Confinement Part 21

@singin1234 I'm so sorry for not getting to your question! It's all out of laziness and, well, forgetting your question, lol. But unfortunately, Comet and I have come to an understanding that neither of us have time for our mash up of a series, so we will not be continuing Unforgotten Secrets. :'(

EVERYBODY I HAVE A CONTEST GOING ON SO READ THIS! Alright, I haven't done a contest in a while, so I believe that it is suitable to have one, especially since it's a week before my Thanksgiving break! Alright, so I need you to create Anarchy, a club that will be introduced in this series, in which I have plans to use. I need you to create the whole atmosphere, from lights to staging to food to everything. Best one gets to choose from a couple of options that @ivory_leaf helped me out with which will be given out when I go public with who the winner is. Good luck!

Created by: Dannica

  1. She screamed again, and backed up against the wall, looking from me to the dead man in my hands with terror and disgust written across her face. "Who are you?" she stammered out, clinging to the railing of the stairs. "I"”" "I'm calling the police!" she screamed, not even letting me finish my sentence. I dropped the man's legs. "No!" The lady flinched at my sudden voice shift. "Don't do it...Y-You don't understand." The lady shook her head, as if in disbelief that this random stranger in her house was telling her what to do. Then the lady took one last look at me, and then she bolted to her right, stumbling on her own feet by the thuds I heard. She was getting the phone. And I did not move. I was frozen in place.
  2. I heard another thud, and I snapped out of it, just as the lady came back and fumbled with the phone in her hands, putting her ear up to the receiver. "Stop!" I yelled, making myself jump along with herself. "You don't understand." For God's sake, I just saved your life! I wanted to scream to her. But I took a deep breath, and remained calm. "I need for you to listen to me. I am not going to hurt you. My intentions were never to hurt you." The lady twitched, but the phone remained to her ear. But I knew that she was not going to do anything. "This man"”the one right here"”is unconscious. He is not dead. He was trying to hurt you. He wanted to hurt you badly, but he was stopped before he could." The lady's expression was completely unreadable. I wish I could just call out to Rave, or that he could hear from wherever he was, and come to my rescue and be the smooth-talker he is or work some sort of mind-erasing power on her if he had"” Suddenly something strange happened. It was like a bright light was blinding me, yet my eyes did not hurt. It was like it was going on my mind, but I could not feel it. And then I saw the lady again. But this time she was older, in my mind. And she was smiling, and she was laughing, and she was wearing all white again. And then suddenly wings sprouted from her back and she started flying to the sky. She was an angel.
  3. Was that he Purpose in her world? To become an angel? I looked at the lady, the towel-turban on her head sagging. She was going to become an angel. Yes, that was her Purpose. And I had just seen it. "You are going to become something very special," I told her, cautiously. "And I'm not crazy. You don't have to believe me, but I'm not. I swear. But please don't call the police. I will never come back here again. And nobody will try hurting you again, if you just let me go, and not call the police. Please. Please, please, please." I took a pause, waiting for her. She dropped the phone to her feet, and started crying. "Just go," she rasped. "Go and never come back. I have nothing for you." I lugged the rest of the body out the door without another look back.
  4. After the door shut behind me the lights of the whole house went off. Rave was waiting for me a few feet away. I dropped the body on the porch step and strided towards him, angry. He welcomed my presence with a faint wave. "That took a long time." I ignored what he said. "You knew she was in the shower, didn't you? And that's why you wouldn't help me? Did you want her to call the police on us?!" Rave cocked his head to one side. "Where is she now?" The calmness and normalcy in his voice made me even angrier. "She's in her house! I told her not to call the police, and she told me to just leave." Rave nodded slightly. "Good. Then you did it right." I spun around and covered my forehead with my hands, looking up at the sky. "What are you talking about?! I was caught." "Yeah, but got out of it. You made her understand. I'm not always going to be there for you. It's good that you experienced that by yourself, because that's the worst situation you could have gotten in, and now if it happens again, you'll know what to do." I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. "You saw her Purpose, right?" I could only nod. "I didn't see it. Only the Seventh Sighter can, even if I share it with you." I responded nothing. "You'll thank me for this," he said, with a softer voice. He looked like he was going to say more, but then stopped abruptly. He looked up, as if picking up a scent like a dog would. The night was quiet, with faint rustling of leaves and little critters scramming around. There were no cars, no footsteps, no sound from the house.
