Awkward, but Romantic Love part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my first ever series. Your name is Callista (Ka-lis-ta) Anderson and you are very wealthy. You have light brown wavy hair and dark brown eyes.

You found out you're living with a very handsome man named Carter, brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, sexy jawline. Please enjoy!

Created by: Lorren128

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  1. "Sweetie, Carter is a magical being." I stand there, looking at her like she just snorted some crack. What? Magic? "Mom, I'm not a kid anymore, you dont need to protect me. What is he? A runaway from jail? Drug dealer?" She just looked at me with a sad expression and sighed. "No, he is none of those. Like I said, he is something that needs our protection and-" I cut her off. "Mom, what do you mean he needs our protection? What is he running from?" Mother looked down. "It isnt really a what, its a who. You remember when you were 10 and your father left us? He was trying to protect you from someone. He had a reason." "What are you talking about?! He left because he was cheating and..." "No, that was just a cover-up, sweetie. Would you let me finish? He left to protect you, knowing what you can do and what is going to happen in the future, which, i guess, is happening right now. Sweetie, you're not human. Carter isnt human. I'm not human and your father isnt human."
  2. "What?" I ask, completely sure she has gone nuts or something. "Mom...what are you saying?" Mother embraced me into a hug and started to smooth down my hair. "You need to understand, we didnt tell you this because it was safer for you to be in the dark. In fact, when you didnt know, they couldnt find you. But now..." She let go of me and smiled sadly. Powers? They? Who and what is she talking about? "If i'm not human, and you're not human, and Carter isnt...prove it." Mother called down Carter and he slowly walked in, smiling at me. This time I didnt smile back and he dropped his gaze to the floor. "Carter, why dont you explain everything to Callista while i go get some groceries?" With that, mom left us alone in the kitchen. I looked at him and crossed my arms, waiting for him to explain. "Well, this is awkward." Carter said with a laugh. He turned it into a cough when i continued to stare at him. "So, explain." "Well, your mom is right. She isnt completely nuts. What she means that, we're not human is that, uhm, well...we all have some sort of powers. For example, your father could see the future. That's why he left. He knew what was going to happen if he stayed so he chose the best option and left.."
  3. I looked down at the floor and Carter continued. "Your mother can communicate with ghosts and can teleport." That would explain why mom always yelled at walls... "What about you? What are you Carter?" He scratched his head, sighed and looked into your eyes. "Well, I guess you can say that I'm..a..werewolf." I took a small step back and thought about everything. A werewolf? That would explain the growl and all the glares he was giving, but how can this be real? "Prove it." I said, but wishing he wouldnt do it. I didnt want to have a giant twilight wolf in my kitchen, destroying things. Carter sensed my hesitation. "Well, I cant really do it on command. I only turn on a full moon or when I'm really angry or protecting someone I love..." "Oh..." I looked down. "But, I dont look like a giant wolf, like in the movies. I still look myself, just with more hair, sharp teeth and yellow eyes..." He smiled gently at me and I couldnt help but smile back.
  4. "So, you're a werewolf, mom sees dead people and my dad can see the future. What about me?" I asked. "Well, thats the problem. No one knows what you have, but its something big. That's why I'm here, to protect you." "Wait, mom said that we are protecting you though.." I was utterly confused about everything right now. "She said that? I dont need protecting, she was probably just saying that for your sake." He leaned up against the fridge and looked me over. I could see his eyes, the beautiful, blue eyes, as he swept them over me and I smiled. "What?" "I just find it funny, that in the middle of all this, you still have time to check me out." I said with a laugh. He blushed and looked the other way.
  5. I smiled at him and stepped closer to him. He looked up at me and smiled, showing those dimples and took one of my hands. I looked at our clasping hands and smiled a bit bigger. "If no one knows who I am, then why do you need to protect me. And protect me from what?" He brushed some hair out of my face. "They call themselves the paranormal capturing agency, PCA for short. They've been hunting and killing people like us for 67 years. Even though they are just humans, they had special training and can easily bring down a group of vampires." "Oh, they sound awful." "Dont worry, Callista, I will protect you, against anything. You have my word." He cupped my face with his hand and traced his thumb over my lips. Why does he have to tease me like this? Those eyes, those lips, and did i mention his jawline? He was like a greek god, beautiful and perfect. He smiled and leaned in closer to me. He looked down to my lips while i looked at his. We got closer together and i felt the gentle brush of his lips against mine. Just as we were about to kiss, the phone rings. We jumped apart, blushed and I walked to get the phone. "Hello?" "Sweetie, what kind of cereal do you want?" "I dont care mom, bye." I hung up. Only she can ruin a moment like that.
