Will You Commit Sucide or live through this world?

There is many people out there who think that life is not worth living are you one of them? If you think so then take this quiz to find out good luck i hope you dont take this seriosly (sry im not the best speller in the world to bare with me plz)

Do you think life is hell? or some joke god is laughing at then take this quiz and find out i am gothic so dont hate on this quiz its just for fun and yes i love being gothic so dont hate ok =] thanks and i kno i said this before but im gonna say it agian im not the best speller so bare with me =]

Created by: Valissa
  1. Do you have friends?
  2. Whats your favrite color?
  3. Do you love life?
  4. Do you ever get picked on at school/work?
  5. what color is your hair?
  6. whats your thoughts on death?
  7. what kind of music do u listen to?
  8. Dou love ur parents?
  9. Do u like scremo music?
  10. Have u ever thought about sucide?

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Quiz topic: Will I Commit Sucide or live through this world?