasn't playing around.

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