Confinement Part 36

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Spring break was officially over on Monday, so unfortunately I wont be getting these out like I have been during break. Luckily (sort of) I'm sick so I didn't have to go to school so I had time to do this! I know it's much explaining and it's very wordy and quite frankly a bit long and boring, but I have luscious scenes with Rave in the nearby future!

Created by: Dannica

  1. “Master,” Dig started in a feeble tone, “he’s not here. We’ve searched the whole area, even farther.” A tree branch engulfed in fire fell onto the grass, igniting an even bigger flame. Sebastian gritted his teeth. The situation was almost laughable. “He’s not here? Not here?” He extended his right arm out, and a shock of blue spiraled out of his palm, causing yet another tent to crumble to ashes. “Of course he’s not here!” Dig, Noose, Razor, and Carnation flinched. Sebastian’s eyes were now black. “Whoever is shielding his scent has also helped him flee.” Sirens were now heard, piercing the cloudy air. “Best you all leave now. Before those officers catch a glimpse of your appearances.” Everybody turned around. A silhouette of a person was outlined in the haze surrounding them, and then slowly, a man emerged from the smoke. Sebastian’s expression was hard to decipher. The man walked onwards, hands in his black dress pants. His suit was nice and pressed, his tie straight and solid—as if he didn’t just walk through a tornado of soot. The sharp angles of the man’s face proved to be his signature look, causing most to be unable to forget his face. “Pantomime,” Sebastian slurred, his fingers desperately trying to fix his hair. “I was not aware of your being here.”
  2. Pantomime jeered. “As if I need to notify you that I’m in the area. Nonsense, really.” The man looked around. “I take it the man you’re searching for is unavailable.” “Magic masks the human’s scent. We simply need to move once more.” Pantomime seemed to loom over Sebastian. Dig and the rest of his comrades could only gape. “What if I told you I had knowledge of the whereabouts of your…friend?” Sebastian clenched his jaw, his hand unwittingly tracing the outline of the capsule in his pocket. “You have no lore of who it is we are hunting.” Pantomime smirked. “Hunting? Rather dramatic. And yes, I do. I know many things. You of all people should know of that.” Sebastian narrowed his eyes. “What do you want? An exchange for the information?” This earned a hearty laugh. Multiple slams of car doors rang. “Why, what do you think of me? I am not always scheming and making bargains. Consider it as a favor. A favor that you may return in the future.” Pantomime pulled Sebastian a bit off to the side—a clear gesture of privacy. “Speaking of favors, how are you holding up?” Sebastian grimaced. “The side-effects are there, for certain. Nothing I cannot handle.” Pantomime fixed his tie, as fires were starting to get tended with splurges of water. “They will get worst, I’m afraid. Why you wanted this kind of magic when your own by itself is solid, I will never understand.” “‘Solid’ will not get me to my goal.” “And your goal is?” “Freeze!” Both men’s heads whipped up. A squad of police officers encircled them, guns pointed and ready to shoot. “Put your hands where I can see them!”
  3. Sebastian and Pantomime shared a mocking amusement. They remained put. In an even louder voice, the human repeated, “Put your hands where I can see them!” The men remained unresponsive. “Go back to the airport,” Sebastian heard. “I shall provide a distraction.” With a wink, Pantomime turned around, his hands in the air. Sebastian stole a glance at his cohorts, and saw how easily admirable they were towards Pantomime. But how could they? Pantomime was not the one who murdered the two of the top leaders of the Miscreancy. He was not the one with the most power in his hands. He was not the leader. Sebastian glowered, and slowly turned around as well. A grin broke across his face. “Arms above your head, palms facing me,” commanded the human in front of him. Sebastian chuckled, and then slowly raised his arms, his hands clenched in fists. He felt his palms buzz, and his chest grow warm. His stomach seemed to boil. “Open your palms!” screamed yet another mundane. Sebastian sighed, deciding to play along. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction when Pantomime’s eyes transfixed with disapproval. Sebastian’s hands opened in a quick flick. He could feel the power about to explode. A guffaw escaped his mouth as deep, purple circles appeared at his fingers, fizzing and bubbling. “As you wish.”
  4. “Umm. Okay?” Obviously the name meant absolutely nothing to me. I had no idea why Hef was such a threat—assuming the way he said his name was supposed to make me cower and beg for my life. And I didn’t think it would matter who his brother was, either. Haste? I glanced at Rave, whom was staring at a rather shocked-looking Hef with fierce eyes. Apparently he knew who he was. Hef spoke, tapping his finger on the head of the snake on top of his cane. “I’m quite surprised you didn’t tell her, Savior. I would assume that you would know of the politics of the Miscreancy.” Hef sniffed. “Well, there isn’t much to debate on anyways. Sebastian has taken over completely. Killed everybody on a tragic ship that was to voyage overseas. But you would know that. Right?” Rave shook his head. “I had no idea a new leader was selected.” Hef laughed. “Sebastian wasn’t selected, Savior. ‘Twas murder, really. My poor brother.” Rave remained stiff. “Then what do you want with us?” Hef’s lip curled. “Hmm. You see, I was in Seattle. I manage a band who was going to perform at the music festival, but then a messenger came and told me that Sebastian was coming for me. He wants to kill me, I assume.” I jumped in. “Why would he want to kill you? No offense, but you’re a human.” Hef looked me over and retorted, “No offense, but you have held no knowledge of this until now.” I stood there, my mouth agape. The words stung, solely because he was right. I didn’t know anything. Rave hadn’t told me anything.
