Coercion Part 1

Coercion: the act of compelling by force or authority. - Welcome to the sequel of Confinement, Coercion! If you haven't read Confinement then you will be very confused, lol. If you wish to, just click on my name in blue!

If you still don't know, I am on Wattpad! I will follow you back and you can talk to me! I also have a little teaser of my new series! @d4nnimals. And for those of you that I promised I will put into Coercion, don't worry! I have things planned for y'all :-)

Created by: Dannica

  1. It was difficult trying to explain everything that's happened. I kept debating whether or not I should tell the short version or the long version, the reason behind it trying to configure if it was safer for them to know less or safer for them to know more. Web was right: Noose and the two women of the Miscreancy had already acknowledged their appearances. If Flame and Web went back to James Dawn then the Miscreancy would no question use them as bait. At least if they stuck with Rave and me, the chances of survival were much higher. So I decided on the latter. Beginning with the very night that changed my entire life. As I talked, neither of the boys spoke up to say anything, and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad. Either way, they'd already made their choices, as blunt as it sounds. When I told the story of what'd happened Downtown, I believe something clicked in Web, because once I mentioned the weather manipulation and how it operated from what Rave had explained in the past, he seemed to relax. I left out some minor details of course, thinking they weren't as important as the others, like the time Rave first showed me my Marks and the running around in the cornfield for what like an eternity. The subject of Viper was delved into vaguely, with me telling Flame and Web that she was a former member of the Miscreancy as well as a Savior dropout whom had decided to play on Hef's field against Sebastian. I didn't feel the need to tell them that she had resuscitated from Hell; who knew how much the boys could handle? Finally I told them about the Prophecy, and how the words had been etched with my blood on my own skin. I told them Rave and mine's theory behind the meaning of it; I told them how the two women of the Miscreancy had transformed from Naomi and Lauren. I told them how the bus crash was used as a setup. And I was done. Surprisingly, Flame and Web seemed to take it fairly well. Perhaps they were still trying to digest everything, but neither of them asked any questions at all. In fact, the only comment made was moments after I'd finished from Web saying, "We're so being expelled." After that the drive became nothing but a soundless void for a long time.
  2. We were in the city of Equinox now, roughly five miles in. The roads were bare at this time of night; I was uncertain on whether this was an advantage or a disadvantage. We rolled into the first gas station we saw"”one with a twenty-four hour store"”to get directions to the cheapest motel in the area. We needed fuel as well, and I'd also urged Web to get some alcohol and a towel so that I could properly tend to Rave's wounds. I would have gone myself, and Flame had volunteered, but we were both too noticeably encrusted in Rave's blood. Somewhere throughout the trip, Flame had rummaged through the car's compartments, looking for anything useful. Absorbing knowledge from the registration forms, the car belonged to a man named Will Barnes. And he was loaded. Flame had found a legal gun with a valid form tucked underneath in the center console, along with $142 in a secret, tiny compartment behind the rear-view mirror. He'd kept the items where they were, each of us agreeing"”which was the first time either of us spoke since my explanation"”not to use them unless we had a reason to. Flame had carefully checked the gun to see if it was full; he'd given the bullets to me, for some reason. They hid in the pocket of Flame's seat in front of me. I brought my eyes down to the limp body I held in my arms, watching Rave's bare chest scarcely move in raggedy breaths. I picked up the remains of my torn up sweater and lay it across his body, thinking he might be cold. Just like in the dance studio. Another squeeze to his hand from mine. "Green bean?" I was a bit in shock that Flame still decided to call me by my pet name, even after all the things I said to him; after all the things I was about to put him through. "Yeah?" I watched as he fiddled with his tie, allowing his neck to breathe, keeping his focus ahead of him. "How are you feeling?" I choked out a laugh. "Are you seriously asking me that? Flame, I tell you this crazy story about how this murderous cult are after me and how my vision is tainted with death and you're asking me how I'm feeling?" Flame finally peered around, a hint of old amusement in his eyes. "I'm guessing okay, then?" "I'm sorry about what I said to you earlier today." His face turned back to blankness, tension sinking back into his shoulders. "I only said that because, as cheesy as it sounds, I wanted to protect you." I broke eye contact, and in a low voice added, "Obviously it didn't work out." Flame reached over and touched my knee. "I understand why you did it. And it's fine." He offered a lopsided grin. "It's cute that you wanted to protect me." Confusion creased my forehead. "So this doesn't bother you at all? That you've been forced to drop out of school and are now on the run? From a group of people who call themselves the Miscreancy?" Flame mirrored my concern. "It doesn't necessarily bother me. I don't know, maybe my mind hasn't fully absorbed it all, but as nonchalant as it sounds, I don't mind. I really don't. In fact, I'm pretty open to the whole concept. And it makes me feel pretty more damn special about myself that I'm in on it." I shook my head unbelievably. "You just earned yourself some brownie points." He grinned just as Web unlocked the car doors, a plastic bag in his hands. "Then I hope I'm on top of your leader board." I couldn't believe he could make me blush even in dire situations like this. Web flung the door open, a smirk on his face, and tossed the plastic bag to Flame. He held up a torn off piece of paper for all of us to see. "I totally scored with the girl at the register." Web climbed in and shut the door. As the engine barked back to life, I smiled to myself. I put my trust in the right people.
