Confinement Part 39

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Created by: Dannica

  1. "Why, hello there." The voice rang out from a nearby cave, holding a sweet and melodic tone to it"”like fudge sweeping down a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer night. "What brings you to my land?" Tallon remained where he stood, planting the soles of his shoes in the dirt. "I need to visit"”" "Oh no. You mustn't." He scratched at his head; the girl's voice didn't sound like it was coming from the same place. "Why not?" She giggled. "One already came to see him. It is far too early for another visitor; he is tired. Rather irritated, as well. Deep in slumber." Tallon bit on his tongue. "Who are you?" What sounded like an incredulous ugh echoed to his ears. "Why is it that people come to my land yet don't even know who I am? Preposterous, must I say." Her laugh was haunting. "But I know who you are. Yes. You are a lost boy"”very, very lost. Would you like me to show you around my home? I always love giving tours. Perhaps who you're looking for will appear. But you may always come back if he doesn't. I get lonely around these parts; you're very handsome." Tallon gulped, and then took one hesitant step forward. Then another. And another. Soon he was in front of one of many caves surrounding him. Where he thought he heard the voice first. He thought of turning back, going back to the school before the day started once more. But then his mind flashed back to those eyes"”those eyes that patronized him and those claws that"” Yes. He had to do it. Tallon peered into the cave blindly. "I'd very much like a tour." As the last word escaped his lips the cave brightened into an extravagant scene, like walking into a surprise party. Jewels embedded themselves deep into the cave walls, and hundreds of flowers started to bloom at Tallon's feet. Then a girl around his age started walking towards him with bare feet, in a rather intriguing green dress. She smiled the smile of a queen and walked through the soil like she was one of nature herself. She put a fair distance between her and him, and then curtsied low, crossing her bony ankles together. "Welcome, Tallon Andrew Calloway, to the land of Ardones."
  2. Naomi and Lauren had just hopped onto the bus from a hard night of clubbing; they had had their roommates cover for them if there were any checkups from the dorm advisers. It was Naomi's turn to be the moderately responsible sober one of the duo tonight, so naturally Lauren was the drunken one. The bus driver hadn't acknowledged the two teenage girls when they put their payment in the clear plastic box next to the driver's seat, even when the scent of alcohol from the underage Lauren polluted the already dingy atmosphere. Once seated, the doors simply closed with a poignant moan, and the bus lurched unevenly forward. Naomi watched the bus driver through the driver's mirror. His blue cap shielded his eyes to the point where half his face looked just like a shadow. "Can we go again tomorrow?" Lauren slurred out with a giggle. Naomi yawned. "No, tomorrow is the Inaugural Dance. Besides this was a risky stunt you pulled, especially after what happened to Web and _____." Lauren wrapped her arm around the seat in front of her. "Web and who?" "______. You probably don't remember her because 1. you're drunk and 2. she's been very busy lately, I would assume from all the stuff happening about her." Lauren almost slid off the seat; Naomi had reached her just in time, pulling her up by the waist. The bus slowed down to a rolling pace, and then the doors opened once again. Two punk-looking young adults marched on, with twinned smirks on their faces. Naomi thought it strange that the bus driver tipped his hat at them, and allowed them to walk right past the clear plastic box. The two sat behind her and Lauren, and as the bus continued on with its voyage they began to talk. Naomi couldn't help but eavesdrop, especially since Lauren was unresponsive and on the verge of passing out. One lady said, "It was freezing cold out there; we couldn't have gone on at the first stop?" The other"”the one right behind Naomi"”scoffed. "That would be a bit obvious, wouldn't it? Now stop whining. We're almost there."
  3. Curious to where they would possibly go during this time of day, Naomi peered out the window. Red and white blurs of lights dotted her field of vision along with flashes of green signs and bright billboards. She was surprised by the amount of people still, or already, driving about. Last time she checked it was three in the morning. The sky was an almost translucent shade of pink, and the storm clouds from yesterday still lingered around like leftover meatloaf on a Tuesday. Suddenly her mind buzzed. "Excuse me, sir? Why are we on the freeway?" Naomi watched the driver from the mirror; he was as dead as Lauren. Panic started to boil in her blood as she watched the bus frantically rush past each exit sign. Naomi tried to stir up Lauren but she was already out cold. "Where are we going?" She turned around to face the two women. They still wore the same smirks they did when they entered the vehicle. The one with the chopsticks in her hair put her hand on Naomi's shoulder. "Don't worry, dear. It's a shortcut. We take this route all the time." Naomi bit down on her lip and then started rummaging through her bag. Her hand touched something cold and metallic, and she fished it out immediately. She observed that the cellphone only had eleven percent battery as she swiped the screen to unlock it. "What are you doing, honey?" The lady behind her asked. "Scared?" Naomi took a pause. Who did these ladies think they were? "What should I be scared of?" The lady in the chopsticks cackled. "She reminds me of you, Razor. Hair and everything." Her partner nodded, reflecting the same disturbing glee. "Exactly what I was thinking." She tipped her head at the bus driver through the mirror. "Hurry up, Noose. Master will be delighted with what we brought."
