Under Different Circumstances part 1

Here is part one of a new series. Hope you like it! Marcus: Average height and build, light brown short spiked, deep chocolate brown eyes, makes you smile and forget your worries Tanner: tall, longish blonde hair, pale blue eyes, he's always there for you and comforting Damian: On the shorter side, muscular, dark brown almost black hair often covers his eyes, mysterious and always seems to have something on his mind

Hope you enjoy!

Created by: nikkikolista
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  1. It's the first day of summer vacation. After a tough year of stressing and studying, it's time to relax and enjoy the time off. Your parents are the head honchos of some huge business, so you have a lot of time by yourself.
  2. The first week of break has flown by. Your parents come home one night and ask to speak with you. They explain that they need to take a trip oversees for the company, and that you would need to be home alone for a few weeks. Seeing as this wasn't that unusual and you knew that you're responsible you accept this, and another week later your parents are on a plane across the ocean.
  3. Time passes by; you hang with your friends and do anything and everything that you feel like. One day after coming home from the movies you see a boy in front of your house. He is very tall, longish blonde hair, and when he turns towards you, you are caught by his eyes. They are a startling shade of blue, so pale and hypnotizing that you are caught in their gaze until he coughs to get your attention. You focus and a blush rushes to your cheeks when you realize you were staring.
  4. "Sorry." You blurt out. The boy smiles and you can't help but admire his perfect smile. "I'm Tanner." He introduces himself. Feeling the need to tell him your name you do. "Well ____, I'm afraid I have some bad news." The smile fades from his face, and you know that what's coming won't be good. "Let's talk inside you tell him." You unlock your house and invite him inside.
  5. Tanner sits on the couch, and you sit down opposite him. You look at him, waiting for him to cut to the chase and tell you the news. Tanner is silent for a moment, and then begins. "____, something has happened to your parents. Their plane never landed and is missing. I am supposed to look after you along with a few others. You take this all in and don't respond. Tanner looks at you anxiously. As he sees the tears rolling down your cheeks he moves toward you and wraps his arms comfortingly around your shoulders and holds you.
  6. You sit like that for who knows how long until you regain your composure. You separate yourself from him and noticed that your tears stained Tanner's shirt. "I'm so sorry." Tanner looks down and shrugs. "It doesn't matter." The doorbell rings and Tanner rises to answer it. Another boy walks in. He is quite a bit shorter than Tanner and has dark hair that you think is black until he steps into the light, where you can see that it's actually dark brown. "____, this is Damian." Tanner tells you.
  7. You manage to say hello without betraying your emotions. Damian nods his greeting then sits down on a chair nearby. Before you can ask any other question, the doorbell rings once again and the last boy walks in. He has short, light brown hair that is spiky, and chocolate brown eyes that seem warm and inviting. "You must be ____. I'm sorry about your parents. My name is Marcus.
  8. You instantly feel comforted and relaxed with all the support in the room, when a sudden thought comes to mind. "Where are you all going to stay?" You ask suddenly concerned. Damian, who was looking out the window, looks at you. "You can't stay here. Someone may have been after your parents, and might come after you to get through to them." You suck in your lip and bite it gently; it was a habit of yours when you would think. "Then what?" you ask.
  9. Marcus, who was still standing by the door, answers. "We're going to be transferring from hotel to hotel all across the country." "Think of it as a road trip." Tanner added. "We'll have lots of fun on the way." You sigh. "I suppose I don't have a choice do I?" You respond. Damian looks up from a book that was left on your coffee table. "Nope." "When do we leave?" You ask. "As soon as you're ready." Marcus tells you.
  10. You go up to your room to pack your things. Tanner knocks before entering, and you turn to face him. "I came to see if you needed any help." You shake your head, but Tanner stayed there. "If you need anything you know that we're here for you, I am here for you." You nod, not trusting your voice, and throw the last things in your bag.
  11. You head back down with Tanner and find Marcus in the kitchen and Damian staring out the window with a frown. Damian turns to face you. "Bad news. There's a black sedan out there that hasn't moved since we've been here." Tanner goes to the window and finds the vehicle. "What happens now?" you ask.
  12. Tanner meets eye contact with the other two. "We have to go out the back, and book it out of here as fast as possible." An impish smile appears on Damian's face, that you can't help but notice. "Why is he smiling like that?" You ask. Marcus shook his head. "He likes to drive." A wave of fear rushes through you. It was either risk staying home or risking a car crash. Damian notices your expression and his grin vanishes. "Don't worry, it's safe." Yeah right, you think to yourself but you have no other choice. Who do you like so far?

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