  5. "We need to go," he said, in a soft voice"”so soft that I barely heard him. "What? Why?" I asked, looking around this isolated and empty area. Rave's eyes looked alert. He reached for my arm. "We have to"”" Then he pushed me aside, and I fell to the dirt. Drawing a blank, I spun around from where I fell and looked up at him, where he was tousling with somebody in a black cloak. I could not see his face, but I knew that he was the one from the Miscreancy. The one that would collect the body. I tried scrambling up to my feet to help Rave, but he shot a look over his shoulder, mentally telling me to stay down. Rave pushed the cloaked man, and he stumbled a few paces backward, but he did not fall. Then suddenly, everything was dark. It was like the light just evaporated. There were no stars, there was no moon, there was nothing. And it was quiet. "Rave?" I asked, just above a whisper, suddenly frightened. "Rave?" A ragged breath. But whose was it? I felt hands on my arm, soft and firm, giving me tingles. I let out a relieved breath. It was him. Then the lights went back on, as easily as if there was a light switch to the universe. The sky was seen, the men were gone, and the moon was as if it never left. Rave's bruise was now a plum color, like the man in the cloak punched him in the same place. I touched it, and he clenched his jaw. Then we Shimmered into the air, leaving in our place a swirl of autumn leaves.
  6. Megan screamed, and dropped the container, as a snake slithered out, causing a riot among the other girls. Megan, red-faced and feeling absolutely humiliated, approached Hannah, who had tied her red hair out of her face. "Who brought this?" she demanded, standing up on a chair as Reyna stormed into the room with the principal and the campus security. "It was this blue-haired girl! She said they were cookies!" Megan rolled her eyes, and then screamed again as she saw the tail of the snake crawl into one of the rooms. She craned her heard looking for Brittany. But she wasn't there. ~ Brittany crept downstairs, using the whole Snake Prank as an advantage. Besides, it was only a garden snake. Harmless. Maybe if the majority of the girls in this stupid hall knew it then they would have known that too. Brittany pressed herself against the wall, making sure nobody was around to see her. When it was all clear, she snuck into Reyna's office, which was left unlocked in her hurry to get upstairs. Brittany smiled. Everything was going so perfectly. She got comfy on the chair and swiveled from side to side, looking through cabinets in hopes of finding something dirty on the new girl. Down to the last cabinet, Brittany opened it. In it were files with all the girls who lived in this hall. Jackpot. Brittany paged her fingers through the different names until she found the one she was looking for. She opened it, and skimmed it with her eyes, not knowing how much time she had. Nothing was interesting, and she was just about to give up...Until she flipped to the medical records. Brittany grinned while she read it. "Schizophrenia?" she said to herself, in some form of emotion between shock and eagerness, as she kept reading.Then the screams died down. That was her cue. Brittany hid the file back in its place and shut the drawer. "I can't wait for everybody to find out about this."
  7. We were in what seemed like an abandoned dance studio, flooded with a gray moonlight that would have been beautiful if the place didn't give me such a creepy feeling. There were no walls. Everywhere I turned was a mirror, in the place of where a wall should be. I looked up, and saw myself staring back at my reflection. The only thing that seemed to not be a mirror was the ground, which was more like a mat"”like what they use at karate studios or in gymnastics. I could see the dust floating in the air, like tiny stars, and cobwebs lining the crooks in the corners of the room. "What is this place?" I asked Rave, whom was leaning against one of the mirrors. "It's a studio my sister used to dance at. It went out of business two years ago, and nobody was interested in buying it." And that was it. He didn't say anything more about his sister, like how old she was, where she was now, what kind of dance she did. Nothing. And I know that he didn't have to, but shouldn't he at least try to give me some background information about himself? "Why are we here?" I asked, forcing myself not to pry. He shrugged nonchalantly. "It was the first place I thought of."
  8. I looked around awkwardly. Then I sat down, feeling exhausted. "It's nice here." Rave"”seeing his reflection from the mirror"”nodded. "I don't think they can trace our scent here." I cocked my head at him, my brow furrowed. "Track our scent?" "Wherever you go, wherever I go, wherever anybody goes, we have a scent. Ours is more powerful above others, so the Miscreancy are able to track us, especially when we use magic. That's why I brought us here. And if you were wondering it takes a while for our scent to be removed, so I can't bring you back to your dorm until our scent is gone and they can't trace us." I hugged my knees and quietly said, "I wasn't wondering." I heard Rave's feet shuffle towards me, and then soon he was by my side. "You really did a good job back there." I nodded, not knowing if I was agreeing or not. Then, curious, I asked, "Do you go here a lot?" Rave's expression held something in it that I couldn't decipher, then he said, "Why do you get the impression that I do?" I shrugged. "You said it was the first place you thought of, so I assume you go here a lot."
