Beautiful Secrets Part 16

*PLEASE READ* So I just want to start off by saying thank you so much for all of the birthday comments. It seriously really means a lot to me that you guys remembered and came back just to greet me a happy birthday. Question of the day is in the results! &@Viola_Lover your part is still in the making. :')

Alex Hart has jet black hair, icy blue eyes, a sexy collar bone, and lean muscles. Nick Martinez is more of the athletic type with his nice tan, brown hair like Zac Efron's, gray eyes like a light rainfall, pearly white teeth, and a pretty amazing body. Sam Mitchell is the adorable, quirky, shy one of the bunch with his strawberry blonde hair, green eyes like a freshly mowed lawn, and that one dimple that always gets to you. Zac Anderson is Mr. Seductive. He has dark brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice lean body, and smile that makes your legs go wobbly. Christofer Henderson and his mysterious ways eggs you on to learn more about him with his coal black hair, strange hazel eyes, distinct jaw line, and fit body.

Created by: Dannica
  1. Of all the girls, of course Zac's guess is Denise Jaminson. She had social studies with me and she's one of the most prettiest girls at the school. I never really payed much attention to her so I never would have guessed Alex would ask her out. She had silky brown hair that fell past her shoulders like a waterfall, bright hazel eyes, and the most perfect physique. Oh, and she's also one of the popular kids. One time, I recall in social studies once, I sneezed in class, right? And then nobody said a word. And then like, 10 minutes later, Denise sneezes and everybody's like, "Oh Lord Jesus Christ, God bless you child. Let the Lord protect you from that deadly sneeze." I swear.
  2. "Oh...I've never seen Alex and her together before," I mumbled. "I think they have P.E, language arts, and Spanish together. But I don't know, it's just a guess. I just see them talking a lot." Relax, I told myself. It's just a guess. An assumption. Besides, I don't need Alex. I have Nick and Sam and possibly even Christofer. Who needs Alex when he's off with Denise Jaminson? Yeah, not me. Someone behind me tapped my shoulder and I turned around to find Christofer standing there. Ugh. "Zac, can I talk to _______ alone for a few minutes?" Zac shrugged and then left. Christofer took Zac's spot across from me and fixed his gaze upon me. "What can I be of your assistance?" I asked him coolly. He shrugged. "Just wondering what you were doing behind a bush possibly spying on me. You know, the usual." I crossed my arms and bitterly said, "Nothing. Just chilling, wrapped around your finger and such."
  3. Christofer's expression darkened. "What exactly did you hear?" "Everything," I responded with a smug look. "So was it all a prank or not? Were you in on it? Tell me the truth. What do you want from me?" Christofer sighed. "I don't want anything from you. I just met you a couple days ago. You want the truth? Alex and Michael got in a fight the day before the carnival and when Michael found out he was living with you for the time being he thought it'd be fun to mess around with someone he cares about to get even with Alex. It's an immature situation and you should forget about it." "Who's Oath?" I realized that this was the second time I've heard his name, including my dream. "I don't know an Oath. Who's that?" Christofer's expression was confused. I'm pretty sure how they used Oath in a sentence it was a name, but Christofer looked believable enough to let me drop the subject. Zac cut in with a smile and said, "It's been approximately 5 minutes. I'd like my friend back now." Friend. There's that word again. Christofer faked a smile to Zac and said, "Of course." He turned to me. "We'll talk later."
  4. "What was that about?" Zac asked. "Nothing. Just asking about our French Project," I replied. "Ugh, I hate French. Mrs. Bonet hates me." I suppressed a laugh. "Why?" "Because I tried looking in her top secret cabinet of hers and she gave me detention." I almost laughed again , but I didn't. "It's alright. She doesn't like me either." "There's rumors that there are dead bodies in that cabinet," Zac said in a low whisper. "What...? That's stupid. Why would there be dead bodies in there?" I asked, unimpressed. "You don't know what happened here?" Zac asked. "No, what happened?" Zac sighed and then said, "3 years ago there were three seniors here who associated with gangs and owed them money that they didn't have so the gang found a way in the school and started shooting. 5 people were killed, but only 3 bodies were found." "Are you serious?" I asked, flabbergasted. I thought this school was squeaky clean. "Yup. Some say someone took the other 2 bodies. But I just think that's weird." It's official. I needed to find out what was in that cabinet. When the bell rang, I said bye to Zac and went to social studies. Social studies with Denise Jaminson, Tara, and Natalie. The barbie dolls of the generation.
  5. I sat down next to Tara a d got out my notebook to take notes. "Psst." I thought I heard something but I decided to ignore it. "Psst!" Eh, it's probably for Tara since no one talks to me in this class except the teacher. "PSST!" I turned around and saw an annoyed Natalie glaring at me. "Huh?" I asked, slightly amused. "Stay away from Zac. I don't need another girl standing in the way," she said with a smug look. "He has a girlfriend, you know. I thought April drew enough blood from your system the first time." Okay, maybe I shouldn't have said that. "Shut up," she said through clenched teeth while Tara tried not to laugh by covering her mouth. I turned back around and continued taking notes. When class ended, I took my things and made my way through the crowds of people to go to P.E.
