What should you do to look prettier?

Take this quiz to see what you can do to make yourself look more beautiful!! Please don't be offended because we are all beautiful in our way!! And you're beautiful no matter what- unless if you're a b----!

Take this quiz so you can see what you CAN or COULD or MIGHT do to make yourself look a little bit better. I am NOT saying you're ugly in any way. Because you are truly beautiful- unless you're a BIOTCH!

Created by: Sabrina & Makayla
  1. How long is your hair?
  2. How often do you use makeup?
  3. If you answered yes of some kind on the previous question, what makeup do you wear?
  4. How would you/your friends describe your attitude and behavior towards others?
  5. When you go shopping, do you go to your usual stores or do you try others as well?
  6. When doing things, does your hair sometimes get in the way?
  7. Do you have a 'clique'?
  8. On a date, which of these matter most to you?
  9. What does beauty mean to you?
  10. What's your favorite thing about Lady Gaga?
  11. Will you be offended if you don't get the answer you want?

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Quiz topic: What should I do to look prettier?