  6. I walked back to the kitchen, hoping to see Carter, but he wasnt there anymore. I glanced at the clock. 6:03. Wow, we've been talking for 3 hours! I walked up the stairs to head to my room. I passed the guest bedroom, which is now Carters. The door was closed, and i could hear a strange noise coming from his room. I knocked on the door lightly and waited a few seconds. The noise stopped, but no one opened the door. I shrugged and went to my room and closed my door. I changed into my pj's, pikachu boxers and a yellow tank-top. I flopped down on my bed and heaved a long sigh. Today has been a long, emotional day. Before i knew it, I was asleep.
  7. ~dream~ I was running as fast as i could in a dark alley. I could hear my blooding pumping through my ears and my heart was racing. I didnt know what I was running from, but I didnt dare stop. I was afraid I was going to get hurt, or die. I felt arms wrap around my waist and i felt a gentle squeeze. I was lifted up off the ground and I screamed a blood-curdling scream. "HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!" I heard a howl off in the distance and I fell back down to the ground. I felt like someone was shaking me and i thrashed around, thinking that this is it. "Callista! Callista! I'm here, it's ok, please!" The voice sounded fimilar and i stopped moving like a manic. I opened my eyes and i saw yellow, glowing eyes that turned blue. "Callista, please, wake up. Callista!"
  8. I woke up with a scream. Carter was right next to me shaking me, trying to wake me up. "Callista. Oh my gosh, are you ok? I heard screaming and I ran in and, and..and..." I hugged him tight, taking in his scent, calming down my nerves. My heart was still racing, like I was actually running as fast as I did in my dream. Carter hugged my back and sat down next to me. "Callista, are you ok? What were you dreaming about?" He let go and looked into my eyes. I gulped and tried to remember what my dream actually was, but I couldnt think of it. "Uhm, I had a nightmare, but i..cant remember..." I took his hand for comfort. He squeezed my hand and took me into another embrace. His heat warmed me up and my heart stopped racing. His arms comforted me and he rocked me slowly, back and fourth.
  9. I looked at the clock. 1:27am. I missed dinner. My stomach growled. I felt the laugh at Carter and I smiled. "You hungry?" He asked with a loving smile. I didnt trust my voice so I just nodded my head. He got up and held out his hand for my to take. I took it and we walked to the kitchen, holding hands like a couple. I sat down as he open the cabinet and got out some bread. He got out my favorite meat and made me a sandwich. "Here ya go, Cali." He gave me the sandwich and sat down next to me. "Cali?" I asked with a smile. "Yea, thought I would give you a nickname. If you dont like it the-" "It's fine, i like it." He smiled and I bit into my sandwich. Who would have thought food would have tasted this good? I finished the sandwich and Carter threw away the trash. "How come you didnt wake me up for dinner?" "Well, I tried but you wouldnt wake up so I just left you there to sleep. You needed it, with all the information, i'm surprised you didnt pass out." I gave a small laugh and he gave his devilish smirk. He came back and sat down next to me. He grabbed my hand and i turned my whole body towards him. "Cali, I need to confess something to you..." He looked down. He thumb traced circles on the top of my hand and i squeezed his hand. "What?" He got closer to me and and i leaned in closer to him. "I really want to finish what we started earlier." He smiled and put his hair through my hair. He pulled me closer to him and our lips gently brushed again. He gently put his lips on mine and we started to kiss. But just as we started, there was a loud crashing sound up stairs. I pulled away. The crash sounded like it came from mothers room. It sounded like someone tried to break in. I ran upstairs, with Carter right behind me. I went to moms door and tried to open it. "Mom! Are you ok?!" The door was jammed shut. "MOM!" The door wouldnt open. "Let me try." Carter pushed on the door a few times and it finally opened. "MOM! Are you ok!?" I ran in and found someone standing over my mothers body.
  10. Thats where i'm stopping for today :3 comment, rates and keep taking these? I love you all!

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