  3. Rave awoke before I had the chance to even open the bottle of rubbing alcohol. Flame was in the middle of naming the items Web had bought from the gas station, when Rave began stirring, mumbling gibberish under his breath. His eyes had fluttered open, and a huge weight was lifted from my chest. "What happened?" he asked in a low voice, his eyes vigilant. "You tell me," I replied, trying to keep my emotions in check. Rave attempted to sit up, then immediately winced in pain before I could tell him not to move. He clutched at my mutilated sweater, eyeing it as if he's never seen one before. He looked up at me from my lap, clearly disoriented. "Why am I shirtless?" I refrained from touching him; now that he'd revived from his coma, the Savior-Purpose restriction flashed in my mind like the strobe lights at the dance. "You're hurt," I responded, "if you haven't realized. I was just about to clean your gash. Oh yeah, and Flame and Web are here. They most likely saved our asses." Seeing Rave about to protest, I cut him off. "Let me sanitize your battle scars before you jump to conclusions, okay? You've lost a lot of blood from this really bad cut. Whatever weapon was used to make it, it inflicted a lot of damage. Now cooperate with me and turn over on your stomach." Rave lay still, groaning to himself in deprecation for a full two minutes before I started prodding him with my hands. "Do you want to take the chance of it getting infected?" I asked in my best impersonation of my motherly tone. "Or do you want to get this over with so I can explain to you what'd happened during the duration of your unconsciousness?" It was implausible how he could still be so stubborn. Finally thwarted, Rave succumbed to my wishes and slowly rolled onto his side. With my assistance, he was soon on his stomach, his cheek resting on my thigh. "Do you want me to pull over for a while?" Web asked, already signaling to his right. "No, that's fine," I replied distractedly, my mind engrossed with the river of red running through Rave's back. "It'll be quick. Hopefully." I reached above my head and clicked on the light; it looked worse than I thought. Biting the inside of my cheek, I grabbed for the towel and uncapped the bottle of alcohol. "This will hurt," I admonished, pouring the cleanser onto a section of the cloth. "Probably really bad." "That's reassuring," Web muttered. Disregarding the comment, I brought the towel inches away from the wound. "Are you ready?" I asked, actually feeling very nervous about doing this. Rave lifted his head, perching his chin on my leg. "Do it." Alright, I told myself, here goes nothing. I brought the towel down on his skin without tentativeness. The second it made contact Rave hissed violently, obviously trying hard not to cry out. Sorry. Starting from under his left backbone, I began scrubbing at the flecks of dry blood and dead skin that lined the cut, trying to get it as clean as possible. The blood flowed thinly down Rave's spine, trickling onto my jeans and dripping on the carpet"”but nonetheless coming out. I wove down the gash, repeating the same process until I got to his mid-back"”the only sounds the squishing of the wet towel and Rave's low curses. Finally, I was done. Throwing the towel in the trunk with Rave's shirt, I capped the alcohol bottle and placed it in the cup holder. "You are free to move," I announced, proud of myself. "Your wound is purified; blessed by these alcohol-stained hands. You're welcome." I helped Rave get into sitting position next to me and handed him a bottle of water. "Thanks," he uttered. It took one gulp for half of it to disappear. Rave clutched the water bottle in his lap, a calloused expression written on his face. "Did you tell them?" Implying them meant Web and Flame and tell them meant about everything, I nodded. "I had no choice, really. They deserved it." Rave leaned his head against the window, unsatisfied. "Go on." It was clear that Flame and Web weren't going to jump in and help me explain by the way the two sat there obliviously, so once again I had to rack out my brain for a decent interpretation of what'd happened to really convince Rave of what made me confess. Because really, he looked so pissed off.
