Say Ya to da U.P., eh?

Half the land with only 1/3 the population. Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a desolate and unique area! Surrounded on three sides with water, having more deer than people, there is nothing that compares!

Do you think you know what it takes to vacation in the U.P.? Or do you already live in the Upper Peninsula? Do you consider yourself a Yooper? Let's see how true you are! Put yourself to the test!

Created by: TruYooper

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  1. Do you often find yourself wearing orange camouflage?
  2. Do you frequently end sentences with eh, not even realizing it?
  3. The season are:
  4. Do you know what Kitch-iti-kippi is?
  5. Crystal Falls is:
  6. Manistique is closest to
  7. Opening day of Hunting Season is a holiday in your town?
  8. The Garden Peninsula is known best for:
  9. When Mardi Gras comes around you look forward to:
  10. At what temperature do you break out your shorts?
  11. Iron Mountain is:
  12. Sault Ste. Marie is in:
  13. You can safely drive the speed limit in ice and snow storms?
  14. A Booze Cruise is:
  15. Your local Sheriff's department has funding for Snowmobile Patrol?
  16. You lay out in your bathing suite when it's 65 degrees out?
  17. A Fairy is:
  18. What is the Ski Jumps?
  19. What is a sugarbeater?
  20. Cooks Corn Roast is:
  21. What is Shining?
  22. The 4th of July Parade is always held on the 4th of July.
  23. You have heat in your ice shack.
  24. You end your phone conversations with, "MMmmm Bye."
  25. When it is time for school shopping you:
  26. Escanaba and Marquette are:
  27. If you have been driving for an hour, how many miles have you traveled?
  28. Lastly, what is your most favorite food?

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