  4. Soft footsteps. Metal clinking against metal. Distant voices. Rave forced his eyes open. He stirred to jostle to his feet but then stopped when he heard a little whimper. Confused, Rave looked down and saw ______'s head lounging on his chest. He let his eyes continue to drift more and saw his arm was around her. The realization of last night hit him like a tidal wave crashing against the rocks. He ran his free hand down his face with a silent groan, and then tried his best to sit up without disturbing her. His eyes adjusted daintily, and he soon found himself staring at Gabrielle, watching her clear the dishes of the late dinner him and _______ had eaten. Gabrielle held the final two plates in her hands and then shuffled back to the door where a steel cart was parked, holding all the other dirty plates and silverware. Rave watched as she wiped her hands carefully against her apron and then smoothed back her already neat, graying blonde hair. She clenched her fists around the long handle of the cart and pushed it out. It was clear that she had no idea that Rave was awake, so before she exited the room he cleared his throat. She stopped midway and turned to face him, eyes taut and lips stitched. Rave offered the best morning smile he could muster. "Thank you. The meal last night was excellent." Gabrielle did not smile back, but seemed appreciative of the comment anyways. Her gravelly voice replied, "It is only my duty. I will tell the chef of your words." Without another misstep she whirled around and continued to push her cart, the door closing behind her.
  5. After a few moments of bliss, taking in the strange new environment Rave was not used to waking up to, he relaxed back into his pillow. He watched his Purpose take solace from his body; he remembered everything vividly now, as if he just watched it play all over again on a TV screen. The memory involuntary made him grin. Rave didn't remember how long ago he'd actually really talked to a person about part of his life"”to feel close with somebody again. He thought he had lost the ability to connect when he had spent so much time in The Basin"”having to harden up all emotions and enclose his personal thoughts to himself. He thought the only person he could have ever opened up to was his sister. But she was long gone now. The chirping legatos of birds seeping into the room along with the morning rays of the sun brought Rave's mind back to the point of why they were here"”that this wasn't some faraway paradise hotel and waking up like this was going to be an everyday routine. Rave frowned; he had to do his duty. He watched the sleeping girl on his chest: the way her body was curled up to his in a small ball, reminding him of a kitten; the way the escaping hairs from her ponytail framed her face; the softness of her breath"”it was strangely elating. Finally, before hesitating to do so, he put his hands tenderly on her shoulder, and shook her awake.
  6. Waking up to Rave hovering over me with his arm wrapped around my body was possibly better than waking up on Christmas morning and going downstairs to see that whomever was playing Santa that year actually ate the cookies I put out. I tried not to open my mouth that much when I told him good morning; I was definitely not risking my morning breath. Rays of sunlight streamed in through the curtains and remote voices were heard from outside. "What time is it?" I murmured more to myself, ignoring the fuzziness of my groggy brain and the minuscule flutters in my stomach I felt when Rave's fingers accidentally brushed the bare skin of my back when he pulled his arm away from me. He sat up slowly and peered to his right. With a stretch of his limbs he said, "Five twenty-four." His expression appeared nonchalant, as if me sleeping on his chest with his arm caressing me was total Savior duty. I should have known not to expect anything. I sat up as well, impulsively smoothing down my hair with my hands. I saw that the tray full of dirty dishes from last night was gone; I wondered when and who had come and picked it up. As soon as the thought faded from my mind Rave got up from the bed with a yawn. The bed held his imprinted body like a fossil. "Gabrielle came just a few minutes ago. I think breakfast is about to start. If you wanna make it to school on time you should probably start getting ready." I couldn't help but stare at Rave's perfectly disheveled figure. Tendrils of light riveted around his body, highlighting his high cheekbones and slim muscles on his arms. His poisonous hair waved to and fro atop his head like an angry sea yet was still beautiful enough for any artist to take one quick glance and prop their easel on the ground. These thoughts that swirled around my head startled me. Then, realizing that I'd been staring too long, I adjusted the back of my shirt. My skin was still warm from Rave's accidental contact. The curtains glided open by Rave's hand, and soon the early rays of sunlight shouldered past the trenches of the blinds, brightening up the room. I almost used my hand as a visor. "How did you sleep?" The question caught me off guard. I searched Rave's face for a hint of contentedness, but it wasn't there. Trying not to stutter I replied, "Good." He grinned at me, and my stomach dropped like I was riding the biggest roller coaster ever established. "Good." To avoid further eye contact I hastily threw off the blanket covering myself and swung my legs over the bed, so that my back was facing him. I took a moment longer than I needed to in order to collect myself; for some reason my breathing pattern had become very urgent. I felt Rave's eyes still on me, and I wondered how he looked at me whenever I wasn't paying attention. I stood up before he could ask if I was okay"”because I knew he would"”and then stalked off to retrieve my clothes, just like it were another school day.