  4. "Alright," I started off, picking at the dried blood in my fingernails. "Well, I slipped through the loop you made me and suddenly Flame was there because, I don't know, he saw us running out and decided to follow, and then I started panicking because you said you were going to be right behind me but you weren't and then I saw Sebastian's light eating away at your darkness and sooner or later you were there on the ground looking like someone that just crawled out of the wilderness from cannibals and then Web showed up and I couldn't tell if you were bleeding or not and the darkness was becoming smaller so of course I had no choice but to ask for their help or else we would have died, so Web hot-wired a car and Flame carried you into it and we were about to flee but then this guy Noose came and threw himself onto the car, cracking the windshield, so Web started driving and ran over his legs and of course I had to tell them why the hell we were running in the first place and now we're here in Equinox trying to look for a motel." I dared took a glance at Rave. His expression was dangerously blank. "So you told them everything," he repeated slowly. " and about you and about the Prophecy?" "Yes. And they totally believe me." "And you believe them?" "Yes." "You trust them?" "Completely." Rave ran a tired hand down his face. "Fine."
  5. We arrived at the motel shortly after my little spiel. From the marquee out in front we'd learned it was forty dollars a room per night, meaning we'd need eighty. Apparently I was the only one without any cash on me, so Rave, Web, and Flame each contributed to the pay with the last of their money in their wallets. Web was once again the one to go down because 1. he wasn't caked in blood and 2. he was the only one, except for Rave, with an ID and was legal to actually rent out a room. Folding the wad of bills into his palm, Web opened up the car door, letting a cool wind inside. We watched in silence as he swaggered into the motel lobby. "We need to get some new clothes," Flame said, turning his head away from Web at the front desk to Rave and me. Sighing, I replied, "We need new everything. Especially money." "We can handle the money situation tomorrow," Rave interjected, back to his stale Savior faí§ade. "But Flame's right: we need clothes first. When Web gets back we can drive over to a nearby drugstore and get the necessities we need." "There's one problem with that," I pointed out, my eyes suddenly feeling heavy. "How exactly are we going to go out? If either of us go down it'll attract attention. Especially you, Rave. Because you have no shirt." He shrugged like it wasn't a big deal. "It's late. Most people would be sleeping by now." "I suppose I can just take off my suit jacket. There's only a little blood on my shirt. Your's too, green bean. Your jeans are black so nobody will notice the blood there either." As if I needed people thinking I was on my period. I nodded. "Okay, then problem solved for us. But not for you, Rave. I refuse to let you go with us. Just because your wound is cleaned doesn't mean it's healed. You could barely even sit up by yourself. And you have no shirt." Web arrived at the same time Rave reproached, "No, that is not happening. I refuse letting you out there without me. Especially after that attack." Flame gestured for Web to come back into the car. The vehicle shook from his added weight. "We're only going to be at a drugstore," I countered. "I saw one a couple stoplights back. I want you to stay here in the room and take a shower and then go to sleep. Besides, I'll have Flame and Web with me." Rave sighed wearily. "And that's supposed to act as a reassurance?" From the corner of my eye I could see Flame and Web sharing a look. Web in particular looked like he was about to say something, but I put my hand up before he could even try. "Listen, Rave. You can't expect to protect me or watch over me every second. I know you made a vow to yourself after the whole Prophecy thing in the chamber room, but I don't want you sacrificing your own humanity for me, no matter how much you say that that's what you "˜swore in' to accomplish. I am not a responsibility; I am a person. And I am capable of handling things myself." Rave, still seeming a bit dislodged with the whole thing, crossed his arms. "I know you're not a responsibility," he said in a low voice, uncomfortable with the small audience listening in. "And I know it's just around the corner or whatever, but I just need to know that you'll be safe." I put my hand on his bare shoulder, registering his hard muscles. "And you will know. I have my Marks and you have your ring. Besides, I know you're exhausted. All that power you used to sustain all that darkness must have drained you." Rave didn't deny it, so I reckoned I was right. My hand slid down his arm, pulling itself back to my side. "Please get some rest." A moment of silence passed, and finally Rave nodded. We dropped him off in front of the room with the bag of snacks Web had gotten from the gas station and, of course, the room key. Rave insisted on not needing any assistance getting out of the car and entering the room, and it pained me having to simply spectate him wince every time he took a step. Eventually, he reached the door, and before going in, he gave that two-fingered salute of his; the one he used when I first saw him disappear in the Lobby. The gesture made me smile. Thank you. Rave didn't need to reply. Soon we were out on the streets again.
