Beautiful Endings Part 10

Announcements: So I'm trying to get 1D tickets, as you all know I love them so, and it's not working out -.- Anyways, look out for the next part because it's going to be...AMAZING.

I'm not done with writing the whole story yet, but I think it's almost coming to an end, unfortunately. But don't worry! I still have a whole prologue to write, remember? :)

Created by: Dannica

  1. "Why would I give my Pixie Dust to a human and a nymph?" Chant's mom asked with a disgusted tone. Emphasis on the disgusted part when she said the word "nymph". Sadie sighed. "You know about Oath, right?" Mrs. Roberts pursed her lips. "Yes, but what do you know about him?" "I know that he has an army waiting to release. I know that he's as powerful as ever, and I also know that if you don't give some of your Pixie Dust to this woman then all of the Core could be under Oath's law. Even your precious Seelie Queen." Mrs. Roberts eyed Sadie like a hawk. Finally, she spoke. "How much do you need?"
  2. Mrs. Bonet was in the hospital. Cold, shaken, and almost dead. Mr. Wagger had found her in her classroom by the closet on the floor, paralyzed in shock. She could not move. Later in the hospital, the doctors had tried asking her what happened, but all she could recall was a boy that looked pleasantly like Nicholas Martinez, and a girl that was so faint and ghost-like it looked as if she wasn't even real. At one point, a nurse was taking Mrs. Bonet's blood pressure, and all that Mrs. Bonet kept mumbling to herself was, "They're coming to get you. She wants you back and she's going to have you no matter what."
  3. I landed on Gritzo's mushroom chair. Way better than a bush. Gritzo was feeding his baby some blue liquid and got up when I—the last one—finally landed. "I see you've acquired yourself a few things," he sought out. "Are you guys read to go to the Underbelly?" Nobody answered. "Well, I told my brownies to make you guys some fresh clothing with utility belts to put your potions and flashlights and such in them. They're in your rooms, on the beds." "Thanks," Alex said. "For everything." Gritzo snorted. "Go thank me again when you've come out of the Underbelly alive, will ya? Now go. ______, you stay behind." The group went as Gritzo told them to, me standing firmly in place. "You forgot something," Gritzo said. "What?" The goblin dug into his pocket and tossed me a perfume bottle with a red liquid in it. "I keep my promises. That Sarah girl came in earlier and told me to tell you that mixing potions can lead to miracles. Just keep that in mind." "Will do," I said, clenching the Nostalgia in my shaky hand. I turned to walk away, but then stopped. "Gritzo? You're going to be an amazing gather to that kid." I heard the goblin let out a breath of disbelief. "You know, human, you're not as bad as I thought you were."
  4. Oath sat at the dining table, his hands folded together. His new head guard, Sawyer, was by his side since he had to execute Thomas. "What do we do, sir? Do you want to let out the Breeds?" Oath tapped his long finger on the table. "No, no. The Breeds are for later on. Release the boy though, when it's time for the Relocation." Sawyer saluted a nonchalant Oath, and left the room to give out the orders. "Sir," a voice on the private intercom said. "Yes?" "She and the boy are here." Oath smiled. "Get rid of the boy and bring the girl in. It's about time I meet her."
  5. When I got to the room, Alex was playing around with his sword, swinging and slashing at a non existent opponent while I stood by the door frame and laughed silently. When he saw me, he stopped immediately and put his sword back in its sheath. "You weren't supposed to see that." I laughed again and closed the door. "I got my Nostalgia." I got the bottle and put it away in my now ratty backpack. I wondered how it survived all this long. "I see." He got the shirt the brownies made him and changed where his back was facing me. Although, I wouldn't mind either way because, you know. He turned around, already wearing the clean jeans. "Your turn." I put on a teasing smile. "I'm not changing in front of you if that's what you're proposing." Alex grinned. "I wasn't, but it's worth a try, right?" I smirked, grabbing my clothes and went out to change in the bathroom. On the way there I ran into Christofer. We held our gaze for a few seconds and then I dropped it. "Hey," he said. "Can we talk?"
