Confinement Part 14

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Created by: Dannica
  1. Lost. That's what Tallon was. He was lost. But not lost in a place. No, he was lost in his mind. Not exactly losing his mind (not yet at least), but lost in it. It was like his mind was a labyrinth and he ventured into an unknown entrance and seemed to have lost his way. And it was weird to him, because it was his mind and he should know how to get out of it. But every time he seemed to make a turn, fog would cloud his eyes and he was back at his starting point. He was just navigating mindlessly through a maze. A maze with endless turns and infinite possibilities of which way to go. All in his mind. And it sucked that people didn't know how he was feeling inside. He wish people knew how it felt"”to be in his shoes for a day and to see things from his perspective. He was feeling influenced and used and misguided and"”well, lost. Just lost.
  2. Sebastian was seated in one of the many chairs in the Circle of the Miscreancy. They were in the middle of an execution, where they had captured a Seventh Sight's Savior. Sebastian was one of the top leaders of the Miscreancy. He wasn't exactly "The Leader", but he was planning on it. Soon. He was seated on the right hand of Haste, the head of the Miscreancy himself. In the middle of the circle, below them like it should, was the Savior of which he forgot the name of. Like it mattered. He was going to be killed anyways. One of the members was down there with the abomination, ready to do whatever punishment that Haste assigned him. "One last chance," he said, his bony fingers folded together on the long table that circled the group. "Where is your Purpose?" The Savior kept his expression calm. "As a Savior, I'm not going to tell you." Sebastian watched as Haste grinned his sharp, shark-like teeth. "Very well. Noose, I order Code: 113."
  3. Below the circle Noose nodded and walked over to the Savior. Haste watched with slit eyes as Noose circled the Savior, and then in one smooth and quick motion, snapped his neck. But not all the way where he died. No, that wouldn't be much entertainment. They left him there, crying out in pain, trying to hold his neck up with his hands. Ha, no use for any of that. And then the circle lifted up the hoods of their cloaks, as a sign that the trial was over. Sebastian followed Haste out along with Viper, one of the very rare women in the Miscreancy. One that Sebastian would also need to get rid of, unless she was willing to work with him. He had been on the right hand of Haste ever since he was appointed to head. He knew all his secrets, since he confided in him most of times, and he knew all his strengths and all his weaknesses and all his motives. He believed that the point of the Miscreancy was to rid ones with the Seventh Sight because they were the offspring of Death himself. Sebastian thought different. He thought the Seventh didn't deserve their power, and he thought Saviors used their power for all the wrong reasons. He thought they all needed to die. He didn't care how, he didn't care when, as long as they died.
  4. "Did our Kroutin get the girl?" Haste asked over his shoulder. Viper made a quick glance at Sebastian. "Her Savior got to her right when the Kroutin was going to take her." Haste sighed. "I suppose we just have to keep trying." Sebastian gave him a disgusted look. If he was in his position he would just go out and look for her himself. So that's when he decided he was going to do it tonight. "Her scent is no longer on the radar." Haste retired to his headquarters, resting his hand on the doorknob. "Then I guess we'll have to wait for it to come back, now do we?" With that he stepped inside and shut the door. Viper snapped her fingers, and her cloak was gone, replaced by her regular clothing. "He should know that she's probably near the area, right?" Sebastian only smiled at her. If only she knew. This was the night he was going to murder the great Haste.
  5. I remembered that I threw up. Yeah, and then my wrist broke. God, that hurt. Why did...Jeff. Stupid Jeff. Stupid Kroutin. Stupid me for being so scared of the every so mighty Barbies. And then Rave saved me, right? Yeah, I think that's what happened. Wait, where was I? I stirred in what felt like a bed. And then I smelled this citrus scent. What was down by my foot? Something furry. I forced my eyes open and found myself staring at a white ceiling. I looked to my side and saw my alarm clock along with the familiar picture frames I set on my bedside table when I first moved in. "Comet?" I slurred out, making an effort to sit up in bed. When my vision focused I saw Rave sitting in his regular spot on the couch, his head hanging low. When he saw me looking at him and making these nonsense noises he got up and made his way towards the bed. "Rave, I feel horrible, what happened?" I asked as I held my head with both my hands as if felt like it was going to fall off any time soon. He sat on the edge next to me and lifted up a glass of water to my lips. I took it in graciously, hoping none of it spilled and I looked like an idiot who couldn't even drink water. "I had to Shimmer you out. First time's always the hardest. There was an aspirin tablet in that water, by the way."
