Some Kind Of Love Story

this is my firs quiz ever i hope you like it.plz tell me ways on how to improve my stories.i will try to make this a long sereies for like atleast 50 of these quizesbryan:tall muscluar brown hair and hazel eyes.jake:blonde hair normal height blue eyes.jason:tall/short black hair light brown eyes.

well wish me luck.on my very last quiz im gonna tell you my age then and my age on me firs quiz {this quiz now this quiz is deticated to so many other quizes.quizzes lie LA summer love story, summer love magic and boys you all are the beast i will make a list and say these agin and the others on my second quiz.

Created by: fashionista3313

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  1. you are on your first day of high school ok
  2. you come in and see yourbest friend Erick and go over to talk to him.he says he would walk you home .you let him.the bell rings and you go to your first class math
  3. lets zoom past the whole school day untill you walk home.while walking home. you see like 3 guys running up to you and get knocked out..
  4. you wake up in a dark room and you see 3boys and none of them is carrying try to yell at them but you just lay there mumbleing you feel hear one of them say bryan i think she is waking hear someone else say but we arent here yet the first one says knock her out hear shuffeling around and you hear yelling you start to feel unstiff so you plan to run after they grab the bat they knocked you out think you saw it so so start to run
  5. one of them starts to chase you you stop to punch them and another one start to run they catch up to you. you trip and you black out again
  6. you wake up and scream you saw a rat some guy rushes in then kills it then sits down.YOU SEES HE LOOKS LIKE THE ONE WHO WAS CARRING you.he says dont worry ______ thiss would e the last day for the dirdy house.he sees your conffused face he explains what is gonna happen
  7. he says that this house was made specially for you.he says your great great great great great great grandparents made this house for you the house wasnt gonna get clean untill you came to live with atleast one of the boys in the house and all of the boys were in a contest to see witch one wholl win your heart an who would marry you
  8. he lightly kisses you on the forehead then whispers i hope you pick me then leaves .then he comes back in then says that it isnt your room.he shows you your room and it is clean put on some new decide to look through the rest of the get hungry so you go to the kitchen you hear hear them saying sutff about you you hear them yelling at the one carrieng cany stand to hear yelling you you run towards them the settle everything them bryan all of a sudded stares at your outfit someone named jake asked you to the movies you said yes you went to your room
  9. you go to sleep and in middle of your dream you wake up and see someone at wour window you go over to inspect they grab you annnnnnddd
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