Beautiful Endings Part 6

Announcements: Thanks for the support on the last quiz thing in the comments. I didn't want to reply because you guys kind of covered it already, lol. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU ALEXINATORS!

Announcements: Thanks for the support on the last quiz thing in the comments. I didn't want to reply because you guys kind of covered it already, lol. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU ALEXINATORS!

Created by: Dannica

  1. After Sadie sedated Auntie Lisa with laughing gas, she strapped her down on a gurney and put the necessary supplies she needed on the counter beside her. "Potion, herbs, needle, gauze," she counted to herself with her pointer finger. Auntie Lisa was all loopy, laughing and mumbling out nonsense. Then Sadie gave her another shot to knock her out cold. "Goodnight," she whispered under her breath. After three minutes or so, Sadie took a sharpie and marked Lisa's left and right temple with a small dot. After that, she grabbed a faerie leaf and put it in her hair. With the needle, she gently penetrated the dots that she made until there were little holes in her temples.
  2. She grabbed the leaves and put it over the holes so the blood wouldn't drizzle away. Sadie grabbed a shot and poured the potion into it. With a small hesitation, she inserted the needle into each temple, giving them an equal dose. Before the blood could flow out, she quickly wrapped the gauze around Lisa's head like a turban, and put more faerie leaves on it. "Now all we have to do now is wait."
  3. We were going to leave in the morning. Christofer advised us to get a good night's rest because it was going to be a rather long walk. Ash and Gumbo crashed in their beds while Gritzo went back to his son. "Where should I sleep?" Christofer asked. Alex shrugged. "Any room, I guess." He turned to me. "Do you want me to...I mean, I can sleep wherever, but if you want I can..." I felt Christofer's eyes on me. "You guys are sleeping in the same room now?" "It's not like we're doing anything," I said automatically. "Besides," Alex said, "she's not your girlfriend anymore."
  4. Christofer chuckled a little. "She's not yours either." "Really? Because it didn't feel that way when we kissed." Christofer shot daggers with his eyes. "Just remember who was the one that sacrificed their relationship for her protection. Imagine just waking up and realizing that the person you love the most doesn't love you back or doesn't remember you at all. Remember who that person was? Yeah, it was me. So I wouldn't be bragging right now." With that, Christofer walked away. A few seconds later there was a door slam. I sighed. "Really, Alex? You really had to do that?"
  5. He was leaning against the wall, biting his lip. "Sorry. I know my lip biting is so seductive you can barely handle it, so I'll stop." I laughed sarcastically. "Very funny. But I'm serious." He came over and sat down next to me. "I'll just be honest with you then, princess: I don't want to share you." I smirked. "Scared that Christofer's going to come and swoop me into his arms out of your reach?" Alex shrugged. "I'd never let that happen in the first place." "Hm, over-protective much?" Alex kissed my cheek. "More like selfish," he said into my ear, his breath hot on my neck. I felt myself turn red. "You shouldn't have to be worried." Alex grinned and got up. "Who said I ever was?" He started walking towards the hall but then stopped when I said, "I'll be in the room in 5 minutes." I saw him catch his breath, then he continued walking.
  6. After sitting there for what felt like eternity, I got up and approached Gritzo's room. I heard him talking to the baby on the other side and raped on the door twice. I heard a grunt and shuffling of feet before the door opened before me. "Can I help you?" He asked me, the baby in his green arms. "Um, I just need some words of wisdom." Gritzo laughed heartily. "Just because I gave you advise about boys doesn't mean I'm your therapist now, human. However, since you've gotten me my child and kept your side of the bargain, I'll listen to what you have to say. Come in." Gritzo stepped aside while I entered his room and shut the door behind me. He sat down on the edge of the bed with his baby while I took a seat on a toadstool. "What do you need?" Gritzo asked,tucking the child into bed. "So basically, I'm an emotional wreckage, Gritzo."