  6. I looked down at my clothes. "You think I can change first?" He nodded. "I'll just wait then." I fast walked past him and then into the bathroom. I dropped my clothes on top of the toilet seat and washed my face with water. I still had mixed feelings about Christofer on whether or not that was really him or not. But if it wasn't really him then how did he answer those questions? Things were just getting so unpredictable. I got myself together and changed, putting the dirty clothes in the hamper for the brownies to get. I put my hand on the doorknob and let out a big breath. I can do this. I mean, it's Christofer. I twisted the knob and pulled the door open. Christofer was sitting against the opposite wall and put on a small smile. I approached him with my head high and said, "Alright. Let's talk."
  7. After the meeting, Bella was roaming around the streets of the Square, playing with the animals, until she saw a familiar girl with a guy by an alley. The girl was obviously trying to get her attention, and when Bella figured that out, she went over to see what the duo wanted. "Bella," Sarah greeted with a smile. "Hey," Isabella replied. "What are you doing here?" Sarah's smile faded away from her face. "We need help." "You're not even going to introduce me?" The boy whined. Sarah rolled her eyes. "This is Cole." Cole grinned, revealing fangs, and shook Bella's hand. "Pleasure." Bella couldn't help but smile. "What do you guys need help with?" Sarah looked around. "We shouldn't talk about it here. Let's go." The two started walking, so Izzy hurried up to their pace. "Where are we going?" Cole smiled. "The Vampire District."
  8. "I'm sorry," Christofer said after minutes of silence in his room. "Sorry for what?" I asked. "For whatever I did that did this to us." I sat on the edge of the bed. "I guess I'm sorry too. It's not all your fault. So what happened to us, exactly?" Christofer remained standing. "We...drifted apart, I guess. I don't really know. We just stopped talking like we used to." I sighed and nodded in agreement. "So what do we do now?" Christofer shrugged one shoulder. "I guess we should make sure we live through the day before we decide that."
  9. "We have a problem," Sadie announced. "What is it?" Chant asked. "I tried calling Mrs. Bonet so that she could open the Gateway for us, but her boyfriend or something called and said she was in the hospital dealing with emotional trauma." "You can't open the Gateway by yourself?" Auntie Lisa asked. "Mrs. Bonet is the Keeper, meaning she was granted the only power to open it. If one of us tried to do so, then like humans, we'd crumble into ashes," Mrs. Roberts explained with a worried expression. "I suppose I could let you guys use my Gateway..." Chant rose his eyebrows. "You're a Keeper? How come you never told me?" Mrs. Roberts stood up and started walking upstairs. "I wasn't allowed to tell you, sweety. Now come, follow me so we can get this nymph out of my house."
  10. The Vampire District was nothing like Bella expected it to be. She thought it would be dark, spooky, and well, terrifying. And surprisingly enough, it was actually rather quaint. Cole led the trio out of the Square to a big iron wrought gate with the initials V.D written on it with bold red letters. Suddenly Cole bit his arm until specks of blood came drizzling out. He dropped the blood into the ground and stepped on it, mumbling a few words Bella didn't recognize. Sarah looked at him with a weird expression. "It's the only way to get in," Cole explained with a smirk. The gate opened with a creaky motion. "Ladies first." Bella hesitated at first, but the Sarah gave her an encouraging nudge on the arm that helped her carry on. She heard the gate shut behind her, and then Cole caught up with them. "How do you stay under the sun?" Bella asked. "I'm a Daylighter. And I've gotten used to it since I've been living in the Banished Provinces for the past year." The trio stepped up the carpeted red stairs to a gigantic monumental-like Roman building. Two guards flanked either side of the double door entrance, motionless and defiant. "Nice to see you're back, Cole," the one on the left said with an icy smile. "Oh, I know you are," he replied with a narcissistic smile. "We have a meeting with Lady Kora." The guards nodded at each other and then each opened one door, revealing a massive little indoor city.