  7. Flame walked in from the bathroom to a half-naked Web laying down in his bed watching TV. Naturally. He disdained from rolling his eyes as he finished buttoning his shirt. "You can go and take a shower now." Web's eyes remained glued to the screen, where Flame heard babbling from what he assumed was a newscaster lady. "Do I really have to attend classes today? It's going to be hot out there from the weather alone. If I were there people would start getting heat stroke." Flame, done attending his shirt, cocked an eyebrow as he glanced at Web's Power Ranger boxers. Before he could say a quippy remark, Web put his hand up. "These boxers are legendary. You wouldn't understand." Flame bravely walked into Web's closet and grabbed a shirt off of a hangar. "Fortunately, I do not want to understand." He threw a shirt onto Web's stomach, landing with a purred swoosh. "What are you watching, anyways?" Web ran a hand through his hair. "The news. There was this major accident this morning, and they're pulling people out of the wreckage live." Flame raised a curious brow, and took a seat on the edge of his bed. On the screen showed a newscaster lady, a microphone to her mouth. Behind her was a bus, with flames rapidly sprouting out. Clouds of black pried through the clear blue sky, as firemen rummaged through twisted and dislodged bus parts. The cameraman then turned its full attention as one fireman started waving his arms, calling his comrades to him, where a ginormous chunk of metal lay. Immediately, arms began attacking it, like ants at an abandoned picnic. The camera zoomed in. There were two bodies.
  8. A knock on the door indicated that breakfast was ready. Rave and I were already prepared, and had been biding our time sitting on the couches. Neither of us brought up the topic of last night, and although I was disappointed, I didn't want to obsess. Rave had taken a shower after me. His hair had retired from that natural messy state I woke up to, and I could tell from his eyes that his internal defenses were back up and alert. When Rave opened the door we were greeted by neither Chester nor Gabrielle, but by a short, timid looking woman with mousy hair that sprung from her head in rambunctious ringlets. She was decorated in a black uniform, a white apron promptly around her waist. I couldn't help being unsurprised. "Please," her soft voice rang out, almost as shy as her appearance, "follow me to the dining hall."
  9. As we dwindled back toward the Fork"”what I considered the three separate paths that led to the guest rooms, the library, and the rest of the facility"”I couldn't help but stare at the painting above our heads. I had thought about it last night, and one question had struck me: why were the angels hiding? Realizing I had lagged behind a bit, I padded swiftly right behind Rave just as he asked, "What's your name?" The maid looked behind her shoulder in one quick motion, almost startled that Rave talked to her. Her steps became longer, and her back became tense while she walked. "Maple." I was now walking side-by-side with Rave, and I saw him smile. "That's a beautiful name. Maple." Maple suddenly stopped in her tracks, making us halt as well. She turned fully around and peered up at us with eyes like a tideless ocean. "Thank you." She looked strangely uncertain, and then looked to her and left, and to her right. When she turned back around and continued on walking, I peered at Rave. Judging by his expression, he felt the same way I did.
