What do people want with you?

People can be nice, cruel, cute, ugly, fat, skinny, hot, "uhg",But what to they want from us all? Very confusing right, well you get to find out here.

remember that this is not completely accurate so I don't want you hating you best friend just because of this quiz remember, if you really want to know, just ask!

Created by: Pinkie pie
  1. What's your typical Friday night?
  2. Your best friend walks up to you with someone you don't know, you...
  3. Your friend asks you want you do in your freetime you...
  4. Someone makes a joke that hurts your feelings but they didn't mean to you...
  6. Truth or dare
  7. are you open or closed to people when it comes to personal info?
  8. Boom or Crack
  9. do you do any sports
  10. Do you like people

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