Are you a true Yooper?

Do you want to know if you REALLY belong in wonderful land of the Upper Peninsula? Find out how much of a Yooper you really are so you can brag to all of your friends.

Are you a true Yooper? There's only one way to find out. Take this quiz and see how close you are to being on of the elite, one of the proud, one of the few- True Yoopers.

Created by: Jorilou Zeman of this site
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  1. Have you ever driven a snowmobile?
  2. Have you ever worn blaze orange?
  3. When you describe directions, do the distances involve hours instead of miles?
  4. Do you say "eh" and it's not on purpose?
  5. Have you ever gone ice fishing?
  6. Have you ever gone for a car ride with the sole purpose of hitting wild life?
  7. Do you wear flannel?
  8. Do you have a deer blind, and if you do, how nice is it?
  9. Have you ever eaten road kill?
  10. Do you have any dead animals mounted in your home?
  11. Have you ever eaten a raccoon?
  12. When you take a trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin, is it a really big deal?
  13. Have you ever eaten a pasty?
  14. Do you proudly claim you are a Yooper?
  15. Do you look forward to winter above all other seasons?
  16. Have you ever gone smelting?
  17. Have you ever worn snow boots in the summer time?
  18. Have you ever worn a winter jacket with shorts?
  19. Do you read the Porcupine Press?
  20. You don't remember ever getting your mail or newspaper on a regular basis.
  21. Does your school recognize opening day of deer season as a holiday?
  22. Do you ever say "you guys" when referring to a group of men AND women?
  23. Do you say "battle" as "baddle", "clothes" as "cloze", or "sherbet" as "sherbert"?
  24. Do you say "yah"?
  25. Do you think it sounds stupid to say "creek" as "creak"?
  26. Can you light a childproof lighter?
  27. Can you point out Escanaba on a map?

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