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  • hm....i've been blind for not seeing great new series, i love this, i want to put all my comment from part 1 here: Flame is worse than Alex, and way more charm than Christofer, if he isn't careful he might find himself a bigger fangirl than Christofer, That guy creeps me out, reminds me of Ghost Whisperer your series really does remind me, yay for boarding school series lolx, Olivia creeped me out but unfortunately i didn't take it in even though it was like 12am i was talking a guy friend of mine who respects me cause i have this personality and character *cough* anyway Flame is such a flirt, i wish i had seen this earlier, did u notice that series have weird trends even though people dont think about it they just write, like right now it's boarding schools, and places that involves medicalness like menta hospitals places of confinement, it's like trending cool cause i am writing about a girl in a coma. Part7 please hurry with that one

  • Olivia scared the crap out of me. Mostly because I was watching the Grudge and scaring myself in the basement -.- If that ever happened, I would've grabbed the heaviest object, throw it at her and run out screaming, not caring if she grabbed my legs or something. Even if she did, I'd kick her face O.O Can't wait for Rave xD

  • I think im going to throw up my cereal... *swallows* nope im good... QOD: What do you think is the ability of the main character and what is the meaning of all the people? - I-HAVE-NO-IDEA. Oh god that boy has a lot of explaining to do. And you better make the main character go on more perfectly thinking she needs to think straight and then talk to him because its the first night and she neeeeedddssss to kick the lobey girls @ss. And Olivia!!! I bet either she died or trapped or in a coma, or something! Or maybe the main character's mentalness is very strong and has that gift or something but others might have that too if they were very very OUT of their mind- phyco. AND HE BETTER KNOW THE ANSWER TO "I'm Coming" because that freaked the who knows what out of me. ugh, olivia, that little shiz scared me so much also. Hey i'm also doing a knew series soon. But it only have a little bit of horror. Instead of you who scared me to death all the way to the DANNICAHANGER! *knees start shaking* Oh look, if you scared and surprised me one more time, i might as well pee my pants. AND YOU BETTER NOT EMBARRASSe THE MAIN CHARACTER! Oh my poor Comet. You don't know how many swear words im thinking right now in italien, spanish, and even german. *shakes head* i seriously need to tinkle now.

  • OH MY FUDGE LATTE you had to stop there :O I can't believe it, WHAT is going on with all this? The girl, Olivia? Creeeeped me out *shudders* you've got those elements of horror, mystery, thriller, soon-to-come-romanc e, and It's all so good!

    P.S. I love the title you and Comet chose, can't wait!

    P.P.S. *crosses fingers* hope I'm first comment

  • My power has been out for days and you have NO idea how much it killed me to not know when each of these came out. Like I was about to kill someone if I didn't get internet back soon. Well thank GOD that I'm here now! As always your writing is amazing! You're honestly my favorite writer on here! Keep on doin' what you do!

  • This was wonderful, you wouderful!! Okay that's creepy but I want to find out about the guy. 'Im coming' ??? I have no clue. Sorry I am really nervous right now, so I can't really type

  • (wraps arms around legs and rocks back and forth) WAHHH i'm scared of the mystery guy and olivia... what happened to her? gulp, the black gooey stuff coming from her mouth scared me so much, and the guy looked at me scary...


    I could just picture Olivia like that.........and for the QOD...I have no idea when it comes to you. Maybe the main character has like the sixth sense of something like that idk. But I'm pretty sure that we'll find out who the mystery guy is on part 7, so i'm so EXCITED! hurrryy upp!

  • You don't even need romance in this part because that was so creepy! And who's that mystery guy?! And those girls from the lobby are going to get their karma! >:(

  • Olivia creeped me OUT, geez! I could just imagine that scene in my head...o.o

    QOD: I think that...snickers! I can't remember the name! Uhg, it's the abilty to see ghosts, and talk to them...what was the name?! >.> Now I'm ticked.

  • @_ViolaLover_ Ikr Olivia creeped me out too!! I was shivering myself! But i can't wait to see Flame!!! He sounds gorgeous.

  • @ivoryleaf if you done that you would be back in the crazy mental place. @xxblutixx yes i am speaking in swaer food language also.hehe.

  • Whos mystery guy? He's cute! Does he have emo hair? Emo hair is SUCH a turn on!... Well for me mostly

  • No clue...

  • -_- I login and it did that....
    Awesome! ^_^


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