What pet should you buy?

There are lots of pets in the world, and they love to have an owner. Pets, you ask? Pets are animals that are able to live with you, a true friend, some maybe just a fish to keep you company at bedtime!

What pet should you buy? Been searching the net for this quiz all along? Well, its accurate, it was made with help of people who have had these pets before, and their circumstances! Take it now, you know you want too!

Created by: ickle me

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you/your parents work?
  2. If you got a pet, how much attention would you give it a day?
  3. When will you clean it or its home?
  4. How old are you (the other does not count)
  5. Is anyone in your family allergic to pet hair?
  6. Do you like energetic animals or quiet animals
  7. Will you be willing to tidy up after your pet?
  8. If you got a dog, how many walks a day would you take it on a day?
  9. What sort of home would you be happy buying?
  10. One a scale of one to ten, how much money would you spend on it a year?

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Quiz topic: What pet should I buy?