  6. I went inside the P.E lockers, changed, and met Mr. Mellark down by the field. "Alright, kids. It's a quite chilly day, but you wont freeze so we're going to run one lap around the track and then we're going to play our last game of soccer. Go!" Oh, the agony. I started jogging, keeping the pace of the majority of the class and careful to not think about how tired my legs were becoming. When Mr. Mellark wasn't looking I started to walk. I felt like I was about to collapse on the ground and die. He turned back around and I forced myself to start running again. Out of breath, I finished my lap and fell breathlessly to the ground, panting. "Are you okay?" asked Zac with a smile, taking a seat next to me. "Yeah," I said, taking deep breaths. "I'm...fine...just...tired." I was like that kid from Malcolm in the Middle. Zax chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair. "Ready for your last day of soccer?" I nodded nonchalantly. I really didn't care. I just wanted Jesus to grant me the serenity to survive this incredulous exhaustion that has formed in my legs. Good Lord.
  7. Everyone finished and we gathered up our teams. We were playing the Green team now, the team April would have been on if she was here today. There was this other kid, Jordan, on our team that had a stomach ache, so he had to be goalie instead of me since he couldn't sit out because he didn't have a note. I was positioned in center field and Mr. Mellark blew his whistle indicating to start the game. I ran around in circles a little bit, tried blocking some people but gave up because it felt awkward, and then it just came to standing there doing nothing. "In another life, I would make you stay..." I sang to myself with a small smile. You should hear me in the shower though. If Simon Cowell heard me then he'd never have to have anybody audition ever again. Singing is my destiny. Yeah, that was sarcasm, guys. "_______, heads up!" I just heard Zac call my name and then I turned around and saw the ball flying right at me. I stopped it with my foot and then just started kicking it trying to find someone else to kick it to. I wanted so badly to pick it up and just chuck it over the fence but I knew I couldn't do that. Up ahead I saw this massive guy named Dylan whom looked like he was on steroids coming right at me. He was a foot taller than me, and"”to make it easier, I'll use an analogy. Dinosaur is to penguin as Dylan is to me.
  8. I picked up my momentum and decided to go for it. All I needed to do was get past him and then score the goal. I started screaming for my life in fear of getting crushed to death and somehow I managed to get the ball through to my other team mate, Anthony. I fell, but it's the ball that matters. Anthony made the goal, thanks to me of course, and that's what gave us the lead to eventually becoming victorious. "So I hear you're playing in the FIFA World Cup next year?" Zac asked as we were waiting outside in the quad for the bell to ring for next period since we got dressed early. "Yeah. Hope Solo and I are tight. Like Justin Bieber's pants," I replied with a smile. "Ouch, that's pretty tight." "Yeah. But don't worry, I'll be sure to get you some tickets along with some VIP access." Zac laughed. "I'll be looking forward to that. And seeing you at Nick's party tomorrow?" I nodded with a smile. "Definitely. I'm so not going to miss my first party in California." The bell chimed and before he left, Zac dimpled, "Great. I'll look forward to seeing you then."
  9. I felt myself blushing as I headed to art. "Hey, Princess," Alex greeted when I took my seat next to him. "Hey, Buttercup," I replied with a smile. I was in such a good mood. It was finally Friday, and I finally get to sleep in, relax, and just chill without having to worry about late assignments. "You seem happy," he pointed out. "Because I am. How about you, are you happy?" Alex chuckled under his breath. "I look like a God, I have super ninja powers, and girls adore me. Of course I'm happy." "Don't let your arrogance override your happiness, or good looks," I advised. Alex laughed. "Believe me, I'm not even trying to act this way." I rolled my eyes at him. Mr. Abernathy stood in front of the class with a wide grin on his face similar to the Joker's. "It's finally Friday! That last day of school and then for 3 weeks you'll be hibernating for break! So today you guys will just be free to talk, but don't get out of your seats!" We have a break? I looked at Alex and he shrugged. 3 weeks of sleeping in doesn't seem oh so bad. "You can tell me anything, you know." Alex has this weird tendency of bringing things up like this that isn't really relevant to the situation at hand. "Okay. Thanks for notifying me," I replied. "Spill it," he said. "What?" I asked. "About what you know about Christofer."
  10. "What? I don't know anything." "I know you're lying," Alex said with a smirk. "How?" He shrugged and said matter of factly, "No one hides in a bush, watches someone who appeared in their dream talk to the guy who harassed you via pranking and then not learn anything about it." "There's a first for everything," I said, still trying. There was a crack of a smile on Alex's face but it slowly wiped away. He gave me a look. Not one hard, but not one too soft either. More like convincing and firm. "Tell me." So I told him everything. Even about today and what Christofer told me about Oath. It felt good. I felt like I finally found someone to talk to about problems and he'd understand because it's like he's been through them himself. "Oath. Why does that sound so familiar?" Alex asked more to himself than me. I decided not to diminish his train of thought by talking to him so I started eyeing the big calender. A big, red X was marked on the Friday and it consisted of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj pictures. I turned to Alex. "Figure it out?" Alex shook his head and grinned. "It's on the tip of my tongue. Wanna help?"

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