Confinement Part 33

Announcements: Welcome to Part 33 of Confinement! I kind of feel like I'm dragging things out, to be honest, but I swear it will get better! Question of the Day is below xx

Question of the day: What do you think Web is planning to do at the Inaugural Dance? (If you assume he is going, anyways). Comment your answers and--well--your comments in the comment box!

Created by: Dannica

  1. I needed an umbrella. Like, now. I assumed that since it had stopped raining when I had left for my first period this morning the weather would be ever so kind to stay that way. Apparently I was wrong. As I looked out the window of Madam Decker’s classroom, a shock of white pierced the sky, as giant strokes of water raced down the window pane. Madam Decker talked smoothly in French, whilst turning her back to us to write out today’s homework on the white board. I was forced to move my gaze from outside, still on the mindset of proving myself a good student to the school. As I finished up and tucked in the sheet of notebook paper I wrote it on into my binder, the lights in the class went out, and the TV turned on. A student who sat up in the front started passing out papers, while Madam Decker started setting up a video. I tried casually looking around, to maybe catch a glimpse of Flame. I felt like I needed to talk to him for some reason, and I had missed his company. Fortunately, we made eye contact, but all we did was smile. Even so, it still made me feel a bit better about my day. When I got my worksheet I scrawled my first and last name lazily on the top-right hand corner. It was all questions regarding the video, so I got my pencil ready, angling it so that I could jot down my answers quickly. Madam Decker took a seat at her desk, a remote in her hand. Once the home menu popped up on the screen, she pressed play, triggering some stereotypical French-sounding music to pulsate from the speakers.
  2. When everybody started laughing about some stupid comment somebody made about baguette, Madam Decker told us to be quiet, since the speakers didn’t provide much volume support. It was because of this silence, that every time the thunder rumbled, I flinched. I had just written down the correct response to one of the questions on my paper, when a finger tapped my shoulder. I glanced at Madam Decker first, and then hesitantly turned around. Scotty Banders—at least I think that was his name—gestured with his finger for me to come closer. Thinking it was something regarding the video, I obliged, hoping the teacher wouldn’t fault me for it. “Yeah?” I asked in a hushed tone. “Your name is _____, right?” I nodded, now aware of what this was all about. “Look, if you’re going to give me some snide comment about my ‘disorder’ or ‘mental condition’, I would appreciate it if you—” “I’m not. I just have a question.” I felt my expression soften. “Alright…?” For a moment, Scotty’s face looked earnest, and I was genuinely convinced that he hadn’t 100% given himself up to the gossip going around in school. He leaned in closer. “Well,” he began, a smirk playing on his lips, “since you’re so familiar with the people in Downtown, d’ya think you can score me a couple bottles of booze and get me into Anarchy?”
  3. I grit my teeth. “Douche.” I was in the middle of turning back around, when he placed his hand on my arm, jerking me again to face him. “What’s wrong? I’ll even offer you a ride. There’s more room in my car than a janitor’s closet anyways. I wonder what a couple drinks could do to you…” His hand started making its way up my neck, and then it was no longer Scotty. It was Aspen. I was brought back to that night, where his friends were touching my body, as the rain pounded down on the pavement, while Web’s body lay bloody on the ground. Aspen’s lips. So close to mine. The thunder boomed once more, followed my a cackle of lightning. It was too much. I slapped Aspen’s—Scotty’s—hand away and jumped out of my seat. My breath was ragged. There was no Rave to save me this time. I stood there collecting myself for a few seconds before getting concerned of all the eyes on me. Before I could take a seat, Madam Decker’s voice carved through the air. “Is there a problem?” I turned around tentatively. “Um, no. I think— May I go to the bathroom?” She nodded, with a faint, confused crinkle in her eyebrow. “Don’t forget the pass.”
  4. I ran through the plethora of empty hallways, my shoes echoing off the walls and the ceiling. I put the pass around my neck, letting it dangle, not caring for the pain it gave me as it violently hit my chest. My blood was racing through my veins—my heart pounding. Aspen’s face glowered in my mind. I pushed the bathroom door open, and shook my hands at my sides, pacing back and forth. I made sure that nobody else was in the bathroom with me; no other person needed to see me in a state like this. I took slow breaths, and then finally found myself in front of the sink, washing my neck with water as if Scotty’s touch was poison. My eyes followed the water as it all drained, and disappeared. I looked at my reflection, scrutinizing myself. It was then that I noticed a light flickering in the far corner, over the biggest stall. I ignored it, and then ran a final hand down my face. I reached for the paper towels, but a noise stopped me mid-rip. I listened closer. Somebody was crying.
