got my wisdom teeth yoinkt today

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Thread Topic: got my wisdom teeth yoinkt today

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    WolfLove2 Junior
    they took all 4 and then a baby tooth root that was stuck in my gums

    i remember them giving me sunglasses and saying i was on the beach, and i was like "nawhhh i'm in the matrix" and then she hooked up my iv general anesthesia

    miss cyndi my surgeon was like "we are gonna give you some red wine now" and i said "oh worddddd" and then cyndi said "now you're gonna get a six pack of beer" and i said "oh it's a party now baby!!" and i was out

    they were so sweet and supportive. 💜 i was so scared and they made so feel so comfortable

    imma be outta commission for a few days but we gucci
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