  6. I nodded. "Thanks. And you healed my wrist. And I threw up. And you beat that Kroutin, how did you do that?" My words sounded like those of a drunk man, or like one with a badly swollen tongue. Either way, I knew it was bad. "Don't worry about that now, just get some rest." I didn't protest. I lay back in bed and pulled the covers up with me as Comet snuggled himself by my head. I felt woozy and suddenly very sleepy and I felt like I had no control of what I was doing. "Just stay here okay, Rave? Just don't leave because I want you here. Don't leave." I heard Rave say something, but I was already half asleep to figure out what it was. I had felt like I had no control of what I was doing. But I did, I guess. Because I really didn't want Rave to leave.
  7. Sebastian was in his room, wondering how he was going to pull this off. Simple, he thought with a ghoulish grin spreading over his milky white skin. He was going to torture him without oxygen first, and then plunge a knife through his cynical heart. If he had one at least. But first he was going to wait. Wait until night fell and everybody was at rest in the Temple. He was going to wait until Haste was drowsy and in that time zone of sleeping and consciousness. He was going to wait as long as he could, because there was no time for sleep. Not for him. No, his priorities were bigger than that. He needed power. Sebastian needed more power and self awareness, and that's what he was going to get. Just a few more hours. Just a little more, he thought, as he sharpened the blade of his knife with another. Just a few more hours.
  8. Rave was still there when I woke up. It made me want to jump up and down on my bed knowing that he actually stayed here with me. He was sitting on the couch in his usual spot of course, and came over when I sat up. "Are you okay now?" I nodded. "I'm fine. And thanks for coming. And staying." He bit his lip. "You shouldn't be going to that cafe anymore." I furrowed my brow. "Why not?" Rave ran a hand through his raven black hair. "Because the Miscreancy can track you there. They can't do it ere because there are too many humans. That's why I chose a boarding school for you." I was about to ask what he meant by tracking me, but then I got side-tracked. "You chose this school for me?" He nodded innocently. "Shimmered in your mom's office when she was away and placed the James Dawn brochure on the top of her stacks and wrote that it was highly recommended." I grinned. "A rebel, aren't you?" Rave remained serious. "In the Town Square it's easier to track you since the humans move around constantly. Here you all stay confined in almost the same building most of the day. The Miscreancy can track you by your smell when it comes upon their radar, but usually it takes them a while to actually pinpoint where you are exactly, and then they have to send their people." I straightened myself up against the headboard. "I can't just quit my job; that's how I get money." Rave waited a moment in thought. "Fine, but once you perform you go straight back here unless you need to stock up on food and clothes and other things that girls need." I shook my head in agreement. "What id something happens to me again?" Rave put on his crooked smile. "I saved you twice already; I'm pretty sure I'll be able to save you another."
  9. I almost returned the smile, but as I looked closer at his face I saw a huge gash on his temple. He found me staring and looked away. "Rave, aren't you going to heal that?" "Saviors can only heal their Purpose, not themselves." I pushed the covers off me. "Then let me fix it up for you." I was about to get up on my feet when Rave said, "It's fine. I'm fine, it's okay." I shrugged him off. "No, Rave, I'm going to clean that up, okay? It's the least I can do. Now, sit on my bed." Rave thankfully obliged. I went over to my bathroom and filled up a bowl with water and got a small towel and brought it back to him. I sat down next to him on the bed and soaked the towel in the bowl, putting it up to his temple. He winced a little bit, but soon relaxed. "Thanks," he muttered. "It's no problem." I put the towel back in the water. "But how did you beat that Kroutin?" "Weather manipulation, I guess you could call it. When it's sunny I can use the light and blind or melt things; when it's night I can fall into the shadows; when it's rainy I can use water; that kind of stuff." I widened my eyes. "That's cool." His dimples showed, making my stomach flip over just by that. "I guess."
  10. It was quiet as I tended his gash until it was clean and the water in the bowl was a translucent reddish color. I dumped it in the sink and put the towel up to dry. He was still on the bed when I got back, twisting his ring on his finger. "I've been meaning to tell you something." I wiped my hands on the front of my jeans and nodded at him to go ahead. "You know that girl Olivia?" My eyes widened. Honestly, I forgot about her. In all this commotion I forgot about seeing her and her pretty much puking on my carpet with her head spinning like a top. "She...She did yesterday. In the hospital after doctors said she tried committing suicide."

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