  9. It was quiet for a little bit, then he sighed. "Yeah. I go here when I need to think about certain things. It's nice, it's peaceful, nobody bothers me. It's kind of like a safe haven." His tone had pride in it, like he adored this place and loved it to bits and pieces. "You don't feel lonely, when you come here?" He shook his head. "I think about you when I come here mostly, so I don't feel lonely." God, he said it so smoothly like it wasn't a big deal. "Why do you think about me?" I asked, trying to act like I didn't really mind, when in reality I did. He chuckled under his breath then. "I'm your Savior. I kind of have to think about what I'm going to do next, when it comes to training, controlling powers, the Miscreancy." I felt a wave of disappoint and let out a pathetic, "Oh," under my breath. He kept looking at me, with those gray eyes of his, almost incandescent in the moonlight. "But I think about you too. Not like, your powers or anything like that, but how you are and stuff. I don't know. I find you interesting. I like being with you." I resisted the urge to smile. "Thank you," I murmured, getting warm. Then it was quiet again. After a few minutes of silence, and me tracing my finger along the padded floor and sometimes touching the back of my neck because of how it felt the warmest in comparison to all my body parts, Rave laid down on the floor. I didn't know what to do other than look at him, but dammit he looked so gorgeous. "Do you ever wonder how other people see you?" he asked me, looking up at himself. I stared myself down in the mirror in front of me. "I've never really thought about it." He didn't reply. My knee was touching his leg, and at the thought of us just barely touching I felt warm again. Then I decided to lay down, and see what he was talking about. My shoulder was right with his, and I swear if I moved just a tiny bit my our hands would be touching. "I don't know, but one of the reason why I like this place so much is that I feel Like I can't hide anywhere. Like the walls can see every inch of you and you're forced to see who you are. Like you can't escape it. I think that's beautiful about this place. It doesn't make you see what you want to see." Then he did his breathy laugh that I could listen to for eons, and looked over at me. "If that makes sense."
  10. I smiled at him. "You think a lot. About things that people usually would never think about unless forced to." He frowned. "Is that a bad thing?" I laughed, and stared upwards, looking at him through my reflection. "No. I think it's brilliant." His eyes lingered on me for a moment more, and then he looked up at my reflection too. And we just looked at each other, in silence. But it wasn't that awkward, uncomfortable type silence. No, it was the we're-comfortable-and-we-don't-need-to-talk-because-just-being-here-together-says-everything-already type silence. And then the moonlight rippled for just a moment, as the clouds moved over it. "I think the scent is gone now," he said. I squirmed where I lay, not wanting to leave. "Are you sure?" Rave sat up, and suddenly I felt this aching in my chest, like he was going to leave me. "Yeah. And besides, it's a little bit past midnight. Don't you have school tomorrow?" I grinned, but didn't get up. "Yes, dad, I do." He mocked my grin, and I laughed. "But I don't want to go." He paused, and looked at me with his famous unreadable faces. "Why not?" I gulped, suddenly feeling nervous. "I like it here, and I want to stay. Just for a few more hours." Rave bit his lip, as if mentally bantering with himself whether or not it was safe"”or if he could stand being with me any longer"”or something like that. "Please," I said quietly. "Fine," he said. "But let me go get a blanket and a pillow. You're freezing." I looked down at myself, with my arms wrapped tightly around my body and suffering from severe goosebumps. I grabbed his arm, and he stopped. "No. Don't leave me alone." I knew I sounded needy, but in all honestly I didn't want him to leave. Not now. And certainly not in a place like this. "I don't want to be the cause of your death," he cracked, a small smile on his lips. "I'll survive," I said, willing my arms to lay down by my side. Rave looked unconvinced. Then he removed his sweater over his head, where under he was wearing a nicely fit v-neck, and gave it to me.
  11. I hesitated. "Take it," he said, practically putting it over me like a blanket. "It'll keep your body temperature somewhat normal." I took it, and slid my arms through the holes in the sweater. His scent was overwhelmingly good. I couldn't help but smile a little bit. "Thank you." I hoped he would lay down again. I really hoped he would. "So is that Flame guy your boyfriend?" I snapped my head to his direction, and then looked down, wishing he didn't notice how I reacted to his name. But really, how random was this? "Um...I don't know. I guess not. He hasn't asked. Why?" Rave shrugged it off. "I was just curious." There went that pathetic "Oh" again. Rave raked a hand through his hair. "You should really get some sleep. You look like a zombie." Well, that certainly removes the chance of him kissing me if I look like a diseased human being. He must have noted my face, because then he laughed and said, "It's okay. You are a very nice looking zombie." I tucked my hands deeper into the sweater, almost clutching it for life. "You should tell me a story." Rave rose an eyebrow. "Alright. What kind of story?" "Any kind." He nodded, and then thought about it. "Would asking you to act it out be asking for too much?" I piped in, making him smile. "Of course not. I'll also go ahead and summon Mila Kunis or Emma Roberts as my sexy lead role. Here, I thought of one." He cleared his throat, and began his story, about giants and cyclops, and wizards and pirates. His voice was so soothing. His voice melted into my skull, like a s'more roasting over a fire. And slowly I began to fall asleep. And falling asleep to his voice and his scent and his warmth radiating off of him to me was everything that I could ever need. And then the moonlight died down until shadows from the remnants of the moon cast an eerie glow inside the room, as dawn slowly appeared in the horizon. And everything was okay.

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