  10. Maple left us right when the Fork started. She had directed us to take the path on the very right, as if it weren't obvious, and then scurried away like a forest animal retreating from humans. Rave and I trekked on, cautious, as if the line of carpet beneath our feet was a tightrope. The wide and open room where the trail was taking us was likely similar to what I had already seen: the pillars, the windows, and the haunting ceiling. Yet before we even reached the end, I saw a big, egg-shaped wooden door awaiting us, with two people"”I think they acted as guards"”flanking either end, at the stance of attention. "You would think Hef would feel more secure," I mumbled bitterly under my breath. As we edged closer I saw the butts of guns sticking out from the men's backs. I could almost feel the target on my chest. Rave looked unscathed from the scene"”almost intrigued. "If he's got guards with guns posted even with all the power he has then he's definitely afraid of something." That did not help my insides settle down. Sooner or later we found ourselves standing just a few feet from the door, where a big metal latch was placed by the guard on the right. I watched as the guards glanced at each other, and then ran their eyes down Rave and me, as if they had x-ray vision and could see if we had any weapons on us. "Identify yourselves, please," the guard on the left said in a deep, throaty voice. His hands switched from being folded together in the front to at his sides. Easier position to reach and aim the gun. "I am the Savior." As soon as the guard who'd asked registered what he said, he gave Rave a slight nod, and then looked over at me. I gulped. "Uh"”I'm the...Seventh Sighter." A few dreadful seconds went by until I got the same notion that Rave got. The guard on the right stepped out of position and unlatched the door. The guard on the left then pushed the door open for us to enter through. The name Seventh Sighter still lingered on my tongue as we passed the entryway. I realized then that I have never really, formally acknowledged myself as a Seventh Sighter until then. Soon I found myself smiling at the thought; I could get used to the taste of the title.
  11. A few steps from the egg-shaped doorway and we were already at yet another Fork. On the left was a blue door; the right was a green door; in the middle was a red door. "This place is like a maze," I crooned. Rave sighed. "More like a labyrinth. I wonder how many forks there are. It reminds me of..." I could almost feel the thought slipping from his mind. "Reminds you of what?" He shook his head. "Nothing. Never mind." Too late; I let it go; I knew I couldn't ask for too much. "Should we just try all the doors?" Rave was biting his lip, pondering. "No, I'd like to guess...the blue door." He looked at me with a mischievous smirk. "If you guess correctly, the second we get back to Pennsylvania I'll get you a donut and hot chocolate." A laugh escaped my mouth. "Okay, deal. Hmm...I'll go with the green one." Rave winked at me, and then strode over to the blue door with as much cockiness as he could muster. I watched with an amused expression on my face as he turned the door and peered inside. I counted three seconds. "Well?" Rave closed the door and turned around. "That's okay, I wanted you to win." I nodded sarcastically. "Right." As I walked towards the green door on the right, I said over my shoulder, "Hard to impress without your powers, huh?" When he rolled his eyes I laughed again. "Only for you." The frigid jolt that billowed through my body when I laid my fingers on the handle of the door almost made me squeal. I tried my best not to look too unnerved. Why the hell was that so cold? Slowly, I put my hand back on the knob. I felt my hand becoming painfully numb, yet I refused to forfeit due to my sudden fierce inquisitiveness. I had to put strength into turning the knob; once I finally got it turned all the way to the right, I managed to try to get the door to budge open. "Is it locked?" I heard Rave ask, now starting to sound worried. "No," I said through gritted teeth, giving the door another slam with my shoulder, "just a bit stubborn. Nothing I can't handle." Getting very irritated, I pushed the door as hard as I could, and finally heard a small groan, as it sliced a few inches open. I let go to allow the blood circulation to return to my body with a triumphant grin on my face. I glanced back at Rave, whom shook his head in mockery. "Nice work. But is it the way to the dining hall?"
  12. I hitched up a brow as if surprised by the challenge in his voice, and then swiveled my head back to the partially open green door. I immediately registered the acrid odor once my face was merely two inches away from the opening. I tried ignoring it, but soon a sour taste had formed on my taste buds. I hesitated, but then finally peered inside. It was obvious it wasn't the way to the dining hall the minute I laid hands on the doorknob, yet I had too much pride"”and honestly? I wanted to be the one to discover something and know something that Rave did not. And that's why I was disappointed when I could barely see anything in the room. But that was only because of the thick fog-like atmosphere going on in there. The walls glowed an icy blue, and sheets of something like smoke wafted inside, almost suffocatingly; it was no doubt that that was the cause of the foul scent. I pondered over whether I should call Rave to check it out, but then decided against it. The room just looked like a gigantic freezer, which explained the below-zero temperature. And the smell was most likely from rotting foods that no one had taken the responsibility to cleaning out. Well, it was logical enough. I was about to close the door when suddenly I thought I saw a shadow zoom across the room. "_______, I would buy you a donut anyways, it's okay if you're wrong." I swerved the comment from Rave away and tried prying the door open wider. Another shadow slithered through the mist. I started slamming my shoulder into the door again, not caring how much it stung. "______?" Rave's quick footsteps sounded behind me. The door eased up"”just a little more until I could get my whole body through. I pushed and pushed and pushed. More shadows. How many were in there? Then, it happened. Something on the other side had pushed back.
  13. Hard.

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