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  • I honestly love your series so much! You are very talented! I have a lot of favorite writers: You, xxbluntixx, Firey_Soul, _ViolaLover_, Angelic4 and many others!

    @KittyMeow I'm glad you think I'm a good writer but thats a little harsh. Dannica is definitely by far an amazing writer. I'd be torn if she stopped writing because I love her series! If anything she's a lot more experienced than I am, and she has a lot of fans, me being one of the many!

  • so I almost punched my screen when I saw what kittymeow had said. Don't listen to her, you're an amazing writer! You're one of my favorites, and there's alwasy those stupid jelous people posting terrible comments on amazing peoples quizzes. You know you've really made it when you've got a hater, with fans to defend you =)

    ANYWHO! I have NO idea if that's actually Christofer! I'm so confused! I am definately an Alex fan though ;)

    ALSO! You, xxblutixx, TheRecklessBam, Xx3mo_Ang3lxX, natuhleegayle, Firey_Soul, and HogwartsLove are my favorite writers =)

  • I'm so looking forward to part 6!!!!!!!! I love Alex... but I also love Christofer. Ugh. You make this such an impossible decision! Btw, KittyMeow can firetruck off. Don't listen to her, she doesn't know what the crap she's talking about. You are an amazing writer, even better than me in my opinion. Along with you, xxblutixx, TheRecklessBam, CodySimpsonLuv, cometlight, and Xx3mo_Ang3lxX are my favorite online writers. I'm also really psyched that most people had me on their list! That's awesome! :D

  • Loved it as always! My favourite quiz writers on the site... there are a lot. Well @Dannica of course, @natuhleegayle, @HogwartsLove, @hazelfangsbite, @xxblutixx, @FireSoul and so much more. I can't name them all! Anyways I don't know if this Christopher is an imposter or not but he sure doesn't feel like my Christopher! Anyways can't wait until the next part and as always, I'll be looking.

  • i could slap that kittymeow she just ruined a great part of me, she can jump off a cliff, i loved it, it might be the real Christofer but i feel still suspicious, i should know i love him, but you re the writer

    My fave writers:
    Firey_s oul
    Xxe mo_angelxX
    Dannica (you)
    TheRecklessB am
    Etc... So many of them
    But cool that i've veen mentioned n_n

  • You confuse me Dannica, whyyy XD I'm with Puffball, suspicious... and Oath is definitely mentally unstable XD

    Favorite writers? Ugh too many, here's a few: you, natuhleegayle, TheRecklessBam, Firey_Soul, xxdarkxx, and a whole bunch more, but I have no more time to type so adios!

  • *says while shaking you*WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!! A few of my favorites are you natuleegayle therecklessbam hogwartslove and firey_soul oh and xxblutixx that's just a few of them.And @kittymeow that is really mean and just beacause you don't like it doesn't mean that you can critisize her work and if you think it's so bad just don't take them so don't be so rude and spend your time comenting if you feel that way!

  • I can't wait until part 6. Team Alex all the way!!! :D I totally disagree with KittyMeow. If you dont like it then dont take it and post negative comments!! Anyways, you're honestly my favorite writer on gotoquiz but I also like xxblutixx, TheRecklessBam, CodySimpsonLuv, Firey_Soul, angelic4, and other online writers. Can't wait for more parts with Alex :)

  • Nice was to end it by the way @KillyMeow That's mean and don't say that. If you dint like it, don't take it. This girl is amazing and lots of People like taking them. So sorry if this is hash but you need to know that. She is amazing like the others. So don't Jude her like that. If she was to stop these I would kill her. Don't just think about yourself, SOrry if that's hash

  • Baby PuffBall is suspicious... ya know why???!!! BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T TRUST ANYBODY......... by the way sick move on the cliffhanger girli........soooo. ... is the main character going to us the potion.. or N... i forgot the name but what gritzo gave her... on you know...- oath. I mean, everyone is not entirly good nor evil.. no such thing missy.. i think

  • okay you should stop making these because they suck. seriously there are way better writers than you like therecklessbam and natuleegayle so stop trying to be like them

  • Dis iz lyk towtalie amayzinh gyal!!! Lol I hate it when people toe like that -_- oh and my favourite writers are you and firey_soul :)

  • you... haha gumbo and bubble gum! hehe

  • you... haha gumbo and bubble gum! hehe

  • man this is soo freakin me out! whats happenin with christofer?? he cant be all weird cuz im sooo a fan of christofer :) first comment woohoo! btw ur my fav writer along with firey_soul and cometlight


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