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  • do tbhs on me
    "you don't gave to apologize, i'm not always the conversationalist i'd like to be :)"
  • do tbhs on me
    "***because sometimes"
  • do tbhs on me
    "I used to think you were a bit of butt, but I learned that you, like everyone else, have your own demons and issues to face. I think you are..."
  • "they took all 4 and then a baby tooth root that was stuck in my gums i remember them giving me sunglasses and saying i was on t"
  • simp
    "big simpin"
  • the wolfy den
    "here's me, stoned to the bone, and the painting i did while i was "
  • the wolfy den
    "every time i think ive taken 2 steps forward i fall 5 steps back"
  • so
  • "Missy - The Airborne Toxic Event "
  • the wolfy den
    "Thank YOU FRIEND 8D gotoquiz seems a lil poppin again, yeH?"
  • "The Outside - Hodera "
  • i'm a bully
    "gotoquiz never fails, bruh, it never fails 😆"
  • the wolfy den
    "thanks so much yo 🥰🥰 happy to see a familiar face @sprinkled now you're just hypin me up 🧐 thank you so much-- I'm sure you cou"
  • the wolfy den
    "I appreciate that 🥰 I'm real new to the idea of painting so it scared me at first but I'm having so much fun"
  • the wolfy den
    "painting my own map for my upcoming d&d campaign stressful yet satisfying "

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