what spanking do you get?!

Hello!! Im minaw and this is my first quiz! Its about the spanking and what spanking do you get!!! If you dont like it then leave the page if your still here then i thx to you! Good luck!

What spanking do you get?! Are you thinking your a good boy/girl and your the best?! Well take this quiz to see if you need a spanking or not?! Well then good luck!

Created by: Minaw
  1. How old are you?!
  2. What gender are you?!
  3. How much do you know about spanking?!
  4. Do you like to be spanked?!
  5. With what you should be spanked?!
  6. In what position?!
  7. Who will be spanking you?!
  8. How much should you be spanked?!and what color your butt will be?!
  9. Whats going to happen to you after spanking?!
  10. Do you like this quiz anyway?!

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Quiz topic: What spanking do I get?!