Where Should You Go For Your Next Vacation?

There are, of course, thousands of places to visit on vacations- some people just go to a different state nearby, others to different countries, and several to different continents!

But of course, a vacation is only really nice if wherever you go is somewhere you like, with options of things that you like to do! This quiz will help you find a place that has things you would be interested in. Whether this is a fun quiz to take on a boring day or something you will actually base your next vacation choice on, I hope it satisfies you an you enjoy it!

Created by: PeaceOUT
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  1. When you pack, do you include lots of extra stuff like makeup, jewelry, high heels, or other stuff that might seem impractical to others?
  2. What clothes do you wear?
  3. What do you eat for breakfast on a normal school day?
  4. What kind of pet do you have or would you want if you could choose?
  5. Would you rather eat at:
  6. Choose one a word:
  7. You see an thing abandoned cat in a dark alley. You have ten minutes to get home, and you're walking. Your house is ten minutes away. You:
  8. Can you cook?
  9. Do you have a job?
  10. Where do you like to travel?

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Quiz topic: Where should I Go For my Next Vacation?