  5. Trusting myself enough to believe that nobody had entered the bathroom door, I sighed. Not now. The crying got louder, and was accompanied by soft sniffs. The flickering of the light became a hint as to where it was coming from. I made my way towards the big stall, in slow steps. Telling from underneath, she was a little girl. She wore knee high socks, with small, black Mary Jane’s. I could see the white lace-frill at the end of her dress. Her red hair almost touched the floor. I knocked gently; I knew it was essential to see exactly what she looked like, and—much to my discomfort—her cause of death. The stall opened slightly. I went inside, and closed the stall once more. I was sure I couldn’t communicate with these…apparitions, considering that the events that I see haven’t happened yet, but the little girl looked at me anyways, as if she knew I needed to see her face. In order to save her. She looked maybe eight, with pale blue eyes. She was bent over the toilet, yet she wasn’t throwing up. Just crying. I wondered what would happen to her. I wondered too soon. A pounding on the bathroom door startled me, and the girl started sobbing hysterically. The pounding swelled until it became equal to the thunder outside. A loud crash reverberated on the tile floor. The girl screamed. Suddenly I felt scared. Footsteps weren’t heard, but the bathroom stall opened violently, and the little girl screamed. A tall man appeared wearing a regular blue shirt and jeans. On his head was a full crop of brown hair; glasses lodged atop his nose. In his hand was a belt.
  6. He proceeded into the bathroom, while the little girl finally rose and tried backing up against the wall. It pained me that all I could do was watch. In the back of my mind I heard Rave’s voice, telling me that concentration was key, if I wanted to find out the setting of these happenings. The man advanced onto the trapped girl, the belt ready in his hand. I couldn’t bring myself to focus on such a cruelty. Instead, I ran. I ran from the stall, outside the bathroom, and back through the halls. The sounds of screams and leather on skin haunted me until I was back in the classroom. I now wish I was doubled over the toilet.
  7. “So the great and fanatical Web finally got caught, eh?” Web smiled. “I’m going to ignore the mockery in your tone. But yes, indeed, the great and fanatical Web was put in the hospital from getting jumped and then forced to attend his classes. How tantalizing.” The boy—a freshman, Web presumed—wore a sly grin on his young face. “Don’t forget the arm.” Web was starting to get annoyed. “Don’t forget the other one.” The boy put his pencil down. “Is that a threat?” Web sighed. “Just continue on with our lab report, fetus.” He looked up at him, yet didn’t contradict. As for when Web was concerned, his reputation in the school hasn’t changed at all. In fact, he was known for an even badder badass than he already was, which was a slight surprise for him. People didn’t blame him for losing the fight—he was outnumbered, anyways. Yet he did feel bad for ______, for he knew she would get the hardest time. He realized the short amount of time she’s been at James Dawn; people didn’t get the proper time to get to know her. Web smiled to himself, and then turned to the freshman, peering at his paper. “Hey, Jackson.” The freshman peered at him. “Don’t call me Jackson. It’s Jack.” Web shrugged. “Hey, fetus, when is the Inaugural Dance again?” Jack looked at him with curiosity in his eyes. “Why? You’re not allowed to go anyways.” Web chuckled. “Obviously you’re not open minded to the words ‘great and fanatical’.” He laughed again. “Freshmen.”
  8. I stood outside the classroom door, trying to calm myself and make everybody believe that I hadn’t just witnessed what I did. I was wondering when Rave and I would take care of this; surely not during school hours? I was taking deep breaths, relaxing my thoughts. I peered through the small, rectangular window on the door, and was instantly directed to Scotty. Even in the darkness I could tell he wore a grin on his face, as if he were proud. My neck stung. It was then that I realized I couldn’t do it. I sunk down the wall adjacent to the class, burying my face in my knees. I knew coming back to school would suck, but I wasn’t prepared for people being so upfront about it. In chemistry earlier, a girl sitting by my area had asked if I could summon up dead people. “Like Orpah,” she used as an example. I had only sighed. “Oprah is not dead, and no, I cannot summon up dead people’”. She had looked mildly disappointed, but her friends snickered. Tallon also wasn’t there in chemistry, which made me sad. Of all the people, I felt as if he would understand the most of what I was being forced to go through. I ran a hand through my hair again, starting to dig my fingernails into my jeans. The storm outside had stopped bothering me. Yet the beating of my heart made up for it. Just then, I heard the door open. I looked to my right immediately, racking my brain for a valid excuse. But I relaxed when I saw who it was. He anchored down next to me, our shoulders touching.
