What's Your Vacation Style?

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Your travel style - the type of trip you like best - is vital when it comes to booking a family vacation and can mean the difference between being bored and needing another vacation when you get home! Unplugged vacationers prefer lazy days of hanging out together. Culture vultures crave the sizzle of a big city's museums, shows and festivals. Adventurers seek the excitement of new experiences such as kayaking or off shore fishing while the some of everything family likes to pick and choose, combining elements of each category.

To determine your family's travel style, take our "What's Your Vacation Style Quiz." These 12 simple questions may change the way you and your kids travel.

Created by: Seaside Vacations
  1. On vacation, my family's perfect morning is:
  2. My child gets really excited about:
  3. When I think about past vacations, I often wish we:
  4. Every summer my family looks forward to:
  5. On a trip without other kids to play with, my child will be:
  6. If I cook when on vacation, it's:
  7. When we're far from restaurants, movies, shops and museums, we feel:
  8. In a bustling city with museums, parks and many activity choices, we typically feel:
  9. I view vacations as an opportunity to:
  10. In the evenings, while on vacation, my family likes to:
  11. When packing for my ideal vacation, I include:
  12. When it comes to planning a vacation, we like to:

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