Find out where your ideal vacation area is!

Where to go on vacation? Florida? California? New York? Have you ever had an internal conflict like this? Look no further for help! Answer some simple questions and find out where you would be best suited for some fun!

Where would YOU be best? First, guess where it would be. Now answer these 12 questions and find out if you really would be best where you thought you would!

Created by: Alison

  1. How social are you?
  2. You are comfortable around strangers.
  3. Listening to the Great Outdoors is relaxing to you.
  4. You love being in the water or gazing at open waves.
  5. You get sea-sick or motion-sick easily.
  6. Rides like Flight of Fear at King's Island and the Mantis or the Dragster at Cedar Point are nothing to you.
  7. Cyotes are howling. A twig cracks. The wind howls. Are you scared?
  8. What would you rather stay in?
  9. What is a good suvenire for you?
  10. What kind of shoes are you wearing on vacation?

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Quiz topic: Find out where my ideal vacation area is!