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  • Just starting reading late ahhh! d: so excited to read the other parts ^^ haha when you kept mentioning Comet, I kept thinking "'I' am going to be known as the crazy cat lady at this school" yuss, British speaking animals are cute XD hmm I think it's called Confinement 1. Because of the asylum in the beginning and 2. Because the main character's true thoughts are confined within her or maybe 3. Because those ghost people are confined and stuck in some halfway world and we have to help them or 4. The school is actually special and will confine us o.o hah, with you, Dannica, we never know and that's why it's so awesome

  • Yikes... this school should be intresting. :S This was really good, I can't wait to see where you take the story. :) Will the plot be as crazy as Beautiful Secrets/Lies/Ending s? I don't know... that might be pretty hard to top. But then again, you're Dannica. I'm not doubting you! Can't wait for part 2. Oh, and I think you named this series 'Confinement' because the main character starts off in the insane assylm. I can't think of any other reason. :P

  • Yay this is out. This should be intresting!!! I cant wait for part 2!! I am brain dead right now and I hate having a short comment. This was wonderful, your wonderful!! Its not amazing its wonderful. Since its a new serises I need to say something diffrernt. Sorry for my spelling, I know how to spell, its just I have a huge ear ach, my head hurts and I am sick

  • This story sounds really interesting,You made it really detailed. I think you would be a great author in the future, I'll support you, if you ever become an author, that is... ^_^ AWESOME STORY!

  • Because secrets will be confined and _______ will be too. This school seems like a prison, should be interesting.

    Also, make some of the people who you promised to put in your next series students! c:

  • This series sounds interesting:) And so sad that Beautiful secrets had to end:'( But anywho can't wait for part 2!

  • I'm really intrigued by this, and I can't wait for part 3! And I agree with @Firey_Soul with the reason as to why you named it Confinement xx

  • hi dannica its me again. ive been trying to get hold of cnfinement part 16 but i think the site has a problom. too bad. but until now i rocked!!!! wow. can the main charecter pleaaase just fall in love with one person so that things wouldent be so complicated?? thank u bye!

  • Awesome ur a great writer keep writing u beat stephany Meyer at writing any day rock!

  • I.LOVE.THIS!I can't wait for part 2. I love the title. it is very different. What kind of cat do I have? And why Pennyslvania? lol Try out my quiz "Case 1: The Boy on the Ledge". It can be found on my page: "Jinx_TheSleuth".

  • Whoa when did I miss this??!! Eh- busy summer. I'll comment on the next part

  • This is really good! I can't wait to read next part! :D I love it!!!!

  • Hey,it's me.I just like tosay it,not many people know me though.this is a greta story Dan.I'm starting to like it more and more.

  • Yikes..I liked it, a lot. Make the next one x


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