where should you live?

Have you ever wonder where should you live? This quiz will give you your answer based on your personality. There are 12 questions how will you answer them? Just be honest.

There's going to be three results which result will you get? Could you live near the beach,desert,or the mountains? Find out by taking this fun quiz.

Created by: Autumn
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  1. How often do you like to have fun?
  2. Do you like being in the water?
  3. Would you sit around a camp fire every winter?
  4. How much are you afraid of heights?
  5. Do you want to see the heavy snow by your house?
  6. Do you want to water your plants regulary
  7. Are are scared of the ocean?
  8. Would you go fishing?
  9. Do you mind the heat?
  10. Would you have fear knowing that theres wild animals near where you live?

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Quiz topic: Where should I live?