  11. The ground was made of marvel, the ceiling so high it looked like the Heavens (which is ironic because vampires can't say "God"), and people bustled around here and there like the Grand Central Station. Cole, Bella, and Sarah stepped inside, the guards closing the door behind them. the girls followed Cole around like puppy dogs, admiring the place and not even caring to see the way he was taking them. Stairs zig-zagged from floor to floor, there was a vendor selling animal blood, and the walls were decorated with portraits of the early days like when Dracula lived. In fact, some of the people actually dressed like it was still in that time period. Others were so pale looking it seemed as if they bathed in powder. It was peculiarly incredible. Then Bella bumped into Cole's back. He turned around and said, "I know I'm irresistibly good looking that you want to be near me all the time, but I so happen to have a thing for somebody else." Did I just get rejected? Bella asked herself. "You do?" Sarah questioned with a raised brow. "Yeah. It's you, remember?" Sarah rolled her eyes. "I thought you were done." Cole winked at Bella. "Not quite yet." They stood before a great brown door almost half as high as the ceiling itself. "This is Lady Kora's headquarters. Be nice or else she might banish me again, and I know how much you two, especially Sarah, would hate that since I've made such an emotional impact in your lives from the short time of me being here."
  12. Bella laughed while Sarah, whom tried not to, concealed a small blush. The doors opened by itself as if on cue, and the group walked in calmly. The doors slowly closed while they walked down the yellow carpet as if they were celebrities. Along the carpet sidelines were important looking people in business suits. At the end of the wide carpet was a throne. And sitting in the throne was a beautiful, dark haired, pale woman wit ha sceptor in her hand, and a crown upon her head. When they finally got to the steps of the throne, Cole got down on one knee, the rest following suit, and bowed their heads. "Rise," the powerful voice said, echoing throughout the room. "Let's get to the point," she pushed impatiently. "You've heard rumors of Oath making an army to go against the humans and those who resisted to follow him. Is that correct?" Wow, Cole can talk business, Bella thought with a small nod of her head. Lady Kora narrowed her eyes. "Yes, I have. Some of my people joined over to him, and they will no longer be welcome in my lands. And as for humans, I say there are enough of them to fend for themselves, don't you think?" Sarah spoke this time. "Although that's true, my Lady, it's not just the humans that Oath is after. He's going to try and overthrow the Districts—overthrow you." Murmurs from the others filled the air.
  13. "And how would you know this?" Somebody asked from the crowd. "I'm a seer," Sarah verified proudly. "I've seen it, and if we don't help then we all could be in trouble." Another round of mumbles and gibberish. Lady Kora crossed her legs, her black gown falling effortlessly in rhythm like a waterfall. "And what is your solution for the problem?" The corners of Cole's lips perked up. "We're going to make our own army before he can start doing damage on the Core. But in order of us to do that, we need your soldiers." Lady Kora straightened up in her throne. "My soldiers? Our numbers have decreased ever since the majority of them joined Oath. It's no use." Sarah smiled. "That's only half of the solution. The other half is that we need you to talk to the other Districts so they can help too." Lady Kora nodded to Bella. "And why is she here?" "She's a leader. She can supply an army of animals. Isn't that right, Bella?" Izzy stood there petrified. I was? She thought. She didn't know what she was doing, but found herself nodding incoherently. Lady Kora pursed her lips. "Why should I correspond to you? And why are you coming to me first?" Cole grinned. "Because we'er best friends. Remember those times where you would yell at me whenever I told the little children about the sparkly vampires? We're like family." The Lady smiled. "Ah, Cole. How I've missed your incompetent stupidity. I'll try my best to fulfill your requests. However, don't get your hopes too high." Cole and Sarah smiled, kneeling before leaving. Bella followed shortly after. "And Cole?" Lady Kora questioned, her eyes turning into slits of turquoise. "Don't make me regret unbanishing you."

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