Confinement Part 39: It's Out!

Thank you for taking this I suppose, but go on ahead and take Confinement Part 39! Read the announcements and results as well, along with commenting. Thank you so much xx

Sigh sigh sigh if you want to hear me grieving than go right on ahead, but if you don't that is also okay :-) Confinement Part 39 is out!! And don't forget to follow on wattpad so we can talk, if you want!

Created by: Dannica

  1. So yeah what's new, Gotoquiz didn't put my Part 39 on the newest quizzes list. But anyways. Go check it out! Xx
  2. Please read the announcements and the results!
  3. And don't forget to comment!
  4. Ok guys I miss some people on here not gonna lie :-(
  5. Like during the Beautiful Secrets era; I miss people like xxblutixx and singin234 and angelic and ivoryleaf and twistedroots and viola__lovet and fierysoul y'all I just miss all of you ok and puffball
  6. and I miss seeing the newest quizzes list racked up with story quizzes and seeing new members and such
  7. Sigh sigh sigh
  8. That's ok I won't grief anymore there's nothing I can really do about it except try and keep my stories alive in order to possibly inspire others
  9. If you want to see updates on where my story writing is going along then you can follow me on wattpad @d4nnimals
  10. Ok bye

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