  9. “What happened?” I tossed him a sideways glance. “How’d you figure?” He nudged me. “Saw you peeping through the window while I was trying to catch a glimpse of my reflection.” I swallowed back my laugh as soon as it escaped from my mouth. I didn’t know what to tell him. It was true that Flame knew about me seeing things—and he believed me—but he didn’t know the complete story. I was torn between lying and telling the truth. “It was Scotty.” I guess that technically counted as the truth. He rose an eyebrow. “He was, um, touching me. And he kind of mocked the whole situation at Downtown. And I was just reminded of Aspen because of the weather, and his hands and stuff.” I realized my voice was quiet. Flame’s face was hard. “Where did he touch you?” “It was just the neck that made me uncomfortable, don’t do anything drastic, okay?” His expression softened at my hand on his shoulder. “He shouldn’t have done that.” “I know. But I could have handled Scotty. I was just rattled from the thought of Aspen. I’m okay.” I rubbed my hand up and down his arm, hoping the gesture was reassuring. He seemed hesitant, but sooner or later seemed to let it go. With that, we decided to go back to class. I was to go in first, seeing that I was the first one to leave. Flame later followed when I assume he saw me take my seat. Scotty didn’t talk to me anymore.
  10. Class continued on without interruption. I had to ask the girl in front of me for the answers that I’d missed while in the bathroom, and she was nice enough to give them to me right before Madam Decker started collecting them. We were to take notes next, as she opened up her lecture book. I wrote the heading at the top of my notebook paper as instructed on the board, along with my name. “Before I begin with this lesson, I was informed to remind you all to take note of the Inaugural Dance the school is having, in honor of your class president.” I refrained from groaning. Who in their right mind would go a dance solely dedicated to Brittany? I certainly wouldn’t. Even if I could. Madam Decker clapped her hands together, making the kid diagonal from me cringe, like he was just awaken from a nap. “Today we shall be talking about the roles of the French in the—” The door opening made her stop abruptly. I was finishing up writing “The Roles of the French” on the left margin on my paper when I looked up to see who it was. I stared, absolutely mortified. Rave swaggered in, up to Madam Decker’s desk, giving me a slight glance.
  11. “May I help you?” she asked, clearly annoyed by the interruption. Rave cleared his throat. I noticed all the girls staring at him with glazed eyes. “I apologize for intervening with your lesson, but _______ ________ is needed at the front office.” Madam Decker squinted her eyes. “For what?” “For reasons.” The look he gave her implied that it was about last night. She still looked uncertain. “Usually they call or email me. It is rare they send a student.” Rave smiled innocently. I’m pretty the girls around me were ready to pass out. “There seems to be problems with electricity in the office, due to the storm.” Madam Decker considered this. “Will she be back?” “I am not aware of a specific time, but probably not early enough to catch the rest of this class. Qui est une honte.” Was he speaking French? Madam Decker looked amused. “Vous parlez français?” I could tell Rave knew he had it in the bag. “Oui. Je parle couramment.” He gave Flame a run for his money, I had to admit. Madam Decker gave a nod of approval, and then turned to me. “Vous êtes libre de partir.” I didn’t know what she said, but I got up anyways, knowing exactly why Rave came. He went over to help me put my stuff away, apparently in a hurry. “He is so hot,” somebody said a little too loudly. Everybody laughed, while I rolled my eyes at him. Soon enough I was all ready to head out. I waited by the door for him, while Rave lingered once more with Madam Decker, this time taking her hand in his and giving it a small kiss. “Je vous remercie beaucoup. C’était très agréable de vous rencontrer, Madame Decker.” She place a hand on her heart as he gave her another kiss on the hand. I thought I was going to have to pull him off. Soon he joined me, and we were out the door.

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