Beautiful Secrets Part 25

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Alex Hart has jet black hair, icy blue eyes, a sexy collar bone, and lean muscles. Nick Martinez is more of the athletic type with his nice tan, brown hair like Zac Efron's, gray eyes like a light rainfall, pearly white teeth, and a pretty amazing body. Sam Mitchell is the adorable, quirky, shy one of the bunch with his strawberry blonde hair, green eyes like a freshly mowed lawn, and that one dimple that always gets to you. Zac Anderson is Mr. Seductive. He has dark brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice lean body, and smile that makes your legs go wobbly. Christofer Henderson and his mysterious ways eggs you on to learn more about him with his coal black hair, strange hazel eyes, distinct jaw line, and fit body.

Created by: Dannica
  1. I woke up with wretched cramps. I looked around and saw the house spot clean. Sam was cooking some food while Gumbo was up and about, getting used to his bandaged paw. One thing came to my mind that morning, and that was Christofer. Wherever he was, I had to find him. So much stuff on the agenda today, I thought in my mind. Find Christofer, fill in Alex on everything, yell at Auntie Lisa, cancel date with Nick, meet April at Star Bucks. Alright. I can do this. Seconds later, Gumbo was by my side. He dug in the duffle bag and held in his mouth a vial with a purple liquid in it. I held out my palm while he dropped it in. "What's this?" I asked him, as if he could respond. He held a paw up to his mouth and tilted his head backwards. This dog should win a medal. "Drink it," Sam advised. I looked at the purple drink and made a face. "It's good, trust me. Faeries drink it all the time." I hesitated for one last moment and then took a swipe at the drink. It was one of the most amazing, delicious things I've ever consumed. It tasted like the best ice cream in the whole entire galaxy. It was thick, but it felt light when you swallowed it. An amazing chill went through me when I drank it; like a brain freeze, but less traumatic. I tried licking every ounce of that small vial, but it was gone. "Enjoy that, didn't you, dear?" I heard an unfamiliar accented voice say. I glanced at Sam, whom started laughing silently. "And thanks for leaving me there on the floor, love. Just because I'm unconscious doesn't mean I don't get aches and pains." I looked down at Gumbo. "Are you...talking?"
  2. "Yes, it turns out to be so. Sorry about my accent. Not many people are accustomed to sexy dogs with sexy voices." I looked at Sam again, who shrugged and went back to his egg scrambling. "How come you couldn't talk before?" I asked. "I could always talk, love. You just couldn't understand me. I gave you that potion and boom, we're not so foreign anymore, are we? Now do you want to hear what happened last night whilst you were upstairs not knowing a bloody Revolutionary War was happening below you, or do you want me to get your ear phones so you can tune me out again?" I was rather taken aback. I've met some talking animals before, sure. But Gumbo? He takes things to a whole other level.
  3. "So after you left to go ignore us for the time being, Christofer and I started thinking up a cautious plan consisting of what if's and maybe's. We were soon interrupted when some bloody air benders turned up and started ambushing us like Augustus Gloop would a whole chicken. I tried my hardest to fight alongside, but I was injured and thrown into this bloody wall of your bloody living room. With this bloody ugly shade of yellow, what were your parents thinking? Any who, Christofer was taken by the air benders to some place called the Underbelly, in which I know not of." This dog is so British. "So wherever the Underbelly is, Christofer is," I clarified. Gumbo scoffed. "Obviously. I thought I made that clear when I explained it." I ignored his comment and allowed my hopes to get high. The Underbelly couldn't be so hard to find.
  4. I sat at the table and ate breakfast with Sam while Gumbo ate out of a bowl on the floor. "Just because I'm a dog doesn't mean I can't eat with you civilized people," he muttered between bites. I smirked and picked at my eggs. Sam nudged me on the arm. "Don't worry. Remember what I said? It's all worth it in the end." "'Happiness is an adventure, not a destination'," I quoted with a smile. I filled Sam along with the rest of the story he was missing out on. He found it intriguing and it made me happy that someone actually listened to me for a change. "What should I say to Nick?" I asked worriedly. "You should tell him about Alex's accident," Sam suggested. I had already decided to go with that when Gumbo said, "Or you could tell him to take me instead. I've heard the zoos here have some lovely animals. I've always wanted to date a zebra." I looked down at Gumbo and laughed. "You know, I'll just stick with Sam's idea." I didn't feel very much like eating so I picked up the land line and dialed in Auntie Lisa.
