Where are you meant to live?

Many people have dreams of living in certain parts of the world. Now you can find where your destined to live with this free quiz. You will finally know!

Its a very simple quiz with four choices to pick from. Carefully think over your answer because each choice will lead to the next question and finally your result!

Created by: rosej916
  1. What's your dream vacation?
  2. Favorite Colors?
  3. Your future pet?
  4. How do you feel about public transportation? (buses or subway)
  5. Favorite element?
  6. Favorite foods?(sorry to make you choose!)
  7. Which home would you love to live in?
  8. Quick! choose a casual outfit!
  9. On a date what would you want to do?
  10. You would describe your perfect boyfriend/girlfriend as?
  11. If you had 5000 dollars as a gift card for two stores which would they be?
  12. Favorite music genre?

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Quiz topic: Where am I meant to live?