What makes a poem good?

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Thread Topic: What makes a poem good?

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    TheOnlyOne Advanced
    And what makes it just sound dumb as f---
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    WolfLove2 Newbie
    imagery, gotta be able to feel and see and touch and taste and smell that poem
    does every word count?
    did you pick the right form for the poem? for instance some ideas may work better as a haiku rather than a limerick
    did you appeal to emotion?
    there's more but that comes to mind
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    let me make one on the spot. beware of the sillyness.

    surely gone those days turned to
    feeling just like ive been exposed
    the greener the floor (when generates sea)
    im always on top now cant you see?

    the lesson is- do whatever your mind thinks. even if it sucks.

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