Confinement Part 16

Announcements: Yay for Part 16 :') I'm really busy this week, honestly, but I got it done, right? So I hope you enjoy this part, and comment because I love them!

Yay for Part 16 :') I'm really busy this week, honestly, but I got it done, right? So I hope you enjoy this part, and comment because I love them and it's cute when ya'll fangirl :')

Created by: Dannica
  1. "I quit." Flame rolled onto his back on the bed with a massive groan. "You can't say you quit every time you get a phrase wrong." I slammed the workbook shut. "Well, Flame, if you haven't noticed, I really suck at this, okay? I can't roll my R's like you or anything like that." Flame held his head up to look at me, a grin on his face. "Rolling your R's is easy. It's all in the tongue. Would you like some assistance with that, because we can schedule a private lesson in the nearby future." I threw a pillow at him, and leaned against his headboard. It was weird sitting on Flame's bed. It was actually the comfortable type of weird. But it was still weird. When we first started he was laying on his bed while I was sitting on the carpet, but after a while my butt started getting sore and my legs were getting sleepy, so I just switched. So it was Flame and me on his bed. Alone in his room. Practicing French. One of the most romantic languages on the face of the planet. Yup.
  2. "It was just an offer," he added, the pillow hitting him in the chest. I set my workbook aside, and tried hiding my grin. Flame sat up and closed his workbook too. "So you give up?" I nodded. "Sure?" I nodded again. He sighed. "And we were just about to get into the naughtier side." I gave him a look, but also felt my face go red. He laughed. "I was just kidding. So what do you want to do then?" "I was thinking, actually, that since you were done trying to tutor me I could go back to my lovable cat who's waiting for me in my dorm." Flame tugged at the corner of the pillow case, an unknown expression resting upon his face. "What's the point of wasting all your energy though? I'm lovable too, and I'm already sitting right here." My heart did a belly fop right into my stomach (no pun intended). I felt myself having to catch my breath, from the way he was just looking at me, so curiously and amusing ad intuitive. "Besides, I think we both know that you want to stay a little while longer." Then he gave me one of his knowing smiles, and I felt myself wanting to just wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. And I almost did. Until I mentally slapped myself in the face.
  3. "Are you trying to seduce me?" I asked, trying to keep the conversation light and counteract his wit with my own. His smile turned into a grin. "You said it, not me." A pause. "But really, what do you want to do, because there's actually some brownie mix that I was planning on making." A laugh escaped my mouth. "That's really funny: the two most arrogant beings in the school staying in and enjoying brownies." He flung the pillow at me this time, his grin never changing. "Even the finest miss their mom's homemade baking sometimes. And just so you know, brownies from a box is the best we can do." I laughed, looking down at my knees which were outstretched in front of me. "I haven't had brownies in a long time, to be honest." Flame leaned in, his eyes flashing like emeralds. "Well then, green bean, it seems that you've just happened to stumble upon one of the luckiest nights of your life, because we're going to make brownies, and we're going to stuff our faces in them. Just like home."
  4. The bullet engraved itself into the wall. Viper felt the kick from the gun, and planted her feet firmly, her grip tightening. The bullet had gone right through Sebastian. His body had shimmered in the air, like water rippling when disturbed, and he was not harmed. And yet the dagger had clattered to the ground. It did not disappear like Sebastian. It did not fade away like a holographic image. Viper pocketed the dagger and cursed under her breath. Turning in all directions, gun still pointed, she narrowed her eyes. Then a noise. It sounded faint—distant—and yet still so close. Viper grinned. She whipped around, her mouth open to laugh at Sebastian as she blasted his internal organs out. But it was too late, so she realized. There was something inside her mouth, crawling around her tongue. Sebastian crouched down fast and suppressed a scythe from his pant leg. He slashed it across her face, in an x motion. Suddenly her vision was blurry and drowned in red. The thing in her mouth suddenly started crawling down her throat, making her choke and stagger back. She dropped the gun, her hands prioritizing her own life, making their way to her neck. And then suddenly she saw a thick chunk of meat cascade from herself. Her black leather suit was now of red, as the thing inside her was tearing away at the skin of her esophagus.
  5. She felt her mouth giveaway blood, spilling out of her like a waterfall, gasping for oxygen. She moved drunkenly out the room, feeling herself falling drowsily to the floor, trying to scream. She heard doors being thrown open from either side of her, the others being awoken. She thought that they might have helped her. She thought they might have done something. She thought wrong. She tried barking out a cruel laugh as she went onto her knees. This was the Miscreancy, she thought. Of all the people why would they assist her? All they did was kill. She grinned as she put her hand on her doorknob, the red words flashing in front of her, the thing inside her starting to gnaw at her bones like a vicious dog. And then Sebastian was next to her, his mouth by her ear. She could tell he was smiling as her whole body started twitching in a frantic motion. He was reading the words to her. She knew that much. Her body was like a chocolate fountain; only it was with blood. She was bathed in it, she knew. She knew the others around her were fully cloaked, like in a trial. She knew she was going to die. She knew she was about to die. And Sebastian kept repeating the words to her. Over and over and over again. "The weak receive no mercy." And then her head began to cloud. It began to cloud and she felt like she was floating in outer space; like the stars were within her reach and she could walk through the Milky Way. And then she was tumbling through the sky. She was falling faster and faster, a dark hand entrapping and squeezing her whole body so tight she couldn't move; like she caught a glimpse of Heaven to see where could have gone, and then Death snatched it away from her and started putting her in her rightful place. And then all feelings were gone. Viper was gone. Viper was no longer.
