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Hey all you gotoquiz members and visitors like me!I just want to warn you that some of these questions you are about to answer may be quite difficult.At least try to answer all of them even if it means eating a live frog.

You and me both know these situations wont ever happen,hopefully ,so just laugh a little and have fun.This isn't meant to be taken seriously I mean it's not like you are literally going to walk across a pile of manure,unless of course,you wanted to.(me:Why would you?)

Created by: Narwhal
  1. Would you rather see two of everything, or see everything upside down?
  2. Would you rather have no kids or 13 kids?
  3. Would you rather never eat your favorite food again or only eat your favorite food?
  4. Would you rather have long legs and really short arms or long arms and really short legs?
  5. Would you rather walk across a pile of cow manure, or walk across a cluster of cockroaches?
  6. Would you rather be the only kid in a world of adults or the only adult in a world of kids?
  7. Would you rather suck all the juice out of an old sweaty mans beard, or lick the feet of a homeless persons, clean?
  8. Would you rather smell terrible know matter what you did, or always look like you came out of a dumpster know matter how many times you showered?
  9. Would you rather scale the Dubai tower from the outside to the top, or hang on to the wing of an airplane as it started descending, for 5 minutes?
  10. Would you rather swim down a river filled with hungry pirhannas or walk deep into a cave that houses many grizzly bears?
  11. Would you rather have to say everything backwards or hear everything backwards?
  12. Would you rather be a girl and talk like a boy or be a boy and talk like a girl?
  13. Would you rather be very ugly but be loved by many because of your personality or,be gorgeous but be hated because of your personality?
  14. Would you rather drink salt water every day for the rest of your life or , never drink your favorite drink again?
  15. Would you rather live in an extremely hot place,or an extremely freezing place?
  16. Would you rather hate everybody or have everybody hate you?
  17. Would you rather turn into a dog and be unable to control when you switch back and forth or,turn invisible and have no control?

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