Confinement Part 37

Announcements: Hm, so I've been spending much time writing scenes with Rave (which I'm sure most of you are happy about), and I've been working alot with where I want to take this story. I want it to be bigger than the Beautiful Series; I want it to explode in your faces when the climax hits; I want it all, guys; I want my last series to leave all of you in a whirl. A very disorienting one. So hang in there!

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Created by: Dannica
  1. Viper tossed her hair over her shoulder. "I never swore in, but indeed, a Savior nonetheless. Born into it from my father's side. Pity." "But how are you alive? If you refuse to swear to duty you are executed?" Viper started circling around Rave's chair, a glint in her eye. It made me feel uncomfortable. "I escaped. Two and a half years go. Went rogue before I was forced to wear that despicable ring and be forced to protect the life of a stranger; to care for another being than myself." I noticed she was glaring at me. I almost wanted to slump down and let the cushion I was sitting on swallow me whole. "The Jury didn't call for you? Didn't look for you at all?" A sardonic laugh escaped Viper's lips. "They had enough to deal with. The people at The Basin despised me anyways. After I escaped I went back to Russia. The moment I walked into my father's home they knew what I had done. Shame was brought on me. I was forced onto the streets." The woman draped a hand over Rave's shoulder. "But that's not what we're here to discuss, isn't it? I believe we're all here at this little get together because of one particular mortal. Correct?" Suddenly Viper was in front of my chair. Her hands were on either side of me, on the armrests. She cocked her head to one side when I flinched and attempted to squish myself to the back of the chair. "Feeling a bit nervous, Sighter?" Without taking her eyes off of me she pointed at my fingers, still clawing at the leather of the seat. "You're starting to make scratches. And I would hate scratches on my favorite chair in the library."
  2. I immediately stopped. "Those animals in the cornfield. Are those yours?" Viper grinned. "Straight from Hell." Great. "Great it is." I widened my eyes in shock. "I specialize in mind reading. And your mind is an open book, my dear. Obviously your Savior hasn't taught you anything yet." "Viper. We must get going. We also have things to discuss afterwards in private. Don't forget." She slowly nodded, still in my face. She probably enjoyed doing this to me, considering that this would make the second time. I tried leveling her gaze, and eventually she returned to her standing corner. That was when Hef smiled once more. "You're probably wondering how you got to the cornfield, yes?" I glanced at Rave, and we both nodded. "As I mentioned before, my older brother was Haste, the old leader of the Miscreancy. We were close, the two of us, even if only one inherited the paranormal gene." Hef seemed lost in the fire, which I found very melodramatic. "Days before his death, he sent a letter to me, saying to visit a human whom was allowed in and out of the Temple. I was on a plane to Pennsylvania before I knew it. I had followed the directions of the letter precisely, even keeping my identity a secret." Hef inclined his head towards me. "I knew I've seen you before. On the bus, heading to the Town Square." I guess I gave him a blank stare, because Hef continued on, "We were the only two on the bus, save for the bus driver. You snuck glances at me. Twice." Suddenly a thought struck my mind. "Newspaper Guy?"
  3. Hef chortled, nodding his head. "I went to a café, and met up with the human. Her Temple name was Orbit, I believe." Hef erected his cane into his hands, and then, to my surprise, lifted up the snake. He beckoned me to take a look inside. I didn't budge. Hef beckoned once more. "I have no intent of moving on with my explanation if you dare not trust me with my motives, Sighter." There was that voice I remembered the first time he spoke to us in the house: daunting, apprehensive, dark. I stood up from my seat, as he held the cane out for me to look into. I closed one eye and peered inside. Mini vortexes of light surrounded the inner walls of the cane, expressing strange and bizarre swirls of an unknown. Each shape glowed with its own light, twinkling and scintillating with a life of its own. An obscure sense of energy surged through my body, making my skin tingle and allowing my mind to wander. I felt power coursing through my blood and fill my body and soul with strength as I became lost in wonderment at the moving figures and my thoughts escalated where I thought I was floating to the sky and"” Gone. The feeling was gone. I looked around, shaking my head out of the weird daze I was in. Everything was quite. Everybody's eyes were on me. Slowly, Hef returned the snake to its rightful place, blocking everything good and magical that I felt protruding from that cane. "What was that?" I asked in a soft voice, the fire crackling and fuming in front of me. Hef petted the cane with his fingers, like it were a pet. "That was what Haste blessed me with, dear. His power. He gave me his power."
