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  • Yet another great part to the mystery danni, you truly are an exceptional author. Just one quick q, i dontget it, lots of cards? What does that mean?

    And also i love how Web is all arrogant and a 'player' but we learn that he fakes being a plumber to get numbers - who knows what he'll fake next!

    The whole incident with ma boy Flame is seriously scratching my brain, I am sooo dying to find out what happened! I totally love how Web has a soft and sweet side to him, comforting Flame

    Omg the kiss scene in the car with Fireboy, got my heart racing at like 4000 miles an hour! 'it was in the moment' dayumm whaaayyy??!!

    I felt super guilty when Rave saw us though, like i kinda feel like a player and that i'm kinda hurting rave? The boy needs to make a move! Although k love his sweet, protective personality and bow he doesn't want his responsibilities to get in the way or anything. Everybody has their own lovable personalities and ways and that makes is so interesting and intriguing. I mean the goodbye to will's car was just so full of web-drama and the way he 'safely' flirts with me, knowing that we'e just friends and that it's nothing serious. Love you danni for writing this!

  • Dannica, I AM going to arrest you and then force you to write more stories because this was amerzerng.

    I hate you so much.
    I'm kidding ily you're too awesome.

    I think my new favorite character could be Web because he's just so cheeky and reminds me if myself, except I'm not

    Hrmm. .sure let's put it at that.

    The "V card" part was too good. I was at a checkout and the guy asked for my card (like a debit card) and I said hmm, I have lots of those but he was pretty chill and just laughed and we both laughed it was just a beautiful moment.

    Dannica you never cease to amaze me with your writing. Ever.

    Your Ratchet Canadian friend, eh.

    (PS why the hell am I signing it idk, idek. And Flame is obviously nervous because he lost his glasses in Chicago when he was working as a 'male dancer' PLOT TWIST OH SHIIIIII-)

  • Ok so danni, in an older part, the Prophecy mentioned, "Though whom seeks the plague of death" could that be ma boi Tallon? He's so quiet and concealed and 'sadistic' and maybe suicidal? I mean he seems to have powers cause disappearing from Web and the lobby and Flame and the trashcan and penelope and the 'gleaming eyes and sharp claws' -kroutins? OH MY GOD HE'S AFTER ME!!! Evil guy!!

    Also i think that maybe Flame was a nerd and he got treated bad in school and his glasses got broken and he's spent so many sad and lonely moments trying to build uo his courage and finding himself and he doesn't want to reming himself of those times aww my poor baby! Even though that might not be true, oh god danni please dont make him come out like "my real name's patrick, or steve or scott or anything. Please for the love of God be a hot name that's h-o-t name just like Web, Flame, Rave, Tallon are HOT names. Maybe he got his nickname because he burned someone cause they were pissing him off waaaaay too much and he had enough and he just couldn't take it? No my baby wouldn't hurt a fly... Maybe because he accidentally started a fire in a house and went in and saved everyone from that home and became a hero and was known as 'Flame' but then people in Chicago started calling him 'Flame' in a negative way as in he could have killed those people!!!! :O

    I AM DYING HERE! IMNEED THE NEXT PART! It's literally like oxygen to me danni don't do this, you said you are waaaaay ahead so Dammit POST!!!

  • The kissing scene with Flame...Omgersh my heart was racing so fast, it felt like it was going to jump out of meh body! *lolz i need a moment* But I feel sooo bad for Rave because he had to see a little bit of that. I hope that didnt hurt him:( The bantering with Web...Haha thats exactly how I would respond it's quite weird;) Anyways Dannica you always amaze me with the mystery or cliffhangers...LOVE THIS CHAPTER EVEN THOUGH I SAY THAT ABOUT ALL THE CHAPTER! Ps. Idk y i put that in caps...

  • That was great! I never knew that they could actually take a plane to the basin... Anyway, that part was fantastic as always :D

    P.S. I also have a wattpad account! :) If anyone wants to read my stories "Just Breathe" or "Somehow I'm Alive" I'm darkgoldenrose31 on (I have a version of "Somehow I'm Alive" up on this website, but the wattpad version is very different.) (Please read my stories! I seriously need more reads! :,(.)

  • @x_rosebud_x

    V-c ard as in virginity! lol, I figured it fit into Web's personality as a player :P

    And thank you, thank you! Your words are so kind!

    @mrtokolov er14

    haha, don't hate me! And obviously, that's the reason why Flame lost his glasses *sigh* it wasn't supposed to be that obvious!

    (By the way, Canada is gorgeous!)

  • you do realize my heart's racing at 3000 mph right now, right? ha, "in the moment," i mean, WHAT NO IT WASN'T!!!! hmm, flame, fire, flame, fire, um, i think something like that's gonna happen with flame... i almost died when i was reading the kiss scene...


  • @x_rosebud_x

    Oh, don't worry Flame's real name is really hot ok when do I ever not have hot names? lol and I'm sorry!! I just need to copy and paste it onto here :-)

  • NEXT PART GURL, *holds aka47 to forehead*


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