  6. The road was practically deserted by now. The stoplights danced for ghosts; the bright signs scintillated like Sirens. I watched out the window, jaded, beholding the trees swaying drunkenly to the slow verses of the wind while thinking, This is really happening. I am really being hunted. I seriously need to learn how to kick some ass soon. I observed Flame and Web, their features hooded by shadows. No matter how hard I tried I still couldn't shake off how easily they accepted all of this. I know I should be relieved and appreciative...but it was just weird. Web turned the radio onto a soft hum. Recognizing the song, he began tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. "Are you going to call that girl from the gas station?" Flame asked after the second chorus. Web shrugged lazily. "Maybe tomorrow. Poor thing is probably up all night expecting my call." "She has to be," Flame remarked, his teeth glowing. "She's on graveyard shift." Web turned a left while shaking his head. "Always trying to bring me down. Jealousy is such a nasty sin." From here I could see the luminous sign of Sal's Savings, open twenty-four hours. I could only hope the rest of the night went smoothly. Shortly, we arrived. Web parked the car directly in front of the store's entrance, considering we were the only car here, and went inside, Will Barne's money in Flame's pocket. Sorry, Will. Walking was weird. The patches of my jeans that the blood had seeped through had become stale, and scratched uncomfortably at my thighs whenever I even lifted my foot. I could feel the man at the register eyeing us warily. I couldn't blame him; we all probably looked like zombies: red eyes, pale skin, and blood on our clothes. Wedged between Web and Flame, we made our way to the farthest aisle on the other side of the store, so we were able scour the place to see if any mysterious beings were possibly lurking around. The paranoia was slowly becoming a common enemy. Web leaned on a shelf of cheap wines. "Here's the plan: I'll get the clothes while you guys get the other stuff." His eyes shifted uncomfortably to me. "Er, I mean I'll get the clothes for the guys. I don't think you'd want me...I don't know what girls would..." I stopped him with an awkward smile and nod. "Thanks, Web. That is very considerate. I guess. And alright, you get the clothes and Flame and I will get medical supplies and water bottles. To save money we can just ask the motel for toothbrushes and toothpaste." "We'll meet at the register," Flame added. "It's better to pay altogether. We should be here no more than thirty minutes." Web grabbed for a bottle of wine. "No," Flame and I scolded simultaneously. He put it back in mock chagrin. "Have fun shopping."
  7. Flame and I twined around the aisles until we reached a shelf near a small pharmacy. Flame crouched down to take a look at a minuscule first-aid kit, and soon I was by his side, observing the price while he muttered out the contents. I couldn't help but note how his eyes squinted at the tiny letters printed on the back of the red kit, and how focused he looked, as if he were taking a math test. I had to fight my arm's urge to reach out and touch him. "Don't you need your glasses?" I asked him, mostly to distract myself. He tucked the first-aid kit under his arm and got up, careful to not let our knees graze. I followed, reflexively pulling down my shirt. Flame took a few strides before bending down to investigate the different brands of gauzes. Picking up a box he said, "I'm wearing my contacts. It doesn't really help me with fine print, but I can see, so I guess that's all that matters." He claimed the box and turned to me. "Should we get two first-aid kits instead of one?" He nodded to himself without giving me the chance to answer. I followed as he grabbed another one from the shelf. "What about bandages, do you think we should get bandages? Or more alcohol? The portions of this first-aid kit doesn't seem that promising. Perhaps we should get another"”" "Flame?" He stopped himself, his hand suspended in the air. "Yes?" This time I allowed myself to touch his wrist. Seeing him in this light, with no shadows available for him to hide in, his fear was palpable. "It's starting to sink in, isn't it?" Flame discharged the medical supplies on the shelf nearest him, breaking away from my grasp, and drowsily brought both hands down his face, nodding. I crossed my arms meekly. "This is exactly what I was afraid him. I knew you took it too well in the car." I shook my head at the ground, feeling indignant towards myself. "I am so sorry. I never wanted to bring you into this at all. And now you guys have no choice but to go along." Flame sighed. "It's not that I can't handle it. It's just...thinking about all that's happened. It was so abrupt. Like it all happened in a flash. It's just my mind deceiving me, really. We all need some sleep." Sensing that I wasn't buying it, Flame stepped nearer. I couldn't bring myself to look him in his eyes. His hands found my shoulders and his forehead rested against mine. "I'm fine. I don't regret going with you. Insanity just held me for a moment." He brought his hands down to mine and squeezed. The gesture pulsed a certain warmth into me, but I was so accustomed to Rave's hand in mine that it felt strange. I didn't mean not to squeeze back. "Alright," I mumbled under my breath, forcing a smile. "I will no longer express my qualms about you being here." I broke contact to reach for the supplies. The warmth had disappeared. "And no, we do not need a third first-aid kit." I thought about Rave's body on the concrete, swimming in his own pool of blood. "Let's not anticipate that much injury."