  4. I didn't know what to think. I seriously had no connection to Haste whatsoever, but considering that he was in fact the old leader of the Miscreancy, I figured that this was a huge deal. "How could he have given you his power?" And apparently it was. Rave's shocked face made up for my lack of...whatever I was supposed to be feeling. "I know nothing of how he gave it me. All I know is that he did. It was like he knew he was going to die. I wasn't aware of the power within the cane until afterwards, when I was informed from Orbit that he was killed. I realized why it was easy for Sebastian to do so." From my peripherals I saw Viper cringe. "This was how I was able to make you see that vision. How I was able to make you come to that farm willingly. The power." Rave still shook his head in disbelief. "If Haste still had his power he could have defended himself." "And if Haste had the power to alter people like Rave and me to see a False, why didn't Haste do the same thing you did and lure everybody to the same place to kill them, considering that that's the Miscreancy's job anyways?" I added that last question with what I hoped was a tone of determination and curiosity. Hef regarded us both. "I have no traces of why Haste would have done this. I have no idea why he couldn't use his powers to protect himself. I am just as boggled as you two." I fought to not jump out of my seat. "But you could still force out a fake False if you wanted to? Make a Sighter see and believe that somebody out there is going to die when in actuality it's all a mirage?" I was starting to get angry. How dare he? How dare Haste had held the power to do that? Hef sighed. "It took me a long time to learn how to manipulate this power into thinking I am its natural host, Sighter. In actuality, I do not control it any more than you can. It does what it wants. I suppose what lead you here was luck."
  5. I clenched my teeth. "Which leads to the biggest question of all: why are we here? And if you could, cut out all the fluff and bullsh**. I have school tomorrow. And I'm pretty sure people are starting to look for me." I realized how totally kick-ass and menacing I had sounded until I mentioned school. I could feel Rave trying to hide a smile. Hef wasn't so generous, yet his voice seemed strained and tired. "Tomorrow, we shall discuss. Tomorrow morning. I am weary of today, and have told you much already. You both need time to process this. You shall sleep here for the night. Viper shall check your school to see if all is well." Viper stared to protest, but stopped immediately when Hef held his hand up without even peering a glance. "You will do it. We need them. You know it. Use your shadows. Use your compulsion. Keep all suspicions low. And do it neatly." Viper stayed glued to her spot for a minute more, glaring at me, until she finally decided to go, muttering curses under her breath. Dark shadows encircled her, like the things in the cornfield, and soon she Shimmered out of view. Hef released a breath he was apparently holding in. "I need no excuses now. You will rest in the guest quarters. You shall proceed to explore tomorrow, I suppose, if you still wish to. I shall call Chester, the butler, and he will escort you to your separate rooms"”" "No," Rave said immediately, "I will stay with my Purpose."
  6. Without Viper's scrutiny I felt more at ease with my actions, so I looked over at him in shock. "Are you sure? I have plenty of rooms that I'm sure you will find fitting, if you would"”" "My comfort is not my main priority. I don't trust you. Plain and simple." Hef's eyes were weary. "If I wanted to hurt you two I certainly would have done so by"”" "Then I assume the incident in the cornfield wasn't meant to hurt us? With the shadows and the booms we heard? The chasing?" There was no response. Rave got up from his seat, stiff. "I will stay with her. I can't connect with her mind right now, nor can I use any of my powers. That's usually a red flag. You seem to forget I exited The Basin at the highest of my class." Hef stood up also, the bottom of his cane pounding the ground as he poised himself like a rich man would. "I can never forget, Savior." He was smiling again. "But please be courteous and allow me to finish my sentences next time, you nit. Chester is outside. Dinner will be brought to your room. A maid will fetch you two in the morning for breakfast." I stood up as Hef turned his back on us. He seemed to hear, because as he was walking to a velvety red door on the other side of the library that I hadn't noticed before, he called out over his shoulder, "And please clean yourselves up. I am far too rich to have been talking to dirty children who are determined to sleep with each other."
