Where Should You Live?

Where in the US should you live? Do you belong in the South, Northeast, West, or somewhere in between? Where you belong, how do people live their lives?

Questions about your politics, preferred weather and food, how you would describe yourself, and your idea of fun will help determine where you should live.

Created by: Matt
  1. What type of weather do you like?
  2. Which party do you more associate yourself with?
  3. What do you think of college football?
  4. Which food sounds best?
  5. Which of these is culture?
  6. Describe yourself
  7. Do you like country music?
  8. My politics are
  9. I want to see:
  10. Which do you prefer?
  11. Do you want to live in a historic area?
  12. Do you golf?
  13. Is NASCAR a sport?
  14. I want to live in a:
  15. Which meat is better?
  16. Regional pride is

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Quiz topic: Where should I Live?