How Nebraska are you?

Hey guys! Well, are you ready to take the quiz? Sorry for some of you rural Nebraskans, most of this stuff centers around Omaha, so even if you live here,don't be too offended!

If you don't live here, you seriously should. We have great cities, people, stores, restaurants, and football! I wanted to make this quiz so you could see if it was your destiny to live in Nebraska!

Created by: Kelley
  1. If you tell your parents you are going to "VP", are you going to
  2. What is a runza?
  3. When you talk to someone, what happens at the end of a sentence?
  4. When you see someone, how do you greet them?
  5. What do people wear to Nebraska football games?
  6. What is the name of Nebraska's College Football stadium
  7. If you go downtown to see a huge concert in Omaha, what venue will you go to?
  8. What Nebraska bank has the motto, "The Way Banking Should Be"
  9. What drink was invented in Nebraska
  10. When you go to Coco Key, where are you going?

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Quiz topic: How Nebraska am I?