  5. Hef smirked, guessing from my expression. Rave put a secure hand on my shoulder. Yet his voice didn’t match the tenderness of the gesture. “You haven’t answered the question yet.” The mysterious man looked around, as if there were cameras watching us. Quite frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if there were. “We will have plenty time for questions,” Hef said with disdain. “But first I’m afraid we must relocate. I am far too rich to converse with you children in an abandoned farmhouse such like this. I’m surprised the corn is still alive and well, don’t you think?” Neither of us answered. This man was straight weird, trying to make normal conversation with us. Yet there wouldn’t be time to answer if we wanted anyways, because just then another newcomer walked into the room. A woman, this time. She was tall and slim. She wore an all leather suit which accented the lean muscles on her arms. She was striking to look at—beautiful, even. Even with the damage to her face. Stitches and scars ran across her skin like small bridges. There were two long ones, specifically, creating somewhat of an X, through her nose. Old burn marks—at least that’s what they looked like—that obviously hadn’t faded blotched the majority of her cheeks. Nonetheless, the woman didn’t look insecure of it, or disgraced. In fact, she looked quite haughty. And mad. She smiled at me with a sinister and poisonous twist of her lips, both her hands on her hips.
  6. Hef watched as she slowly snaked her way where he stood. And with a sweeping gesture with his arm, urged her to introduce herself. The lady gave Hef a dangerous stare, but complied anyways. Her voice held a thick Russian accent, yet seemed thin, as she slowly walked towards Rave. “Do you believe in God, Savior?” Just then my eyes couldn’t stop staring at her neck, where a patch of black leather seemed to be sewn into her skin, with similar scars surrounding it. I was eager to watch how Rave would react. It was like a live recording of a TV show. “Do you believe in Satan?” The woman’s laugh was very wheezy. “Funny you say that. Lucifer and I have met once.” “When?” Of course, my stupid self had to butt in. But hey, how often do you hear someone say that they’ve met the Devil? The woman turned her attention to me, hands still on her hips. She looked so lethal—like a total badass. She got close just as she had with Rave, but I guess she felt more confident that she intimidated me, which made her come closer. The toes of our boots touched. If she moved even an inch you could consider us practically eskimo kissing. I’d let my walls down for now, realizing that if these people wanted to hurt us they would have done so—minus chasing us like that in the cornfield. And those weird explosions. I could see Rave was pissed off that I said anything. I was a bit pissed off at myself too, because this lady was all up in my grill. And I surely did not invite her to my barbecue.
  7. “ You’ve heard of Hell, right?” She spoke to me as if I was a child. And I felt like she was going to spit on me any moment. I nodded, suddenly feeling very small. I could count each stitch engraved into her skin. Her big and full lips that were colored with a dark purple sneered. “Do you like my face? My marks?” Her voice was an octave lower. I shivered uncomfortably. Red eyes bore into mine. “I got them from Hell. From Lucifer. It’s a lovely place, I’m sure you’ll like it.” Rave gave Hef a threatening look. The man gestured him to wait. “Now, do you believe in resurrection, little Sighter?” I stood there, not knowing if I should answer or not. The woman grinned slyly. Her voice was like silk as she purred, “My name is Viper. Back from the flames—flesh and all.” When she finally backed off, I allowed myself to breath. She was definitely a badass.