  7. Gritzo motioned me to go on. "Well, my friends are dying, my parents are kidnapped, my ex boyfriend is unrecognizable, and I have to find a way to stop Oath. I've been crying to the point where I think I've created a fckng new ocean, and, oh yeah, there's this thing living inside my mind that wants me to commit suicide." Gritzo sighed heavily and wiped his hands on his knees. "Listen here, and listen good, human. I can't do anything about the deaths, but I can give you some creative encouragement that you can take any way you want. Oath plays by emotions. If you show any fear, he's damn right going to try and use that fear against you"”same with the others. It's a game to him. All of this is a game, and I would know because I used to work for him. A smart b-st-rd he is too. Don't expect to just walk into the Underbelly like it's a stroll in the park. There will be blood, sacrifice, and illusions that you are going to have to deal with. As for the voice, it does not control you. You do. It can't hurt you if you're not willing to comply with it. You're stronger than you think. I can see it in you, and I'm pretty sure everybody else can too, especially Oath."
  8. Then the baby started crying. Gritzo carried the baby to his chest as I got up. "One more piece of advice, girl: you can't have a game if there's only one player." I nodded and put my hand to the doorknob. "Thank you so much," I said, louder than the crying of the baby. Gritzo laughed again. "Don't start saying thank you just yet." I twisted the knob, got out, and walked down the hallway until the crying at first became muffled, and then silent. ~ Auntie Lisa fluttered her eyes open. She yawned and sat up. She looked around the room, puzzled. She looked down. Why am I in a gurney? She thought to herself. Something on her bed was bothering her so she put her hands up there and felt something soft wrapped around her forehead. What the fu"”Suddenly the door opened and she screamed. Sadie almost fell to the floor from shock. Lisa hopped off the gurney and crawled into a corner, grabbing a shot from the counter. "Who are you?" She asked, pointing the shot at Sadie. Sadie put her hands up and took baby steps closer. "I'm Sadie," she said. "Oh my God," Auntie Lisa yelled. "I'v been kidnapped too! My niece is coming and she will snipe you! Do you hear that, Oath? SHE WILL SNIPE YOU."
  9. At the time, maybe Sadie would have laughed, but she figured it wouldn't be funny when that shot was in her stomach. "I'm one of Sam's friends," she said easily. Auntie Lisa lowered her shot a little bit. "Sam? Why should I believe you?" Sadie dug into her pocket and took out the note. She put her arm out, handing it to Auntie Lisa. She got off the floor, still holding the shot, and took it out of her hand. She unfolded the note and started reading. When she finished, she dropped the shot and stood up and smiled. "Sorry for the scene back there." Sadie laughed in relief. "No problem. I'd probably react the same." Auntie Lisa looked around and then fixed her gaze on Sadie. "So what do we do now?" The girl tucked her hair behind her ears and took out a roll of stamps from a shelf nearest her. "We're going to ship you to the Underbelly."
  10. When I got back to the room, Alex was on the bed reading. I closed the door with a sigh and sat on the edge of the bed. On the counter was a glass of water and half a sandwich. Alex noticed me staring and smiled. "I saved it for you. I noticed you haven't eaten anything the whole day." He handed me the plate, but I shooed it away. "I have to change into my pajamas first." Alex nodded awkwardly. " you want me to leave or...?" I laughed. "You can do whatever you want as long as you're not peeking." Alex grinned, closed his book, and got under the covers like a cat. "It is pitch black, and I cannot see anything. You should hurry up though because I can't breathe. And it would be such a shame for a handsome young man like me to fade away from such an unfortunate death." I grinned and got my pajamas from the closet. I quickly changed, giving the dirty clothes to the brownies, who scurried away immediately. "It's safe now," I said with a smile. Alex removed himself from the covers, his hair tousled up all over his face. "Aw, you look cute," I complimented, getting the sandwich. "I always look cute," he replied, scrunching his nose and smiling.