  6. "These are so good," I swooned with my mouth full, the tray of brownies resting on my legs as I sat on the carpet against the bed. I heard Flame laugh above me, his head hanging upside down over the bed next to mine, his hand reaching over himself to get another piece. "And you wanted to leave so soon." He put the brownie in his mouth and started chewing. I gulped down the chocolate wad and chuckled. "I would have stayed if you mentioned the brownies." He thrust a hand through his hair. "You would have stayed anyways." My fingers curled around the edge of the half-empty tray, and I noticed my forefinger was now a faint plum color. "I could sue you for this," I said, still staring at my slightly swollen pointer. I held it up to his face, since I thought he would have difficulty seeing it since he was upside down. With a grin he said, "I could kiss it if you'd like." "I don't see how that would help." "You have yet to see the magic of these lips, green bean."
  7. I rolled my eyes, ripping off another chunk of the brownie and popping it in my mouth. You see, what had happened was that I burnt my finger accidentally touching the baking pan that had just come out of the over. I was sitting down on a stool, my hands on the counter, when the oven had rung. Before that I had just asked Flame if he liked rooming with Web. He had replied simply with, "It's fun to be with someone else who reminds you that you're not the greatest thing in the world. But I just don't like engaging myself with him outside the dorm." I had meant to ask why he said that, but then the oven noisily interrupted, and Flame was dragged away from the conversation to put his oven-mitts, which just so happened to have cats on them. I laughed at how ridiculous he looked, and he pulled the brownies out of the oven—their aroma wafting in the strawberry scented air, making my taste buds dance in my mouth. He set the tray down on the counter for it to cool, and turned away to close the oven, asking me to put the oven-mitts back in the drawer. I obliged and hopped off the stool, making my way to the spot where he laid down the mitts, and tripped over my own feet. Not wanting to fall on my face, I had reached for the edge of the counter to support myself, but my finger just so happened to swipe the burning tray.
  8. The moment replayed in my head again, making me almost want to laugh. "Wait, so I never got your answer." "About?" "Why you didn't like associating with Web in public." Flame took a moment, letting his head dangle lifelessly in the air. I wondered what would happen if you stood in that position for a few hours; would you head be so rushed with blood something could happen to your brain? I didn't have a chance to try and answer my own questions because Flame said, "Let's just say he likes adventure." "And you don't?" "Not the type that he's into. He's dauntless. Yeah, that's the word. And he doesn't think, really. He just does things for the fun of it. I don't know, I'm just not about that life." I set the brownies aside. "And what life are you about then?" Flame turned his head to look at me, our eyes meeting. We were centimeters apart. I literally felt like I was Mary-Jane and he was my Spider-man, about to kiss for the first time in the rain when Spidey was hanging upside down.
  9. "I'm about thoughtfulness, so I'd like to think. I want to try everything, but I want to do it willingly and with someone I care about. I want to travel the world, eat foreign food, have my face on a cereal box, fall in love. Everything." His voice was so quiet. It had a certain tinge to it; making the sound so mesmerizing and angelic. "And what life are you about?" he asked, his green eyes glazing over me, as if I were made of transparency—clear as water; my skin felt like bugs were crawling up and down, making me want to shudder. "I don't...I'm not about any life. At least, I don't think I am. All I know is what I like and what I don't." I almost choked on my own words. The corners of Flame's mouth tugged up a little bit. "Then what do you think of me?" I bit my bottom lip, trying to keep it cool when in reality I was freaking out inside my head. "I can't give you an accurate answer for that question." Flame pursed his lips in an unreadable expression, and then he said, "That's really hard to believe."
  10. I found myself leaning in. I didn't remember moving, I didn't remember saying anything back to him, I just remembered his lips closing in on mine. I could smell his delicious brownie breath, I could feel his eyes watching me as I moved more forward, I could feel our lips almost touching, our noses grazing each other oh so slightly. And in that moment I was actually Mary-Jane and he was Spider-man; I didn't feel it, I was it. We were almost kissing. Almost there. Almost. Just a little more and then— "I'm sorry," I breathed out, pulling away. "I just— I should go." I got up on my feet, my pulse racing up to the speed of sound. I grabbed my bag, my book, and my pencil, stuffing it all in messily while Flame remained in his position, his arm covering his eyes. I swung the strap over my head and rested it upon my shoulder, letting myself linger there for a while to maybe see if he was going to say anything. He put his arm down and slowly sat up, his hair tousled (almost temptingly) on one side. "You don't have to say sorry. There's nothing to say sorry about." I tightened my jaw while he continued on. "I know you don't want to be like the other girls, but honestly, you're not. Really, you are the only one I could think of that would have stopped that from happening; although I know that you did in fact, want to kiss me." I didn't reply with anything. Although I didn't think I needed to from the look he was giving me when I started scratching at my bag. "You don't have to go," he said quietly. "I don't really want you to, if it counts for anything." I ran a hand slowly down my face with a sigh. "I'll see you around." And then I turned around and left the room.

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