I put everything off until 12

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Thread Topic: I put everything off until 12

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    TheOnlyOne Advanced
    every time I have a busy day
    I've got two hampers of laundry to put away, over 50 pages I have to read by Wednesday, trash to take out, dishes to wash, a room to clean
    yet still, I always put it off until 12
    and then I always say "wellll I'll eat first"
    then it's 1
    sometimes I procrastinate until 3
    then I have what I call an "energy tornado" where I go and do everything at once

    anyone else like this?
    like yes, I procrastinate, but I do eventually get things done
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    RelevantNerdist Advanced
    I just straight up dont do it, unless i absolutely have to and then i do it right when i get home
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    Yeah, I am.

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