  7. Chester was a tall and lean old man. The tufts of gray hair on the sides of his head reminded me greatly of a far less podgy Gus. I was surprised by how stereotypically dressed he was: black dress pants, white button up, black vest. Hell, he even had a cloth draped on his arm as he held it in front of him to create a ninety degree angle. It seriously could not get anymore cliché than that. We let Chester lead the way to our right, as we exited the library. Rave and I walked closely together, apparently still uncomfortable with communicating in the presence of these strangers. We followed Chester through another archway, which was correspondent to everything else I saw, except for the source of lighting, shining from crystal chandeliers that hovered over our heads. In the place of where there should have been the light posts we've seen previously stood rows of navy blue doors, such as the one I noticed by the massive window when we first got here. "Room for two?" Chester asked as he continued to guide us. This was the first time he spoke to us. He even had an accent; I couldn't put my finger on which, specifically. "Yes," Rave responded. We walked on for maybe another minute in complete and prolonged silence; I felt like I was in the Haunted Mansion or something. But finally, we came to a stop. I watched as Chester took out a regular brass key out of the inside of his vest. He held it up for us to see like a magician doing a trick, and said, "This is the key to your room. Please do not lose it. There is only one." Rave held out his hand, and Chester placed the key in his palm. "You may not exit the room at this hour, for it is past house curfew. If you need anything, please address it with Gabrielle, the head housemaid. She will arrive here shortly with dinner and nightwear." I nodded curtly. "Thank you. Have a goodnight." Chester turned to walk away. "Your thanks is unneeded. Enjoy your stay."
  8. We watched as Chester treaded all the way back to the main fork. Once made sure he was gone, Rave inserted the key into the hole and twisted. We were quickly inside. The first thing I noticed was the gigantic bed smack in the middle of the room. The bed was smothered in gold-lined pillows and draped with leaf-embroidered red sheets and blankets. The heels of my boots clinked against the black wooden floor almost annoyingly, so I removed them and set the pair by the door, next to Rave's shoes. I hadn't noticed that he'd done the same. A large plasma screen hung across the bedside; I noticed two different remotes on one of the bedside tables. A loaded bookshelf stood against the wall on my right, along with a rather large dresser. The room stretched far beyond any room should have stretched, even coming with an all-marble adjoining master bathroom and a touch-screen temperature-control pad. I was certainly, most definitely, not complaining. I took more comfortable steps, and started to run my fingers along the cold exterior of a study table, which also served as a chest board. I allowed myself to sit down on one of the two couches that the room provided. This one was soft, and a very deep and sultry purple. My body appreciated the furniture's comfort, and soon I found myself laying down. I could still hear Rave exploring the place, like a dog sniffing for food. "Can you believe they even put chandeliers in the guest rooms? And that weird painting is still here. Whoever was the artist must have been bored. I mean, painting the same thing over and over?" I took a pause, my arm sprawled over my forehead. "I can't wait until my clothes get here so that I can take a nice, long and hot shower, and be clean. Honestly, we reek of mulch and manure. It's a miracle how Viper and Hef had the endurance to get within a six inch radius of the two of us." This earned a small chuckle from Rave. It sounded tired. "I cannot believe how lightly you're taking this."
  9. There was a joking tone to what he said, yet I could also detect some disbelief. I sat up. Rave was already looking at me from the opposing side. "It's not time to worry. Whatever Hef wants to tell us in the morning is what I'm anticipating will be the time to worry. Not now. We got the answers we wanted; Neither of us are hurt." He ran a hand through his hair. "Do you trust what Hef is saying?" I pondered over this for quite a bit. "I don't necessarily trust it, but I do believe there is some truth to it. I mean, why else would he tell us what he did? Why would he lie?" Rave tilted his head, looking deep in thought. "Although that's true, why did he make us go to the cornfield? Well, I understand why"”to restrain me from using my powers"”but why the chasing? If he really did not intend to hurt us he could have easily approached us at the cornfield and took us here. All the running around and the holing up in that room didn't need to be done." He slammed the wall. I flinched. "It just doesn't make sense. Everything is so hazy and blurry right now. The worst part of it all is that I don't have access to my powers; I don't have an understanding as to what you're feeling." I shifted uncomfortably. "I already told you how I was feeling about it. You said so yourself: I was taking it lightly." Rave ran a hand down his face, a corner of his mouth quirking upwards. "There is such a difference between what you think you're feeling, and how you are feeling. I don't believe your conscious is feeling as lightly as your mind is persuading. And that's perfectly okay."