  8. I strayed away from Flame to get my personal items, saying that I'd meet him in the front with Web. I tried shoving away the moment that'd just happened in the aisle. Where his usual cognizant demeanor had cracked. I didn't like seeing Flame flustered like that for some reason. To me he always seemed to be an escape to normalcy. With him I didn't have to explain myself all the time; I didn't have to bear the weight of being a Seventh Sighter. I felt that way still even after he knew. I felt it in the aisle. Seeing him like that made my heart ache. Because no matter how many times he had and would try to assure me, no matter how many times he would try to make me forget, I knew that I was the reason his life was now in danger. His and Web's. If anything were ever to happen to them... I willed myself to stop thinking about it. It wasn't like we were going to be doing this for the rest of our lives: on the run, hiding, avoiding danger as if we were exiles. No. We had futures ahead of us. We"”I"”just had to take down Sebastian. For whatever reason. Content with my thoughts, I wandered through the store, headed towards an area labeled "˜Women's'. My eyes passed over the aisle dedicated to the menstrual cycle. Thank God mine had already passed; I couldn't imagine how gawky it would be at the register. Reaching the small clothing area I fingered through the racks, flicking away tacky t-shirts and rhinestone-studded jeans with distaste. It was supposed to be getting warmer this time of season, yet Pennsylvania always surprised me. I settled on two basic black shirts, non-sparkly jeans, a gray sweater, and a pair of red shorts that were on sale. I slung them over my arm half-heartedly and continued browsing. Knowing that we would most likely run into laundromats during our trip"”wherever the hell we were going next"”I settled on one pair of pajama shorts and a loose purple muscle-tee. I also grabbed socks, a pack of underwear, and a bra that I actually thought was very cute. As I approached the front of the store, I saw that Flame and Web were already there, waiting patiently while the man at the register blew a gum bubble. I placed my items on the counter and stepped aside for Web and Flame. Web joined my side as soon as he set his bundle of clothing down, letting Flame be since he had the cash. I could tell that the man at the register"”Darwin, from his name tag"”was annoyed by the amount of stuff we were buying by the way he scanned the barcodes with limp wrists and sluggishly threw the items into plastic bags. Halfway through our heap, Darwin began regarding us suspiciously again, his eyes combing over the splotches of dried blood. Flame must have noticed, because he faked a laugh and said, "We were invited to a paintball war. The b*st*rds on the other team decided to soak the extra clothes we'd brought in their team color and raise them up as victory flags." Darwin nodded, and slowly broke out into a grin. "I remember being young and going out to go..." It amazed me how people trusted in Flame's words so easily. I myself almost allowed myself to get angry at the nonexistent team that had taken our clothes. Flame handed Darwin eighty-seven dollars, and soon the cash register rang and out came a long receipt. Tearing it off, Darwin shoved it into one of the six plastic bags that Flame, Web, and I divided in carrying. We left after Darwin bid us a farewell.