  5. "We have a problem," I said into the receiver when she picked up. She asked what was wrong, but I couldn't really find the words to describe it without exposing her lying/ "Can you just sign Alex out and come here fast? I really need you guys here right now." I heard her murmur something on the other line but couldn't quite catch it. I hung up the phone and turned to Sam. "So can we get to The Core today?" I asked him anxiously. Sam raised his eyebrow. "Today? Only if you convince Mrs. Bonet to come with us, sneak into the school, and open up the Gateway." I sighed. "Well I'm not going to wait until break is over! This is Christofer we're talking about. I may not remember, but I know enough that he's sacrificed so much for me. Me saving him is probably the only think I can do to repay him." Gumbo cleared his throat and chuckled. "Actually, you could be his girlfriend again. That's what he wants more than anything. He loves you, darling. I think you should know that by know; especially since he practically told you."
  6. I slumped my shoulders down and blew some stray hair out of my face. "We'll worry about that later on. We just need to find him first. Who knows, he might be dead!" I widened my eyes at the thought of going to The Core just to find Christofer's limp body rotting in a cell. "He's not dead. Oath knows better. He's using him as bait for you," Sam said as he got up to wash the dishes. "That's why you can't go alone. I have to stay here though, as orders from the Seelie Queen. I'll cover for you just in case that Michael kid comes along, or any other member of Oath's army. I'll watch your house and if you don't come back in time for school, I'll make the teachers believe you have a terrible disease. Cool?" I went over and hugged Sam from behind. "You're amazing, you know that?" Sam smiled. His dimple seems to cuter every time I see him. "I'v been told that before, but it's even more special since you said it." I kissed him on the cheek and then adjusted my pony tail. My hair felt all greasy and gross. "I'm going to take a quick shower. Auntie Lisa and Alex said they'd be coming soon, so when the doorbell rings and it's not them, don't answer it." Sam nodded while Gumbo curled up in a ball on the rug.
  7. I made my way upstairs and into the shower. Luke warm water felt good on my tired skin, and I finally had some time to think clearly and efficiently. How am I going to get to The Core? Mrs. Bonet obviously hates me, but maybe once she hears my story she'll reconsider it. But how about the alarm system? Christofer said he could disable it with a pinky, but his power permits it. Alex is only minds. What can he do? And then there's me. Christofer said I didn't have any powers anymore. So how did I counter that man and shove him out a window? Because I'm pretty sure he didn't do that by himself. But I guess that wasn't the problem at the moment. I shampooed my hair and all of that good stuff, and then wrapped my hair in a towel when I got out. I made weird faces in the mirror and wrote things down with my index fingers on the smoky window while I dressed. I decided to give my hair a rest from the heat and air dry. I hurried downstairs and found Nick sitting on the couch, poking Sam's ears.
  8. I was about to say something when Sam spoke up. "I told Nick about my job at the mall as an elf and the stupid ears I had to glue on." So Nick is human and he doesn't know anything. Good. Gumbo and Sam left the room and left me with Nick. "We need to talk," I started, taking a seat next to him. Nick's hands clenched in a fist and then unhinged themselves. "Yeah, we do. I'm sorry, but I can't go to the zoo. Something happened to my brother." Nick's hands were shaking, so I held them together with mine. At least I didn't have to break the news to him. "What happened?" I think I saw tears welling in his eyes and it broke my heart.
  9. "He got in a car accident two nights ago and I didn't find out until today. I thought he was partying with his friends, but I was wrong." Tears slowly fell from his eyes, down his beautiful cheeks, and onto his lips. I wanted to fry too, but tried my best to be strong for him. "Is he alright?" I asked. "The doctors aren't sure. His right lung was punctured, and his ribs and arms are broken. He was driving while under the influence. High off of some stupid drug from his friends. I guess he went out during my party and went to get some more liquor and hit some people. I should have checked on him...I shouldn't have left him alone..."
  10. Xavier is Nick's older brother, right? And wait a minute. Could this possibly be the same car crash that Alex and I were in? "Nick, I'm sorry to tell you this, but I think the people your brother hit were Alex and me. I was in a car crash too, but was um, miraculously unscarred. Alex is in the hospital right now. They never told me about your brother so I never knew." Nick stared at me, but I couldn't tell if he was sad or possibly angry. "Will you visit my brother in the hospital with me?" He asked softly. "Of course. It's the least I can do." Nick's expression lit up with a flicker of hope as we got up and got in his car.

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