  10. I leaned back against the couch. Of course Rave was right. I wasn't at ease at all, deep down. I was so anxious and frightened. But he really didn't need for me to admit it; I didn't want to cause him any more strain. I was so confused, and still a bit disappointed over my lack of knowledge that Hef had pointed out earlier. The truth of the matter was that I didn't know anything. Maybe it was because nothing truly significant has happened"”the stupid notes I was getting on my whiteboard back in the room abruptly stopped showing up"”or maybe I just thought I could put this whole Seventh Sighter duty behind me. I was scared when Rave told me about the Miscreancy, but as time went by I guess I was so consumed with other things like school and Flame and Web that I was too distracted to care? Yet at the same time Rave had never offered any insight. I sighed to myself, flustered. I was about to say something, but a knock on the door beat me to it. The sound seemed foreign to us for a moment, from the silence beforehand. I stared at the door reluctantly, but Rave quickly recovered and slipped into Savior mode, swiftly reaching the door before I could even move a finger. "Who is it?" he asked, making his voice loud and clear so that Gabrielle"”that was my guess"”could hear properly. I wanted to voice out that since Chester had pointed out that it was past "house curfew" the expectant person to come would indeed be the head housemaid. I knew Rave was aware of this, but I guess his guard hasn't budged one bit, even after my small rambling of reassurance. "Gabrielle Fontana Perkingson: head housemaid." Gabrielle's voice was gritty and rough-sounding. Rave peered over his shoulder and mirrored my surprise. Turning back around, he opened the door halfway; I could only catch glimpses of what Gabrielle looked like. "Here is your nightwear and dinner," she said, sounding very uninterested as she bestowed a bundle of clothing and a large silver tray out for him. "Other garments are in the drawers of the dresser." I opted to help out, but as soon as I was on my feet the door shut once more. Rave lay the tray down on the nearest tea table.
  11. "That was abrupt," I said, taking what was apparently my pajamas from his hands. Rave shrugged. "She seemed harsh." My eyes glazed over the tray of food: a basket of rolls, bowl of green beans, mashed potatoes, boat of gravy, and what seemed to be half of a roasted turkey. It was a shock I didn't catch myself drooling. "Eat first shower later?" Rave prompted, noticing the desperation for food in my gaze. I bit down onto my lip and played with the lacy blue drawstring on my pajama pants. "No, I'll take a shower first. You can start eating while I'm gone." A glint of protest danced on the tip of his tongue, but I put my hand up to veto whatever he was going to say. "You seriously need the food more than I do; I seriously need the shower more than you do. It's a win-win scenario." Rave frowned. "What makes you say I need the food more than you?" I avoided his eyes and walked towards the dresser, absentmindedly opening drawers in hopes of catching a pair of underwear. "Because you used a lot of energy today." I quickly tucked what I was looking for under the rest of my fabrics and nonchalantly closed the drawer. "So did you." I turned around and met his eyes. "That's different. We're both probably physically tired, but I know that you, Mr."” Oh my god!" Rave immediately became tense and alert, swiveling his head from side to side, scanning the room. "What is it? Did you see anything?" I shook my head, my hand covering my mouth. "I don't even know your last name."
  12. Rave's shoulders relaxed, and he broke into an easy laugh. "Out of everything thats happened you're freaking out over you not knowing my last name?" I put my hand on my hip. "Hey, you've been known to me as my Savior for, like, the past month, and all I truly know about you is that your name is Rave. How morbid is that? Not to mention the Miscreancy stuff Hef said you were supposed to tell me about." I shook my head at him disapprovingly, like a mother would her son. "And you didn't even bother to refer to my presumably other kick-ass "˜powers', or abilities. Rave, I am in the midst of having the biggest epiphany of all time, and this revelation is screaming out that the biggest problem right now is my ignorance towards you, and the very thing that I'm supposed to be involved with and this"”" "Rave Isaac Kingsley." Thrown off from my oration, I stuttered, "W-what?" He gave me the tiniest of smiles. "That's my full name. But keep going; I want to hear what you have to say."
  13. Oh, I was going to keep going, alright. Just because he admitted his last and middle name to me did not change my sudden irate mood. "As I was saying: the biggest problem is that I have no clue what the hell is going on! I had no idea what Hef was talking about"”with his brother Haste and whoever the hell that Sebastian guy is." My voice became a mix of pleading and fierceness, as I took a big step towards Rave, my eyes searching his. "I need to know everything. Quite frankly, this Savior-Purpose thing has been one-sided the whole time. It is totally unfair that you get to know exactly how I'm feeling and exactly what I'm thinking anytime you want. You probably know myself more than I do, if you probed around that much. But here's the thing: I'm done being in the dark. I'm done being something that always needs protection, as if I'm some fragile package." I took another step closer. "I do not play that game, Mr. Kingsley." It was meant to be somewhat threatening so that he knew I meant business, but somewhere in that second when he let out that intoxicating breathy laugh, my knees wobbled. He eyed me back with slight amusement. "And what game exactly do you play, Miss ______?" I didn't miss a beat; I had to prove my point. "The game where there are no secrets and there is equality between the two players." Rave's expression failed to change. ""˜No secrets' is a big hole to fill." "Are your secrets that bad?" There was a pause, as Rave seemed to study me with such curiosity I might as well have been a mutilated cannibal. Then he smirked. "Take a shower. I'll set you a plate for when you're done."

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