  9. I opened up my door and tossed the bags hastily inside, the sudden wind biting at my skin. Web handed me over his two bags, and I set them on the car floor. But then something made contact with the first-aid kit and made a clanking noise. Puzzled, I ran my hand over the floor and found something hard and cold. I whipped it out of the darkness. "My phone!" I squealed involuntarily, getting inside the vehicle and shutting the door. It must have fallen out of my pocket in the rush to get away from James Dawn. I clicked the home button. My excitement deflated a little when I saw how little battery it had left; however, it was a relief that I had no missed calls or texts from Mom. Hopefully she won't call again. Because I wouldn't know what to say. I powered off my phone, preserving the last of it's energy. "That was such a lame story back there," Web remarked, taking a right out of the parking lot. "We could have at least been on the winning team. Or I could have. I would have loved to be the b*st*rd that soaked your guys' clothes." I smirked. "Being a b*st*rd alone isn't enough?" Web snuck a glance at me through the rear-view mirror. "How very cute of you, spring onion. But if I may recall, I am the one who has been busting his ass like a chauffeur all night. Although I'm not complaining. Knowing that I'm not going to be under on-campus detention anymore is such a relief." "As if you followed it in the first place," Flame snorted. I laughed, resisting the pull of somnolence tugging at my skin. My grin faded too soon. "They're going to think you guys are missing." I completely pulverized the good atmosphere, yet I knew the thought was well buried in all of our minds. "Reyna had seen Rave and me flee the dance, and the nurse must have thought I let out Naomi and Lauren, so they must think I ran away. My mental condition is an easy blame for that. As for you two, a lot of people know that we're friends. Do you think they would suspect you guys helped me? Because it's either that or I forced you against your will to come along. My mental condition is also an easy blame for that." "They have no right to blame your "˜mental condition' on anything," Flame uttered bitterly. "But I do think they know we're together. There's no question they're going to send police out to search. It won't take long for them to realize that we've driven out of the city." We were back at the motel; Web placed the car snuggly into a spot. Taking out the keys from the ignition he said, "Hopefully we'll be far away before they begin searching here." I opened the door with the plastic bags dangling from my wrists and my phone tucked in my back pocket. I jumped down to the concrete. Flame shut the door as Web came over, regrouping to retrieve our rightful bags. Darwin had been considerate enough to separate all of my stuff from the boys'. Web picked out the stuff he got for Rave and put it an individual bag, then handed it to me. It was obvious who was rooming with who; there needed to be no discussion. The three of us made our way to the front of the rooms, prepared to exchange our goodnights. Web handed over my key-card, beckoning with his hand to the room directly in front of me. "Goodnight," he said, a tiresome smile replacing his usual smirk. "Goodnight, green bean," Flame followed. He looked like he wanted to do more, but decided against it. I clung onto my key-card, my nails failing to dug into the plastic. "Guys?" They looked at me expectantly. "Thank you so much." I said it so softly I wasn't sure if I had to repeat or not. I didn't. Arms smothered me in embrace and lips touched my forehead. Then we retired to our rooms.
  10. Rave was sprawled on the bed fast asleep when I got in. The light was still on, implying that he was trying to stay up waiting for us to return but gave in unintentionally. He lay on his stomach, his gash glistening in the sickly yellow light. He was still in his pants. A part of me wanted to wake him, so that he could be put to a proper sleep, but seeing him there, so at peace, made me think twice. It actually made me smile, thinking about him staying up like that, his eyelids getting heavier and heavier until he could no longer support them. It was so selfishly sweet to me. I tossed the plastic bags and my phone onto a nearby table and began rummaging for my pajamas. I didn't care that they haven't been washed yet; as long as they were cleaner than what I had on now, I was rather content. The eagerness to rest slowly began gnawing off of me. I hurried into the bathroom to change, practically ripping my clothes off. My leg had been itching for the past fifteen minutes and now I was free to scratch it. Shoving my dirty clothes aside, I savored the feeling of the clean, soft cotton on my skin as if it were silk. Readjusting my ponytail, I walked out of the bathroom feeling liberated. Stopping at the outside sink, I noticed steam at the corners of the mirror, dissipating into the air. I smirked to myself. Rave had actually listened to me and did what I asked. I looked down, and there, lined on a towel were two toothbrushes. A sticky-note decorated in the motel's logo stuck to the chipped wooden counter. I picked it up, registering that this was what Rave's penmanship looked like. If you're reading this then I probably fell asleep. The purple one is yours. Hope you didn't get lost at the drugstore. "” Mr. Kingsley I grinned at the note like an idiot for possibly three minutes until I put it down and began brushing my teeth. Showering could wait until morning. After a quick wash to my face I made my way over to my bed, turned off the light, and placed Rave's note on the nightstand that separated us. The comforter felt rough on my skin but I invited it in anyways. The motel was a far cry from luxury, a far cry from my room at James Dawn, but we had to work with whatever we could get. I lay my head down on the musty pillow and positioned myself on my side, grabbing for the spare pillow beside me and hugging it to my chest. Uncomfortable, I turned the pillow over. My hands ran over a piece of paper. Lazily sitting up, I tousled the pillow up in the dark until my fingers brushed against the paper once more. I plucked it with my fingers and squinted my eyes at the small and scratchy writing. P.S. You're more than a responsibility to me. I hope you know that. I clutched the note as I settled into a deep slumber.

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