  8. We were forced to move outside of the house. Although Hef and Viper weren’t rough, they threatened us a lot. Occasionally I would get a shove from behind if I wasn’t walking fast enough. Whenever that happened, Viper would get a sharp glare from Rave. Hef spoke no more to us after Viper’s little scene upstairs. In fact, he seemed rather infatuated with his cane. Well, actually, he did speak to us, but it was more of a warning telling us not to run. Like we were stupid enough to do that. I glanced at Rave a lot while we were walking who knew where. He would return my glances with an assuring smile. I knew just as he did that it wouldn’t be wise to speak. I was faced with the deadly cornfield once more. The things oscillated side to side, the wind singing along with it. Sooner or later I found myself consumed once more. It was murderously quiet among the four of us, the only sounds being our shoes trudging on the dirt. Frequently I would see those small black shadows again, running beside us. I tried ignoring it, seeing that those things were owned by Hef. Or Viper. Although they were together here, I opposed to the idea that they were partners in crime. It seemed as if Viper wasn’t the type to take orders. Especially if it were true that she came back from Hell. I mean, really? Came back from Hell? We came to an abrupt stop, and I realized that we were standing in a bald spot of the cornfield. “Viper is going to take us to my estate, and then you two may ask as many questions as you want. I take it you can see I’m not going to hurt you. Besides, a human like myself wouldn’t be much a threat anyways.” I contradicted that in my mind. “But notice how I said ‘I’m not going to hurt you’. I might not, but Viper certainly will. I advise you with wise words to not get on her bad side. Understood?” Rave and I could really only nod. “Good,” she snarled, clearly impatient. Suddenly she jerked onto my arm, her fingers digging into my skin. Her eyes danced with amusement as I struggled to loosen her grip. Her other hand grabbed Rave, and she then motioned Hef to come. He touched her gingerly on the shoulder. Soon, the same feeling I got whenever Rave was about to Shimmer occurred. We were off the ground before I knew it.
  9. ~ Hef wasn’t exaggerating when he said he was rich. Nor was he exaggerating about having an estate. The first thing I noticed once my feet hit the ground and my mind settled down from the rush were the tall and florid pillars that lined the gigantic corridor we were in. The pillars held a swirl of an intricate floral pattern of gold, like vines growing up a wall. Each pillar was maybe seventy feet high, seeming to be holding up the ceiling, which held a mural of the sky. Puffs of white dotted a nearly sable background, with wings jutting here and there. After staring for so long I realized that they were indeed angels, hiding behind the clouds. A red carpet lay under my feet, extending miles on end from either side of me, such as the plafond. Between each pillar lodged colonial-styled glass windows, with a round top and extended legs. Lush purple curtains flanked them, the ends tied together with a type of band, to keep the ends from touching the checkered black and white tiled floors, which—from my guess—I could have easily seen my reflection in. Lights similar-looking to lamp-posts stood firmly after every other column, making the whole passage illuminate. At the end of the corridor was a gigantic window, the pane shaped like an eye. I could see enough to see that it overlooked the ocean. In front of that were a set of stairs—which the carpet followed through—that lead to a single door, which if I squinted my eyes seemed to be navy blue. “Is that your room?” I asked absentmindedly, still looking in towards the stretch of the room. “Oh no, dear. My room is in the other wing. You will have time to explore later. But first we need to take care of business. Come, follow me.”
  10. We were lead the opposite direction, Viper behind us the whole time. The design of the corridor proved identical the whole voyage. Even the ceiling. I found it a bit disturbing that the whole painting was of angels secreting behind clouds. I figured we weren’t in Pennsylvania anymore, and I hoped the school wasn’t out looking for me. I really could not get in trouble anymore. I wondered how long it would take the office to realize that I skipped the rest of the day. I wondered if any teachers cared to ask about me. We walked through one of the many giant archways, which appeared to serve as a type of divider. Past this archway were more navy blue doors lining the walls, where some windows should have been. Everything seemed to be in a certain type of pattern here—black tile, white tile; window, door. I reckoned it was just an easy way to keep things organized. We walked until we came to a fork in the corridor. Hef tapped the bottom of his cane on the carpet. “If you turn left here, that will be the guest quarters. If you turn right, that will take you through the rest of the building.” We went straight. There was a lone door there. Viper edged to the front, strutting her way like a model. She opened the door for Hef, and then walked inside herself. “She is just lovely,” I muttered under my breath. Before the door closed, Rave quickly went over and held it open for me. He followed me as I went inside, and then I felt his mouth by my ear. “We’ll get out as soon as possible.” I nodded. We were in a library. “Can you use your powers now?” Rave shook his head. I was going to say something else, but then he cut me off with a quick hand movement. “Please,” began Hef, as we neared him and Viper. “Take a seat.” The library seemed like a replica from Beauty & the Beast. Rows upon rows of book spines lined thick brown shelves that stacked on top of each other. A roaring fireplace kindled in the dead center, with lofty armchairs surrounding it. I took a seat in a red leather one. My nails immediately dug in. Rave took a seat next to me, giving Hef—whom was seated across from him—a very hard look. Viper remained standing. Hef leaned his cane against his armrest. “You trained in The Basin, Savior?” Rave nodded, his expression very rigid. “Swore in at one of the top of my class.” Hef flashed his luminous teeth. “Top of your class? Very good, for such a young man like yourself.” His attention turned to Viper. “That could have been you three years ago, possibly.” She laughed eerily. “If I had sworn in I wouldn’t be here, meaning you would be dead.” Viper’s rose-colored eyes focused to Rave. “You certainly seem to be very good at being a Savior. I had difficulties blocking your powers at the farm.” Rave stared at her down. “That was you? But the only way you could have—” Realization seemed to settle down upon him, his face contorting into a mask of revulsion. “You’re a Savior?”

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