  11. I took a bite and chewed thoughtfully. I swallowed and said, "Its been such a long night." His face became more serious, his eyes like tidal waves. I'm worried about you. I almost had a panic attack when that goblin was about to spear you." I took a sip of water. "It's a good thing I froze them them. Because if I didn't"”" "I would have taken the spear for you if you hadn't," Alex interrupted. "I hope you know that. Christofer's not the only one that can make sacrifices." I put my sandwich back on the table. "I wouldn't want you to do that for me. And don't compare yourself to Christofer. It just makes things harder to go by since you're both amazing. Well, the old Christofer. I'm not sure about the new one." Alex raked his hand through his hair. "Although I think we both know that when it comes to looks, I win. And personality. And eyes. And body. Hmm, not much of a competition I have, huh?" I hit him lightly on the arm. "Shut up. Christofer and you are almost equal in all of those areas. I mean, you have to admit: Christofer's pretty cute." Alex chuckled. "Of course he is, princess."
  12. I took another big swipe of water and thought about the first time Christofer's lips laid upon mine on my porch. Him pulling me closer, his hands on my hips. "You miss him, don't you." Alex was rubbing his thumbs together. "Reading my mind again?" He sighed. "Believe me when I say I'm no stranger to your thoughts, princess. And I don't mind. I kind of miss him too." I looked up with a puzzled and surprised expression. Alex laughed. "Yeah, I'm surprised I said that too. But he makes you happy. I see it whenever you're with him"”in your smile, your laugh, your eyes. The problem is, I don't see that anymore nowadays." I shifted in bed in criss crossed apple sauce. "You make me happy too." Alex smiled innocently. "Oh, I know I do. It's just not the same kind of happy that Christofer makes you feel." I put the unfinished sandwich on the nightstand alongside the glass of water. "Is there a difference between the two?" Alex took my fingers and started playing with them. I've noticed he likes doing that. "Somewhat. There's different people, different moments, different conversations. It's like Christofer and I are on balance beams and you're the weight that determines if we're equal or not. And I'm not saying you're heavy, because I know that's what you were thinking."
  13. I laughed a little. "Then I guess I know what you're going through." I crawled up next to him, my legs stuffed under the covers. "How so?" He asked, turning sideways to look at me. "It's the same with Misty. You look so genuinely happy with her, and I wonder if you feel that way with me. Or even close to it, at least." Alex winced ever so slightly. "No one can replace Misty. But you, princess, you come pretty damn close." I put my leg over his and felt him tense up and then relax. I couldn't help but smile. "How close is pretty damn close?" Alex looked at me with those icy blue eyes that I loved ever so much, smirked, and then kissed me. Just like that. No hints, no leaning in slowly, nothing. And oh my God, it was amazing. He framed my face with his soft hands and alternated between kissing and gently biting on my bottom lip. I leaned in closer until I was straddling his lap and then he pulled away. "Does that answer your question?" He asked with another seductive smirk. "I guess," I said with a sarcastic shrug. I looked down at our position and blushed. "Does this make you feel awkward?" Alex laughed and pulled me one more time for a kiss. "I thought we passed awkward a long time ago."
  14. I was about to say something when suddenly I took a blow to the head by a pillow. I almost fell off the bed, but I clung to Alex's shoulders for support, even though they were shaky with laughter. I hopped off his lap, grabbed a pillow, and attacked him with it. Soon enough, we were running around like crazy squirrels, avoiding and bombarding each other with mountains of pillows from wherever we could find. It all ended when Alex lifted me up in his arms and threw both of us on the bed. We lay there laughing, trying not to be so loud that we woke the others. He turned off the lamp so that we were in darkness. I lay on his chest, my head elevating higher and then lower, contrasting to his breathing. He was playing with my fingers again. "Thanks," I said. "I really needed that. Alex smiled and kissed my forehead. "No problem. I needed that too. But you should go to bed. We have a long day in the morning, remember?" I sighed. "Yeah, okay. Goodnight." I paused for a second. "And, Alex?" "Hm?" "I love you." His breathing stopped just for a moment, and then he kissed each one of my fingers. "Goodnight, princess. I love you too."

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